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For many of us here in Tillsonburg, tobogganing at the local golf course has been a childhood rite of passage, so I was anticipating much of the same when my friend and I took our sons there on Jan. 14.

Instead of arriving to an idyllic winter scene, however, what greeted us was an assortment of trash including coffee cups, broken sleds, more than a few beer and alcohol containers, and even a pizza box, which had been strewn across the hill.

Now, it wasn't so long ago many in our community were crying foul at not being able to use the golf course for some winter fun, and now that we can, this is how we show our appreciation? Come on. To the individuals who were responsible - shame on you. Regardless of age, you really ought to know better. There is no excuse for such a blatant disregard for this beautiful piece of property, especially when there were at least two garbage bags in close proximity.

Before we left, our group - including our children - collected everything and placed it in one of the trash bags provided. It took less than five minutes but made such a difference. Please, if you're at the golf course enjoying the winter weather, treat the place with respect. It's the least we can do in return for the hours of fun we have there.

Nancy Boutin,




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