Slo-Pitch raises awareness in Tillsonburg

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Dave Weaver - Voice of Slo-Pitch

This past week marked great strides towards Tillsonburg Slo-pitch awareness throughout the community as we sent a delegation headed up by Chris Parker to the September 11 Tillsonburg Town Council meeting!

Chris' presentation focused on what our leagues are all about, what are long term goals are but also to convey to the councillors what concerns we have.

First off for a community of this size we have a membership of thirty-three times with a low average of fifteen per roster amounts to over 500 plus players and probably closer to 600 as the Ladies leagues have unlimited rosters.

We have players that come from as far away as Brantford, Kitchener, Woodstock, Ingersoll, London, St Thomas, Simcoe as well as other surrounding areas. The reason they come here to play is simple, we run two of the more organized leagues around!

As mentioned in Chris' presentation a lot of businesses benefit from Slo-Pitch!

The main reason we attended council was to voice our concerns over diamond conditions this year especially from the safety aspect!

The lighting issue has partly been addressed but they definitely have not been aimed in proper direction as promised to us. Also countless times we have taken lots of time setting up the diamond due to trouble locating the base locators for placement of bases. We also this year had to reduce our schedule because we had a diamond taken away from us which created a scheduling nightmare for me, being the scheduler.

We feel as an organization we had to express ourselves and were very appreciative of the feedback we received from councillors, our goal is to have better communication and for us to be involved in decisions that affect us and our game!

Men's A

I.C. Waters are off to the A final after easily defeating Robert Q Travel in their fourth game winning by thirteen.

Haines Roofing tied their series at one after a five run victory over G.C. Lounsbury.

Game#3-Semi Final

Robert Q Travel-23     I.C. Waters-21

Robert Q-Chris Lee 4-4, Bryan Deblaire 5-5 2 Hr, Ryan Black 3 Hr, Mike Supinski Hr, Billy Wilson Hr

I.C.-Scott Beattie 4-4, Aaron Laporte 4-5 Hr, Mike Shewan Hr, Darren Cadotte Hr

Game Highlights-Ryan Black homered in three consecutive at bats for Robert Q.

Game#4-Semi Final

I.C. Waters-27     Robert Q Travel-14

I.C.-Chris VanParys 5-6, Mike Shewan 4-4, 3 Hr, Darren Cadotte Hr, Steve Leacock 2 Hr, 

Robert Q-Steve Derks 4-4, Mike Supinski 3-4, Billy Wilson Hr, Bryan Deblaire Hr

Game Highlights-I.C. put up twenty runs over their first three at bats and cruised to victory. Mike Shewan homered in three consecutive at bats, Everyone in the winner's order had at least two hits. Shewan and Steve Leacock each scored four runs.

Game#2-Semi Final

Haines Roofing-17     G.C. Lounsbury-12

Haines-Phil Durham 3-3, 2 Hr, Scott Harris 3-4

G.C.-Kent Collings 3-3 Hr, Trevor Stuyt 2-3, 2 Hr, Thom Puhr Hr

Game Highlights-The game was tied after two but Haines outscored G.C. eight runs to three the rest of the game. John Ralf knocked in the eventual game winning run. Phil Durham, Adam Thomson and Joe Thorburn all scored three runs for Haines.

Men's B

Ward's Automotive and East Elgin Spartans both take a 2-1 series lead into this week.

After forfeiting their opener Ward's took the next two including an exciting one run victory over Diamond Dogs on Friday night.

East Elgin Spartans walked one off  in come from behind fashion against Pelicans.

Game#2-Semi Final

Ward's Automotive-18     Diamond Dogs-7

Ward's-Patric MacElhone 5-5 Hr, Brad Hornby 4-4 2Hr, Connor Smith 2 Hr, Devin Sebok Hr

Diamond Dogs-Alex Dalby 3-3, Matt Brimmer 3-3

Game Highlights-Ward's didn't let Diamond Dogs get any offence going as they went up by nine after two complete. They put the game away in the fifth as they hit four homers in the inning.


Ward's Automotive-23     Diamond Dogs-22

Ward's-Devin Sebok 3-3, Pat Tanner 4-5

Diamond Dogs-Dallas Dalby 5-6, 3 Hr, Brett Sinden 3-5, Doug Falkins Hr

Game Highlights-Both teams put up quite a fight playing with just nine players, Diamond Dogs plated five seventh inning runs to go up by two, Ward's rallied and walked it off on a Trevor Hawley base hit. Jeff Prouse  led the winning side with a triple, single and double and Mike Mudford collected a pair of doubles. Dallas Dalby homered three times and drove in nine of Diamond Dogs runs.

