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Residents of Tillsonburg will have access to timely, preventative, and integrated healthcare with the grand opening of Medpoint Health Care on Saturday, Feb. 3.

"We hope to provide medical and fitness solutions to the area," said Alex Hanham, Medpoint Health Care Centre president.

Staff at their new facility at 205 Broadway will work closely with one another to provide a whole-health approach.

"This ensures that you receive medically-integrated healthcare that is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals," said Laura Bennett, fitness manager, in a media release.

Medpoint is a multidisciplinary health care centre with over 25 physicians based out of Citi Plaza in downtown London. The new Tillsonburg facility is their first outside of London.

"Our corporate health program has led us to open one of our hybrid medical/fitness centres on Broadway," said Hanham.

"Right now it's just the fitness stuff that's open," said Bennett, noting they had a 'soft opening' the first week of January. "We're setting up all the doctors' equipment and they will be here the first week of February."

Medpoint offers quick and easy access to their in-house doctors via telemedicine to help you with any of your healthcare needs. Medpoint also provides timely access to an in-house cardiologist, as well as referrals to several other specialists across Southwestern Ontario so you can see the doctor that you need to as quickly as possible.

"They have their appointment via the Internet, with the nurse there so the nurse can do all the examining.

"We will have a cardiologist here as well," she noted. "They will be performing stress tests, holters - it's a heart test - and echocardiograms."

Medpoint will also have a dietician in Tillsonburg a couple times each month.

"It encompasses fitness and nutrition. Basically the goal at Medpoint is to be more preventative rather than reactive. So all of the fitness side of things is medically integrated... much more medically integrated than you would get anywhere else basically.

"At Medpoint, 'healthy' means so much more than weight-management," said Bennett. "Instead, you will see how exercise and healthy eating affect factors that matter to you. Health can mean different things to different people. Whether 'healthy' means better heart health, increased flexibility, reduced joint pain, or better quality of life, Medpoint can help you achieve your goals.

"A lot of people are realizing they need to start taking better care of themselves before... something happens. And Medpoint has caught a lot of stuff that wouldn't have been caught if they went to their family doctor for a basic checkup."

All of the personal trainers at Medpoint will have a minimum four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and will be trained to create customized exercise programs with your goals and experience in mind. All programs are custom-tailored to any recommendations and/or precautions provided by the doctor to ensure safe and effective exercise for all clients.

"This medically-integrated fitness allows you to see, firsthand, how making healthier life choices will help you become a healthier version of yourself," said Bennett.

About Medpoint

Medpoint (519-409-0685 is a leading healthcare centre that developed out of frustration of a healthcare system that focuses largely on reactive medicine, dealing with patients already in crisis, rather than on preventative medicine. Medpoint believes that if a client could comprehend their current health, they would be more motivated to make healthier life choices necessary for preventing these health crises from arising at all. Medpoint first opened its doors over 10 years ago in London, Ont. and has since expanded to Byron and now Tillsonburg with the purpose of creating a healthier and happier community across Ontario. 


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