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Dave Weaver - Voice of Slo-Pitch

This season is definitely going to be an interesting one, at least the way it has started out so far!

The sport is supposed to be fun and provide social interaction without any negatives or drama!

The two Leagues look after each other and its participants. We make decisions based on what is in our best interest, always taking into consideration those who have treated us well and fairly! I have been involved in slo-pitch for 37 years, definitely the elder statesman of those playing, and over the years I've seen it all! The President of our Men's League does a tireless job starting in late January to October and I know I share the same sentiments of everyone that we appreciate his work and we will all always have his back!

Now on to the fun stuff. I am taking suggestions so approach me in person or online how to run my Sammy Krenshaw's weekly draw contest this season!

Men's A

There are currently three undefeated teams in the top loop after two weeks action complete!

Haines Roofing were given a scare in their Friday game with Roosters escaping with a 6-5 victory. They earlier had defeated the Hounds. IC Waters mercied the Roosters on Thursday in their only action, G.C. Lounsbury won by six over Kekambas to remain in third. Kekambas outslugged Maple View Variety and Robert Q Travel defeated Hounds to round out the week's action.

Robert Q Travel 12, Hounds 5

Robert Q - Charlie Crossett (3-4), Tyler Friesen (3-4)

Hounds - Shane Bouck (2-4), Travis Whiteside (2-4)

Robert Q blew the game open with a six run sixth, Charlie Crossett led the winners with three runs scored.

Kekambas 28, Maple View Variety 24

Kekambas - Evan Prouse (5-6), Kyle Smith (5-6) Hr, Travis Horvath Hr, Kyle Hollister 2 Hr, Derek Buchner 2 Hr

Maple View - Matt Unger (5-5) Hr, Ryan Miller (5-5) 2 Hr, Abe Epp Hr, Henry Boldt Hr, Nathan Klassen Hr

Kekambas needed a seven-run seventh to hold on to the win. Kyle Hollister and Derek Buchner each hit their second homer of the game in the rally.

IC Waters 19, Roosters 1

IC - Scott Mudford (5-5), Steve Leacock (4-4), Shawn Crane Hr, Darren Cadotte Hr, Darren Swick Hr, Aaron Laporte Hr

Roosters - Greg Buchner (2-3), Perry Robinson (1-2)

Darren Cadotte was a double shy of hitting for the cycle for IC Waters.

GC Lounsbury 9, Kekambas 3

GC - Colin McDonald (3-3), Travis Nikin (3-3), Thom Puhr Hr, Trevor Stuyt Hr

Kekambas - Jeremy Weiss (2-3), Brett Ronson (2-3)

Thom Puhr and Trevor Stuyt hit back to back homers in the first, and back to back doubles in the fourth for GC.

Haines Roofing 6, Roosters 5

Haines - Scott Balazs (4-4), Craig Smith (3-3), Dave Phillips Hr, Phil Durham Hr

Roosters - Mark Hamulecki (2-3), Steve Hamulecki (2-3), Curtis Neabel Hr

Dave Phillips' sixth inning solo homer provided the margin of difference for Haines. Phil Durham for Haines and Troy Temple for Roosters pitched well.

Haines Roofing 24, Hounds 13

Haines - Brett Ferguson (4-5), Kevin Harrop (5-5) Hr, Dan Clark Hr, Phil Durham Hr

Hounds - Nick Barnim (3-4), Mike Bouck (3-4) Hr, Kyle Waite Hr

Haines blew this one open plating thirteen over their last two at bats.

Men's B

A couple of teams suffered their first losses of the season this week. Nancy's Variety came from behind to hand Diamond Dogs their first loss. Ward's Automotive also came from behind to upend previously unbeaten Corey's Restaurant, who then dropped another one to Wine and Beer Shop the next night. Pelicans had a perfect week winning over Wine and Beer and the Brew Jays. Brew Jays also lost to Diamond Dogs and East Elgin Spartans trounced Nancy's in the other reported action. There was no result received from the battle of the two remaining unbeaten Ward's and Spartans.

East Elgin Spartans 22, Nancy's Variety 9

East Elgin - Jake Klassen (5-5), Johnny Klassen (4-4), Abe Krahn Hr, Martin Klassen Hr

Nancy's - Derek Kunderman (3-4), Scott Heath (3-3)

Spartans Johnny Klassen was all over the diamond offensively and defensively.