Game#3-Semi Final

East Elgin Spartans-11     Pelicans-10

East Elgin-Pete Froese 3-3, Jacob Enns 3-4, Martin Klassen Hr, Jake Friesen Hr, Johnny Klassen Hr

Pelicans-Mike Kamenar 3-4, Nick Wilson 2-3, Andrew Dawson Hr, Benson Howey Hr, Adam Jensen Hr

Game Highlights-Corny Krahn walked it off with a two run single for East Elgin, Pete Froese crossed with the game winning run.

Men's C

Both series are led 2-1 entering this week's action. After dropping the first two games Brad Co;e Orioles staved off elimination with a 26-24 victory in a loosely played third game with John Beere.

The series between Hit N Run and Boston Pizza has had all three games won by the home team with Hit N Run holding the series lead.

Game#2-Semi Final

John Beere-18    Brad Cole Orioles-12

John Beere-Rick Pihokker 3-3, Shaun Elliott 4-4, Craig Boucher Hr

Brad Cole-Mark Biro 2-3, Ryan Blackman 3-4

Game Highlights-Ross Russell and Kalvin Smith led John Beere with a triple, a pair of doubles and three runs scored.


Brad Cole Orioles-26     John Beere-24

Brad Cole-Al Carroll 5-5, Adam Morris 5-5, Bryan Granger Hr

John Beere-Craig Boucher 4-4, Kalvin Smith 4-4, Ross Russell Hr, Kevin Listar Hr, Andrew Barnim Hr

Game Highlights-Each team scored runs in every inning but one. Brad Cole took over the lead courtesy of a six run sixth, they hit six consecutive singles, Trevor Fleet's triple was the only extra base hit in the rally.

Game#2-Semi Final

Boston Pizza-21     Hit N Run-13

Boston Pizza-Keith Agnew 5-5, 2 Hr, Jordan Bruckler 4-4, Spencer Meron Hr

Hit N Run-Jake Klassen 3-3 Hr, Paul Reimer 3-4, Diedrich Klassen Hr

Game Highlights-Boston Pizza plated seven in two consecutive innings enroute to victory. Shortstop Keith Agnew homered twice and scored five runs for Boston Pizza.

Game#3-Semi Final

Hit N Run-11     Boston Pizza-8

Hit N Run-Jake Klassen 4-4, Franz Klassen 3-3

Boston Pizza-Mitch Albright 3-3, Christian Devlin 2-2

Game Highlights-Boston Pizza took an early 8-0 lead, Hit N Run started pecking away at the lead and pulled to within one after five complete. Hit N Run got back to back doubles from Marten and Jake Klassen in scoring four sixth inning runs to take over the lead. Jake Klassen led the winner's with three doubles, Abe Klassen made an outstanding catch in the outfield for Hit N Run. Jayme Wallace had an outstanding game in the Boston Pizza outfield.

Ladies A

Corey's Restaurant, coming off a high from a semi-final finish at the SPN Provincial Championships, captured the A Playoff title with a four run victory in Game #4 on Wednesday night. They also captured the regular season title.


Corey's Restaurant-13     Indi-Girls-9

Corey's-Lauren Duffy 4-4, Jill Ferguson 3-3

Indi-Girls-Jess Anseeuw 2-3, Kaitlin Kloet 2-3

Game Highlights-There was some sparkling defence in this one, Corey's Restaurant's  Christine Gubesch made two key catches in one inning, Jill Barnim made an outstanding catch to end that same inning. Kasey McKenzie went air born to snag a line drive. Mandi Kromplak turned in a solid game at third for Indi-Girls.

Ladies B

Centre Point Contractors won two straight to take the B title. Steelerz led two games to one entering the week.


Centre Point Contractors-22     Steelerz-17

Centre Point-Danielle Swart 4-4, Jen Cadman 4-4

Steelers-Krystal Sivyer 4-5, Nicole Brandon 4-5

Game Highlights-Jen Lee led the winner's with a pair of doubles and three runs scored, Jen Cadman and Mandi Howe also hit doubles.


Centre Point Contractors-16     Steelerz-13

Centre Point-Amber Campbell 3-3, Katie Dedrick 3-3 Andrea Holden Hr

Steelerz-Niki Lama 4-4, Jordan Coderre 4-4

Game Highlights-Centre Point put six acrossed in their first two at bats to open up a big lead. Andrea Holden led off the second inning rally with a homer. Jess Salverda and Katie Dedrick scored three runs for the winners. 


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