Another great season for B.A.D.

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The competitive dance season has ended and Brooks Academy of Dance's year-end show is just around the corner.

"It was exceptional, we had a great year," said Brittany Brooks, Academy Director. "We're super proud of all of the kids.

"We have great dance families who are very supportive and helpful to one another," said Emily Brooks, Academy Director. "They work as a team, which makes it so much more enjoyable for everyone."

"Major improvements from our novice dancers to our veteran dancers," said Brittany. "A lot of ups and downs, a lot of growth. Not just dance improvement-wise, but also as people. It's been really nice to watch them all mature and grow this year, I've seen a big difference.

"We're really happy with the progress we've made and the feedback we're getting from parents and students. There have been bumps along the way, we've had to change things, and sometimes... not everyone enjoys the change. But we hope to change for the better, always."

"We are also very grateful for our recreational dancers," said Emily. "We are proud of all of their hard work and accomplishments and can't wait to watch them perform and shine at our year end show."

In addition to the Best of BAD in Simcoe, the studio plans to perform at Turtlefest and Ribfest this year.

Since opening their dance studio in 2010, and competitive team which formed in the summer of 2012, some BAD dancers that have been with them all seven years. 'Graduations' can be emotional, said Brittany.

"It's a privilege to have such a part in their life, because dance has played a big role in their life. To watch them grow into good kids, good people, is I think what I value more than anything. To watch them succeed with something they were never able to do before."

They are at a stage where the competitive team is starting to compete against larger studios.

"And we do well," said Brittany. "To see small town kids compete against large city kids... and win... for them it's major. And us as studio owners - we're going in the right direction, we're on the right path."

The younger dancers look up to the older dancers, said Brittany, which gives them motivation, pushes them to want to be like them.

"It's a really good driving force on a team. And our older ones are very helpful, very supportive. They cheer on the little ones - they are there every step of the way with them."

BAD's year-end show, The Best of BAD, is Saturday, June 24 in Simcoe. Since changing venues, the finale is a one-day show rather than three.

"The kids are not nearly as exhausted," said Brittany. "Because of the bigger venue, it allows us to do one show - a longer show. We were sad to bring it out of town, it wasn't what we wanted, because we wanted to stay local. Unfortunately, we had no choice. Our acro students especially, have improved immensely and our tumbling classes have paid off, which in turn means we needed a larger floor space for the stage. Also, our classes are larger than before, which also means more space is needed."

Year End Show

Saturday June 24 @1:00pm

Simcoe Composite School.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the studio.

Summer Registration Dates: Wednesday, July 12, 12-7 p.m.; and August 9, 12-7 p.m.

2017 Major Highlights

Adjudicator's Choice Award: Elements

Choreography recognition for Fame, Bubblegum Boy, Halo, Once Upon A Dream routines.

Overall Winners (at multiple competitions): *Soloists* Maci Nold, Tia Antoine, Rae Jones, Allie Martin, Randi Cordeiro, Amelia Cull, Sofia Ferreira, Aiyana Baird, Payton Brezynskie.

Overall Winners: *Groups/Duet/Trios* Without You, Kill Em With Kindness, Single Man Drought, Bubblegum Boy, Problem, and Bring Em Out.

Special Award Winners (at multiple competitions): Tia Antoine, Allie Martin, Maci Nold, Rae Jones, Amelia Cull, Nolan Mogg.

Scholarship Winners: Rae Joes, Tia Antoine, Maci Nold.

Dance Canada Solo Finals Invitations: Aiyana Baird, Randi Cordeiro, Tia Antoine.

World Dance Team Audition Invitation: Tia Antoine.

"We've also had many of our routines place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their categories as well!" said Brittany. 


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