Ward's Automotive 16, Corey's Restaurant 11

Ward's - Pat Tanner (3-3), Gus Ford (4-4)

Corey's - Justin Clapdorp (3-4), Dave Mathews (3-4)

Ward's scored seven runs over their last two at-bats to record their second win.

Pelicans 14, Wine and Beer Shop 11

Pelicans - Marc Poirer (4-4), Kurt Vaughan (3-4)

Wine and Beer - Doug Hawke (4-4), Tyler Marr (3-3)

Adam Jensen, Marc Poirer and Ryan Verbuyst hit triples for the shorthanded Pelicans.

Pelicans 17, Brew Jays 4

Pelicans - Benson Howey (4-4) Hr, Kurt Vaughan (3-4), Adam Jensen Hr

Brew Jays - Josh Knoflock (3-3) Hr, Don Konran (2-2)

Benson Howey was a triple shy of hitting for the cycle for Pelicans.

Nancy's Variety 21, Diamond Dogs 19

Nancy's - Steve Smith (3-4), Jordan Rooke (3-3)

Diamond Dogs - Kevin McDonald (3-4), Ross Groat (4-4), Doug Falkins Hr, Brian Geerts Hr, Justin Ryksen Hr

Nancy's plated seven in both the fourth and fifth innings in the come from behind win. Shane Hall and Jordy Thompson each hit doubles in the fifth.

Diamond Dogs 18, Brew Jays 11

Diamond Dogs - Doug Falkins (4-4), Andrew Patenaude (3-4), Dave Phipps Hr, Ross Groat Hr, Matt Brimmer Hr

Brew Jays - Ben Heinrichs (2-3), Chris Dunn (2-2) Hr, Gary Csoff Hr

Andrew Patenaude hit triples in consecitive at bats.

Wine and Beer Shop 20, Corey's Restaurant 16

Wine and Beer - Doug Hawke (4-4), Kyle Laidlaw (3-4)

Corey's - Jason Ashton (3-3), Scott MacIntyre (3-4)

Wine and Beer got triples from Aaron Bradley and Jason Wall in their seven run fifth.

Men's C

Boston Pizza won a pair of easy games over Falcons and John Beere to sit tied in second with Hit N Run two points back of Brad Cole Construction Orioles, who remained unbeaten after a mercy of McKenzie's Carquest. Hit N Run beat Hammer Time by nine, Falcons scored three late to defeat Hammer Time. John Beere held off a late charge from McKenzie's to earn their first win.

Falcons 19, Hammer Time 16

Falcons - John Wiebe (4-4) 2 Hr, Willy Bueckert (4-5), Abe Wolf Hr, Dave Thiessen Hr

Hammer Time - Cody Long (3-4), Jesse Legg (3-4) 3 Hr, Dave Tonz Hr

John Wiebe drove in five for the Falcons off two homers and a triple.

John Beere 24, McKenzie's Carquest 21

John Beere - Shaun Elliott (6-6), Kalvin Smith (5-6), Chris Fisher Hr, Craig Boucher Hr

McKenzie's - Mike VanWynsberghe (5-5), Dylan Proulx (4-5)

McKenzie scored nine in their last at-bat to make it close. Kalvin Smith and Andrew Barnim each scored four runs for John Beere.

Boston Pizza 14, Falcons 3

Boston Pizza - Keith Agnew (3-3) Hr, Josh Dewachter (3-4), Spencer Meron Hr, Jordan Bruckler Hr

Falcons - John Wiebe (2-3), Willy Bueckert (2-2)

Ten of Boston Pizza's 12 batters scored at least one run.

Hit N Run 14, Hammer Time 5

Hit N Run - Jake Klassen (3-3), Jakie Enns (2-3), Abe Klassen Hr, Franz Klassen Hr

Hammer Time - Curtis Coldham (2-2), Chris Brown (2-2)

Lead off batter Paul Reimer crossed three times for Hit N Run.

Brad Cole Construction Orioles 22, McKenzie's Carquest 7

Brad Cole - Trevor Fleet (4-4), Mark Biro (3-3)

McKenzie's - Chad Vigar (2-3) Hr, Travis Kovari (2-3), Troyer Kovari Hr

McKenzie's shut out Brad Cole for the first two innnings. Brad Cole Cole scored 22 over their next four at-bats. Denis Lenane had four runs batted in for the winners.

