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Kelly Spencer - Happy Healthy YOU

(A wellness column by Kelly Spencer: writer, life coach, yoga & meditation teacher, holistic healer and a mindful life enthusiast!)

Perhaps you remember from science class the word, chlorophyll. If it’s been a few years, let me assist in refreshing your memory.

Chlorophyll collects light from the sun to make energy in plants. It is also what gives plants their beautiful green color. It has the ability to convert this light energy into a usable form which is utilized for various processes such as photosynthesis. Plant cells store the sun shine and make it available for our consumption.

Eat your greens!

There is an important reason for the necessity of eating our greens. As far as nutrients go, green leafy vegetables are the pot of gold at the end of the garden rainbow. They are useful in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease since they are low in fat, high in dietary fiber, and rich in folic acid, potassium and magnesium. As well, they contain a host of phytochemicals, such as lutein, betacryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene. They also contain the healing plant pigment energy of chlorophyll.

One study showed that an increment of one daily serving of green leafy vegetables, lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease by 11 percent. In the Adventist health study, the frequent consumption of green salads was associated with a substantially lower risk of mortality.

Drink your greens!

Did you know that benefits of our leafy greens and chlorophyll can also be drank?

Chlorophyll water, greens water or green juice is easy, hydrating and packed full of health benefits for our body and mind. It has a range of powerful nutrients and is a good source of vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, K and beta carotene. It is rich in antioxidants and vital minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and essential fatty acids.

I have been juicing and/or drinking “green water” regularly on and off for years. I’m not referring to the algae water in our pool that I accidently swallowed once when I was a kid, but the added capful of “greens” to my large water container with purposeful intent.

When I am drinking it, I initially notice I experience a bit of a detox flush which can include symptoms much like a meek flu such as mild headache, aches and slight and temporary lethargy. I also find once passing the first few days of ingestion, this is then transformed to moments of increased energy and alertness. My appetite seems to crave healthier options such as more salads and vegetables and my gastrointestinal system seems less bloated and more regular. On that note, let me warn you now: It goes in green and at times, comes out green as well.

Here are the top reasons to take some big gulps of sunshine by drinking Chlorophyll Water regularly:

1. Heart, blood and circulation: Chlorophyll aids in restoring and replenishing the red blood cells by working on a molecular and cellular level, having the ability to regenerate our body. It is rich in live enzymes which helps in cleansing of blood and enhancing the ability of the blood to carry more oxygen. It is a blood builder and is also effective against anemia which is caused by the deficit of red blood cells in the body. Magnesium present in it also plays a vital role in maintaining cardiovascular health, functioning of kidney, muscles, liver and brain.

2. Liver and detox: Some early studies involving animals show that chlorophyllin (semi-synthetic derivative of chlorophyll) may reduce the risk for aflatoxininduced liver damage or liver cancer by increasing activity of these phase II enzymes and removing bodily toxins. In China, a randomized, placebo-controlled intervention trial involving 180 adults with a high risk of hepatocellular carcinoma and chronic hepatitis B infection gave participants either 100 milligrams of chlorophyllin or a placebo before meals three times daily. After 16 weeks of taking chlorophyllin, AFB1 levels dropped an average of 55 percent more compared to those taking the placebo, suggesting chlorophyll benefits liver health in a useful and safe way.

3. Gastrointestinal, thirst and weight: Drinking green water keeps things moving in a good way. However, some folks experience looser bowel movements and need to back off the amount ingested. When drinking the green water, I experience a curb in my appetite, a craving for healthier foods and I am thirstier and therefore drink more water. This in turn, assists to fuel my body with the more nutrient dense foods while keeping hydrated adequately. As a result, some experience weight loss.

4. Anti-microbial, anti-fungal and immune system: It aids in strengthening of the cell walls and overall immune system of the body attributing to its alkaline nature. Anaerobic bacteria which promote the development of diseases cannot survive in the alkaline environment offered by it. Chlorophyll has strong antimicrobial powers that can work to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus known as Candida albicans, the culprit behind yeast infections. Along with this, it is an oxygenator which encourages the body’s ability to fight diseases, boost energy levels and accelerate healing processes.

5. Antioxidant and cancer: In the 1930’s, Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells can’t survive in an environment with an alkaline pH. Along with an alkaline diet, an awesome way to alkalize is by supplementing it with liquid chlorophyll. Although not a cure for cancer, several promising studies have shown it’s assistance to reducing certain types as well further studies conducted in this regard have advocated the chemo preventive effects of chlorophyll attributing to its antimutagenic properties. Environmental pollutants such as toxic metals can quickly destroy health. Chlorophyll binds with toxic metals to hamper absorption, and research has shown it can do the same with some carcinogens.

6. Inflammation, bones and muscles: Studies have found that green leaves help to reduce swelling. The central atom of the chlorophyll molecule i.e. magnesium plays an important role in bone health along with other essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. It also contributes towards muscle toning, contraction and relaxation. Consumption of veggies such as arugula, wheat grass, leeks, green beans and dark green leafy vegetables such as parsley, kale, garden cress, Swiss chards and spinach provide chlorophyll naturally to the body. It should be noted that overcooking these food tends to destroy its chlorophyll and magnesium content. Consuming raw, juiced or steamed are the best methods to get the maximum benefit. I also like to get mine in liquid form from health store and drink it all day long. However you choose: eat it, sip it or gulp your liquid sunshine energy. The healing benefits of chlorophyll are plentiful and leave the body and mind feeling happier and healthier.

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