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I hope everyone has most, if not all, of their shopping done, menus planned, groceries bought, wrapping and cleaning close to complete.

It’s a very busy time and we sometimes make our lives so much more complicated than it needs to be. We spend too much, cook too much, run too much, eat too much, everything too much. We need to remind ourselves that love is not relative to amount spent.

It’s a good time, for the next day or two, to take some time for yourself. Each of us should spend periods just being quiet. It’s not easy to stop the mind from racing, checking, revisiting, etc. It’s like a loop, we go from one thought to another and then another and eventually we are right back where we started.

If you close your eyes and sit, even for a few moments, to quiet your thoughts, rest your brain, settle your mind it refreshes you so you can be more organized, less frantic. Always remember Christmas will come and go regardless of what gets done, as it does each year. You, as well as all your family and friends, deserve to enjoy it. You each should experience the peace and joy that is the most important part of the season.

Sometimes it helps to find a place where the outside world cannot invade. Visit your church and sit in hallowed stillness. Or say a prayer. If you can’t remember the words, just listen and allow blessed peacefulness to surround, comfort and warm you. Go for a gentle walk where there are few people and no traffic, like in the woods, a park, along a creek or river. Allow the solitude of nature - burbling water, creaking of trees, brushes of breezes, crunching of snow underfoot - to subdue the whirring wheels in your head.

These are all things you can do for yourself to strengthen, renew and replenish a weary mind, body and spirit.

My Christmas prayer for each of you is to let go, give away, reject all things that cause you pain, anxiety, grief or sadness. My wish is that you are able to open your heart and soul to receive all that is pleasing, serene, fulfilling, supporting; that you allow love, blessings and contentment to invade you, to disable all negativity and eliminate all sorrow.

I hope Christmas brings each of you love and laughter, family and friends, fun and foolishness, good food and drink, health and happiness. But most of all I wish you hope, courage, anticipation, excitement, expectation.

Merry Christmas.



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