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Dave Weaver - Voice of Slo-Pitch

Last weekend was successful for a few Tillsonburg teams at an SPN tournament at Slo-Pitch City.

Energy Productions earned the Ladies Rec title defeating Centre Point Contractors, also from the Tillsonburg league, 21-14 in an undefeated weekend.

Service Master lost by one in the Ladies C final, while Hammerheads lost out in the semifinals in Men's Rec.

The month of July will feature SPN tournaments on the 8th and 29th weekends in Tillsonburg.

The Men's league is organizing a four-player scramble golf tournament at the Bridges in August.

Ladies A

Indigo Lounge recorded a 10 run victory over Service Master to pull to within four points of Corey's Restaurant. The two met Wednesday night at 9 on Annandale-3 in their second encounter of the season. Indigo has played one game less then Corey's.

Playing shorthanded, Corey's mercied Shady Acres on Wednesday night, and defeated Jays by seven earlier in the week.

Service Master and Jays each mercied Centre Point Contractors. Orange Crush mercied Pitch Slap to finish off the "A" results.

Jays 19, Centre Point Contractors 7

Jays - Jessica Falk (4-4), Mayra Baelde (4-4)

Centre Point - Keri Sunderland (2-3), Andrea Holden (3-3)

Jessica Falk scored four runs for Jays.

Indigo Lounge 13, Service Master 3

Indigo - Jess Anseeuw (3-3), Amanda Stubbs (3-3)

Service Master - Jodi Hodges (2-3), Denise Pelltier (2-3)

Mandy Kromplak led Indigo with a pair of triples. Kaitlin Anseeuw also hit one.

Service Master 19, Centre Point Contractors 4

Service Master - Denise Pelltier (4-4), Jess Brown (3-3)

Centre Point - Danielle Swart (2-2), Jen Cadman (2-2)

Denise Pelltier led the winners with a bases clearing triple.

Orange Crush 12, Pitch 0

Orange - Candi Obar (3-3), Kerry Bruckler (3-3)

Pitch - Leigh Anne Bower (2-2), Taylor Bailey (2-2)

Orange plated six in the fifth to complete the mercy.

Corey's Restaurant 17, Jays 10

Corey's - Janet Culliton (4-4), Kasey McKenzie (5-5)

Jays - Kristen Cadotte (3-4), Joanne Howard (3-4)

Kasey McKenzie and Janet Culliton each crossed three times for Corey's.

Corey's Restaurant 18, Shady Acres 5

Corey's - Tracey Pressey (5-5), Jill Barnim (2-2)

Shady Acres - Chani Homewood (3-3), Brenda Seitz (2-3)

Corey's shortstop Lauren Duffy made several highlight reel plays.

Ladies B

Energy Productions won a pair by mercy scoring 17 in each of their victories. Steelerz had an easy time in a mercy of Boston Pizza.

Steelerz 22, Boston Pizza 2

Steelerz - Belinda Loewen (5-5), Brianne Johnston (5-5) Hr

Boston Pizza - Nicole Clause (2-2), Kim Avey (3-3)

Steelerz plated six in their first three at-bats.

Energy Productions 17, Boston Pizza 0

Energy - Crystal Haegens (4-4), Shirley Simmons (3-3)

Boston Pizza - MacKenzie Lawlor (1-2), Nicole Clause (2-2)

Crystal Haegens scored four runs for Energy.

Energy Productions 17, Pitch 5

Energy - Becky Brock (4-4), Lyndsay Miller (4-4)

Pitch - Lisa Mano (2-2), Erin Murray (2-3)

Elisha Duvestijin and Crystal Haegens each scored four runs for the winners.

Men's A

GC Lounsbury and IC Waters played by far the most exciting game of the season Friday night resulting in a walk off win for still undefeated GC Lounsbury. GC also won by 10 over the Roosters. IC had mercied Hounds who were forced to play with just eight players.

Maple View Variety won their first two of the campaign knocking off Robert Q Travel and Haines Roofing. Haines beat Robert Q behind the pitching debut of Scott Harris. Robert Q came from behind to walk one off over Kekambas.

