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Can’t believe July is half over already.

We look forward to summer for what seems like forever and then it all goes by so fast. Everyone is gone or booking holidays. The favourite time is the week after the long weeks in July and August because you get that extra day. A lot of folks look forward to spending time at the beach, at a cottage or trailer. Some just hit the road.

Not having a cottage or trailer, my sister and I pick up a few days during the week at a friend’s cottage up at Jacks Lake when no one else wants to use it. Because we are flexible with our time, it has worked out pretty good for us for quite a few years now.

I think I told you how we had booked our few available days but then a specialist’s appointment was made for me during our holiday week. This forced me to cancel the trip north because you don’t dare cancel a specialist’s appointment. You might never get another one the same year. Luckily, we were able to reschedule several days at the cottage for another week.

Well, you can guess what happened then, right? Specialist’s office called to reschedule my appointment which, had we not already changed our holidays, would have opened up our first choice. We just left things as they were for our rescheduled vacation.

I am looking forward to a few days away. We don’t watch TV or have a phone. We read magazines, books, talk and laugh a lot. We do some canoeing, do some swimming and sunbathing. Usually, we take a day and head into town to visit the shops, pick up supplies if needed and have a beer at the Legion. I love to listen to the sounds of the breezes rustling through the trees, the waves lapping at the rocks along the shoreline of the lake, the loons calling and the tranquility of nature at her best.

Since I don’t have a access to a cottage or trailer anytime I choose, and since I am not a beachy kind of person, I think hitting the road sounds like a pretty great way to spend a holiday. I would love to travel without schedules or arrival times, shunpiking, stopping when hungry or tired. It would be wonderful to exploring whatever comes down the road, visit museums and art galleries; searching out new and exciting adventures; getting to know the locals at the small villages you find along the way.

Of course, you have to have a lot of time and money to do that, neither of which I have. But it’s so much fun to dream and maybe one day... who knows? 


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