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Finally. It seems to have taken a long time but winter might just be over. The snow is almost gone; things are starting to turn green; the sun is warming the earth; the Stanley Cup playoffs start soon; MLB season has started and Marty is barbecuing. It must be spring!

And it’s Easter weekend. To me Easter is the unofficial launching of spring. It is also a deeply religious celebration of faith. It is a time of spiritual renewal, rebuilding, a fresh start, shaking off all adverse influences and embracing all that is affirming. We open our minds to the wonder of God and our hearts to receive love and joy.

Well, at least that’s what should happen. We do have to take some responsibility in whether we reach such lofty goals or if we succumb to the apathy and odium of the world. It’s a choice, you know. We can be optimistic or disapproving.

Got an email this past week, entitled Simple Formula for Living, which can help you make that choice. It’s pretty easy really and I am sure we can accomplish at least some.

Live beneath your means.

Return everything you borrow.

Stop blaming others.

Admit it when you make a mistake.

Give cloths not worn to charity.

Do something nice and try not to get caught.

Listen more; talk less.

Everyday take a 30 minute walk.

Strive for excellence not perfection.

Be on time.

Don’t make excuses.

Don’t argue.

Get organized.

Be kind to unkind people.

Let someone cut ahead of you in line.

Take time to be alone.

Cultivate good manners.

Be humble.

Realize and accept life isn’t fair.

Know when to keep your mouth shut.

Go an entire day without criticizing anyone.

Learn from the past; plan for the future.

Live in the present.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

It’s all small stuff.

Happy Easter everyone. Seek and give forgiveness and let love and joy in. 



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