County still dealing with mould problems at Ingersoll and Tillsonburg Woodingford Lodges

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Mould continues to be an issue for county staff at two Woodingford Lodge locations in Oxford.

Last year, mould was discovered under the flooring at both the Ingersoll and Tillsonburg Woodingford Lodge locations. Since then, the county has conducted testing in both locations, costing around $60,000.

In Tillsonburg a portion of the affected area was replaced with new vinyl flooring that isn't supposed to feed any organic growth, but supervisor of facilities Mark Stegmann said that they have found spores that could be the beginning of mould under this new flooring.

"We've had this floor in since the fall and we've been testing it a couple times since just to see how things are going," Stegmann said. "We've pulled sections of it up and sent it out for testing and we haven't found mould in particular on it, although we have found some spores on there."

Instead of moving forward with a full remediation and completely replacing the flooring in both locations, the county has decided to continue with testing the floor to make sure that there is no mould growth.

In addition to this, the county will be putting vinyl flooring in two more rooms and testing those as well.

"We just want to observe and make sure it isn't (the precursor to mould), so we can get the problem resolved," Stegmann said.

This mould is a very common mould that naturally occurs outdoors and does not pose any risk to any of the residents or staff in either location. Stegmann said that if the county does replace the flooring it is budgeted to cost $350,000 in Tillsonburg next year and $250,000 in Ingersoll in 2019.

"At this point we haven't explored any other options," the facilities manager said. "We've got our engineers looking into what would be the next steps if (the vinyl floors don't work)."



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