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A few dates to mark on your calendar right now.

April 1, 2018 - Easter or Resurrection Sunday. Easter is the oldest of the Christian celebrations. It’s an understanding of the basis for the Christian faith - we are loved by God and He gave His only Son to death for our sins so we are saved.

April 30, 2018 - deadline for income tax submission. I know this weighs heavy on everyone’s mind. I gave up figuring it out for myself several years ago. I know it costs me to have someone much smarter than me figure it out and do the paperwork but it became too complicated for me. I do total up income and expenses and then take it all in to have the relevant calculations done. When I get the call, I go in sign on the dotted line then go to the bank to pay up. I guess I had better get to sorting, charting, adding and making notes. It does kinda make you feel important when you call those smart people “my accountant.”

June 7, 2018 - Ontario provincial election. We have a choice to make. The candidates are: Mike Schreiner for the Green Party; Andrea Horvath for the New Democratic Party; Doug Ford for the Progressive Conservative Party and Kathleen Wynne for the Liberal Party.

Candidates have not been selected to run in all areas but so far, locally, we have Ernie Hardeman, PC, running in Oxford County; Dan Mattan, Liberal, in Haldimand/Norfolk along with Toby Barrett, who supports Doug Ford for the PCs. Don’t know about you, but this whole thing scares the hell out of me. Are we going to follow the American design?

It may seem early but we need to begin now to research these folks and the issues. According to studies, the majority feel health care is the most important concern facing us today followed by the economy and jobs, lower taxes and energy costs. So what are these folks actually going to do about any of it or will it just be a lot of smoke? What matters most to you?

October 22, 2018 - municipal elections. This is where we can really make informed and effective decisions. Do we vote for those we know, those we connect with, how they look, who we played hockey with, whose kids go to school with ours, what they say or what they do? Do we know what has been going on in our own municipality or do we only listen to whoever is talking the loudest at the ball game, the club meeting, out on the boat, or the whiners. It’s a lot to think about since what happens on town councils makes a difference in our everyday lives.

Joan and I go to the council meetings just about every month so we know, firsthand, what goes on. We are welcomed, greeted and I think our interest is appreciated. We watch and listen, talk to our representatives, ask questions and voice our opinions (not during the meeting, it’s not allowed). If we don’t understand what or why things are as they are, we inquire, sometimes even interrogate, and we always get an honest, open and quick and direct explanation.

We wish more folks would come out and see for themselves how it all works. I think there would be less antagonistic remarks made, untruths spread, denigrating comments voiced and falsehoods dispersed. Everyone would understand what a town council can and cannot do, what restraints the county, province and federal governments impose. It’s fascinating and I just don’t know why more people don’t take advantage of the opportunity. It’s better than the movies.

It is one level of government where we actually have some direct control and it behooves all of us to do whatever we can to arm ourselves with as much knowledge as we can absorb and all the facts before we go to the polls.

More important dates to come. 


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