Kekambas beat Roosters to round out the rest of the action in the "A" loop.

Kekambas 24, Roosters 17

Kekambas - Kyle Smith (4-4), Travis Horvath (4-4) 2 Hr, Brandon Rohrer Hr, Derek Buchner Hr, Kyle Hollister Hr

Roosters - Steve Hamulecki (3-4), Matt Heleniak (5-5) Hr, Mark Hamulecki Hr

Brandon Rohrer, Travis Horvath and Derek Buchner went back-to-back-to-back in Kekambas' seven run first.

Maple View Variety 24, Robert Q Travel 15

Maple View - Nathan Klassen (4-4) Hr, Matt Ungar (3-4), Peter Epp Hr, Ian Baker Grand Slam, Dan Dietrich Grand Slam, Randy Miller 2 Hr, Drew Murray Hr

Robert Q - Bryan Deblaire (3-5) Hr, Ryan Black (3-4), Billy Wilson Hr, Josh Stubbs 2 Hr, Steve Derks Hr

Dan Dietrich and Randy Miller each drove in five for Maple View.

GC Lounsbury 16, Roosters 6

GC - Thom Puhr (4-4), Cheyne Sarafinchin (4-4) 2 Hr, Kent Collings Hr

Roosters - Gary Marcus (3-4), Tanner Thoonen (3-4)

GC broke open a close game with a seven run sixth. Kent Collings had a run-scoring triple in the rally.

IC Waters 30, Hounds 15

IC - Chris VanParys (5-5) 2 Hr, Mike Shewan (5-5) Hr, Shawn Crane Hr, Steve Leacock Hr, Aaron Laporte Hr

Hounds - Joel Prouse (4-4), Jim McKillen (4-5) 2 Hr

IC's powerful offence was no match for the eight-man Hounds squad. Chris VanParys led with a pair of homers and five runs scored.

Haines Roofing 25, Robert Q Travel 17

Haines - Kevin Harrop (4-5), Dave Phillips (5-5) 2 Hr, John Ralf Hr, Dan Clark 2 Hr, Andrew Burns Hr, Nick Propper Hr

Robert Q - Darren Pace (3-5), Bryan Deblaire (5-5) Hr, Ryan Black 2 Hr, Josh Stubbs Hr, Billy Wilson 3 Hr

Nine of Haines' 10 batters scored at least one run. Dan Clark homered in consecutive at-bats.

GC Lounsbury 25, IC Waters 24

GC - Cory Smith (4-4), Devin Lee (4-4) Hr, Stephen Deblaire 2 Hr, Cheyne Sarafinchin Hr, Trevor Stuyt Hr, Thom Puhr Hr, Travis Nikin Hr

IC - Eric Lockey (5-5), Chris VanParys (5-5) Hr, Steve Leacock Hr

This was a see-saw battle the whole night. After IC Waters went up by four in the last innning, GC scored five runs and walked it off on a Travis Nikin homer.

Maple View Variety 16, Haines Roofing 15

Maple View - Nathan Klassen (3-4), Peter Epp (3-4) Hr, Ryan Miller Hr

Haines - Phil Durham (3-5) Hr, Chris Durham (4-4) Hr, John Ralf 2 Hr, Darren Hawel Hr

Peter Epp's two-run homer in the sixth provided Maple View with the win.

Robert Q Travel 17, Kekambas 16

Robert Q - Darren Pace (5-5) Hr, Josh Stubbs (4-5) Hr, Bryan Deblaire 2 Hr, Ryan Black 2 Hr, Nick Nagy Hr

Kekambas - Kyle Smith (4-4) Hr, Taylor Ostermayer (3-3), Travis Horvath Hr

Josh Stubbs had the walk off base hit for Robert Q.

Men's B

This division is wide open with two teams tied for first with the second place team just one point back.

East Elgin Spartans edged out Diamond Dogs in a key matchup in B action this past week.

Ward's stayed tied with Spartans after a come from behind win over Nancy's Variety. Diamond Dogs won by forfeit over Wine And Beer Shop, who mercied the other new team Brew Jays.

Corey's Restaurant split losing to Pelicans and beating Nancy's.

