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Jason Pankratz - Tillsonburg Legion

Tillsonburg Varnavair Branch 153 hopes you had a safe and happy Christmas season. Stay warm!

If you need a warm place to be, feel free to stop into our location - 16 Durham Street. We offer a warm environment and a warm welcome. It’s a new year and we want you to become a member of our Legion. Inquire about membership in the canteen or office. We want your talents and skills. If you’re a member and haven’t been active in a while we want to welcome you back to volunteer and be part of our committed community organization!

I know Christmas has passed but there is a fantastic film titled Joyeux Noel about the Christmas truce during World War I. The film tells the story of German and British troops coming together on Christmas to celebrate. It is a meaningful and touching depiction of the humanity as well as the politics of war.

We hope that our current and future politicians, generation and world, understands the complications and nuances of threats and conflicts. World politics should not be based on bullying or threats of an arms race. We have seen that before. We know how that escalates and ends.

Over the holidays I watched the movie Sergeant York. It stars Gary Cooper and is a two-hour story about a humble country individual that is challenged by everyday life and then has to contemplate his role during and participation in war. For a film released in 1941, during the Second World War, it provides a pertinent commentary on class, personal ethics and service.

Honestly, I do not live life by historical film and nostalgia, but I have to tell you about another series that is an impeccable visual and storytelling experience. If you can, watch the series Band of Brothers. It is graphic at times but is excels in its following of characters and is based on true events. Particularly, I was captivated by the depiction of the environment and conditions in which service personnel served. We think it is cold outside. We are frustrated because the car has to warm up or that we have to put on layers to go out. Imagine having to live in a trench or foxhole during these frigid conditions. You can’t leave. You suffer from hunger, inadequate clothing and the infinite cold. This series conveys these experiences.

The older I get the more I want to know more about the conditions, environment and physical experience of conflict. I will not disagree that post-war generations have become less patriotic and ‘soft.’ That statement does not discriminate against those who are called to serve, knowing that service includes many contexts, skills and reasons. And we thank those who serve concurrently because of the call and history of service.

Please connect with Tillsonburg Branch 153 by calling 519-842-5281. Become a member. Participate in our events. The Legion is a fantastic organization to be a part of. The relevance of community service is heightened by the Legion’s historical importance within the community, while honouring the memory and experience of all Veterans. 



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