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Do you sometimes feel like things are moving too fast? I can’t believe it’s June already. I know time flies and it seems to have flown right past me.

Each year I, as I have for several years now, have been slowly purging and cleaning out things. Basement is complete - mostly. Garage, well, it’s a work in progress. Closets, cupboards, dressers coming along. I try to base it on how and when I will be able to get rid of stuff.

I plan a trip to Value Village or the Salvation Army with all sorts of clothes when I work on closets and dressers. Each time I move winter clothes upstairs and bring summer clothes downstairs or visa versa, I try on and discard anything I haven’t worn in that season, that no longer fits or suits me.

I tend to prefer certain bed linens, table cloths, bath towels, doilies, tea towels and such so any not used regularly are packed away in the dispose of box. I am working on cleaning out dishes and glassware as well. Not going to host any large dinner parties, so who needs 20 or more place settings? Anyone I know will drink out of any old stemmed, or non-stemmed, glass regardless of what kind of wine it is so several different styles are unnecessary. The same with pots and pans. The need for huge roasters or cooking pots is unwarranted so out they go. I am replacing them with small, one and two serving pots, which are easier to handle and take up much less space. And who needs knicky knacky things all over the house. If it’s not special, beautiful or useful, out it goes.

During the year I pack up much of this for Otterville's village-wide yard sale. Just the other day I was thinking I should get going at gather up this stuff and get it ready for June 10. I had a few boxes ready but hadn’t really got busy with searching out more. It was then I realized June 10 is THIS weekend so I dug in looking for stuff for the sale. How often have I said I don’t go to yard sales because I have enough of my own junk to get rid of?

I have obviously done a great job of purging the past several years because I really don’t have a lot I want to get rid of anymore. I have a few boxes that I have packed away this past year but found nothing to add so it won’t likely be a highly profitable yard sale for me.

But come visit me anyway on Saturday because my sister and two of her friends are coming and bringing truckloads of stuff and they have much better junk than I ever had, so it will be a great shopping experience for you. You can always have a visit with me as I sit on my porch. And the rest of the Otterville will be out in full force as well with wonders for you to choose from. It should be a great day. 


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