Ward's Automotive 18, Nancy's Variety 12

Ward's - Troy Lamoure (4-4), Jeff Prouse (4-4)

Nancy's - Dan McRae (3-4), Mark Siliker (3-4)

Ward's scored six in the sixth to overtake Nancy's. Mike Mudford and Troy Lamoure each scored three runs for the winners.

Corey's Restaurant 15, Nancy's Variety 7

Corey's - Bob Long (4-4), Justin Aker (3-4), Justin Clapdorp Hr

Nancy's - Dan McRae (2-4), Adam Swance (3-3)

Dave Mathews tripled and scored three runs for Corey's.

Wine And Beer Shop 24, Brew Jays 9

Wine And Beer - Don Hawke (4-4), Kyle Laidlaw (4-4) Hr, Nate Crocker Hr

Brew Jays - Andrew Stonkus (3-3), Brandon Vanmeersch (2-2), Bobby Brooks Hr

Kyle Laidlaw hit for the cycle for Wine And Beer. He also drove in six.

East Elgin Spartans 11, Diamond Dogs 10

East Elgin - Pete Krahn (3-3), Abe Dyck (3-3), Johnny Klassen Hr

Diamond Dogs - Matt Brimmer (3-4), Rob Underhill (4-4)

Abe Dyck singled in the winning run for East Elgin in the walk off victory.

Pelicans 18, Corey's Restaurant 9

Pelicans - Nick Lonsbary (5-5) 2 Hr, Mike Kamenar (4-5), Benson Howey Hr, Adam Jensen Hr

Corey's - Justin Wood (3-4), Mike Mesquita (3-3)

Nick Lonsbary hit homers in consecutive at bats and scored four runs for Pelicans.

Men's C

Brad Cole Construction Orioles won a pair of exciting games over Hit N Run and Falcons to improve their record to 5-1. Boston Pizza also won twice to stayed tied after defeating Hammer Time and John Beere. Falcons earned a split winning in a high scoring game with McKenzie Carquest.

Falcons 27, McKenzie Carquest 24

Falcons - John Wiebe (5-5) Hr, Jake Friesen (5-5), Jamie Dyck 2 Hr

McKenzie - Dylan Proulx (4-5), Mack Kaufman (4-4) Hr, Chad Vigar Hr, Devon MacDonald Hr

John Wiebe was a triple shy of hitting for the cycle for the Falcons.

Boston Pizza 23, Hammer Time 16

Boston Pizza - Christian Devlin (4-5), Keith Agnew (4-4), Greg Fleming 2 Hr

Hammer Time - Tim Miners (3-4), Brent Obrien (3-4), Keith McCurdy Hr

Kyle Jones helped his own cause scoring four runs for Boston Pizza.

Boston Pizza 26, John Beere 18

Boston Pizza - Keith Agnew (5-5), Mike Swing (4-5), Brandon Devos Hr

John Beere - Joe Ryan (3-4), Andrew Barnim (4-4) Craig Boucher Hr

Brandon Devos' three-run homer capped off a seven-run fifth for Boston Pizza.

Brad Cole Construction Orioles 21, Hit N Run 14

Brad Cole - Al Carroll (4-4), Kevin Miller (4-4), Ryan Blackman Grand slam

Hit N Run - Jake Andres (3-4), Abe Wolf (3-4), Diedrich Klassen Hr, Abe Klassen Hr, Jake Klassen Hr

After Hit N Run had tied the game at fourteen in the sixth, Brad Cole replied with a seven run rally in their half capped off by a Ryan Blackman grand slam.

Brad Cole Construction Orioles 21, Falcons 19

Brad Cole - Steve Reid (4-4), Tim Hayward (4-5), Ryan Blackman Hr, Bryan Granger Hr, Tim Lewis Hr

Falcons - John Reimer (5-5), Dave Dyck (3-4), Jamie Dyck Hr, John Wiebe Hr, John Friesen 2 Hr, Peter Dyck Hr, Dave Theissen Hr

Falcons almost completed a big comeback plating five in their last at-bat stranding the tying run at second. Bryan Granger and Ryan Blackman each homered and doubled for the winners. 


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