Ladies A

Service Master recorded a close victory over Jays and a mercy over Pitch Slap to remain undefeated. The finalists from last year had their first meeting with Corey's Restaurant coming from behind to edge out Indigo Lounge. They then mercied the Steelerz to remain atop the division, Indigo won by mercy over Shady Acres. Orange Crush scored seven late for a one run decision over Center Point Contractors. Center Point won by forfeit over Boston Pizza.

Orange Crush 12, Center Point Contractors 11

Orange - Stacey Lauwerier (4-4), Sherry Cull (3-4)

Center Point - Monica Barnes (3-3), Danielle Swart (3-3)

Orange put up seven in their last at-bat to edge out Center Point.

Indigo Lounge 17, Shady Acres 5

Indigo - Mary Boldt (3-3), Kathy Vanderven (3-3)

Shady Acres - Rachel Carl (2-2), Holley Dayman (2-2)

Mary Boldt had a triple and scored two runs for Indigo.

Service Master 12, Jays 11

Service Master - Steph Erdelac (4-4), Denise Pelltier (4-4)

Jays - Melissa Hughes (4-4), Bobbi Hiscock (4-4)

Jays rallied late but left the tying run on third in the seventh. Denise Pelltier doubled and scored three runs.

Service Master 19, Pitch 3

Service Master - Crystal Laforge (3-3), Mona Desmarchais (3-3)

Pitch - Taylor Bailey (2-2), Leigh Anne Bower (2-3)

Becky Dancy and Denise Pelltier each had triples for Service Master, Dancy also scored three runs.

Corey's Restaurant 10, Indigo Lounge 9

Corey's - Kasey McKenzie (4-4), Kirby Steinhoff (4-4)

Indigo - Tena Bueckert (3-3), Jess Anseeuw (3-3), Kaitlin Anseeuw Hr

Corey's scored three sixth-inning runs to overtake Indigo. They got a strong pitching performance from Anita Dahl.

Corey's Restaurant 17, Steelerz 5

Corey's - Deb Simmonds (3-3), Lauren Duffy (4-4) Hr

Steelerz - Amber Granger (3-3), Melissa Johnston (2-2)

Corey's shortstop Lauren Duffy homered, tripled and doubled twice.

Ladies B

Shady Acres had their bats going in their mercy of Pitch. Steelerz picked up the only other division win mercying Boston Pizza.

Shady Acres 23, Pitch 4

Shady Acres - Michele Warboys (5-5), Ashley Aker (5-6)

Pitch - Ange Fast (2-3), Lisa Manu (2-2)

Michele Warboys belted three doubles for Shady Acres.

Steelerz 17, Boston Pizza 1

Steelerz - Brianne Johnston (3-3), Amber Granger (3-3)

Boston Pizza - Stephanie Fox (2-2), Rachele Platteeuw (2-2)

Jordan Coderre and Amber Granger each scored three runs for Steelerz.

Men's A


Haines 4 0 0 8

I.C. Waters 3 0 0 6

GC Louns. 2 0 1 5

Robert Q 2 1 0 4

Kekambas 1 2 1 3

Maple View 0 2 1 1

Hounds 0 3 1 1

Roosters 0 4 0 0

Men's B


East Elgin 3 0 0 6

Diamond 2 1 1 5

Ward's Auto. 2 0 0 4

Pelicans 2 2 0 4

Corey's 1 2 1 3

Nancy's 1 2 0 2

Wine & Beer 1 2 0 2

Brew Jays 0 3 0 0

Men's C


Brad Cole 3 0 0 6

Boston Pizza 2 1 0 4

Hit N Run 2 1 0 4

Falcons 2 1 0 4

McKenzie's 1 2 0 2

Hammer Time 1 3 0 2

John Beere 1 3 0 2

*Standings do not include result of Spartans-Ward's game played May 19

Ladies A


Corey's 4 0 0 8

Indigo 3 1 0 6

Service Mast. 2 0 1 5

Center Point 2 1 1 5

Orange Crush 1 0 0 2

Jays 1 2 0 2

Ladies B


Energy 1 1 0 2

Pitch 1 3 0 2

Shady Acres 1 3 0 2

Steelerz 1 3 0 2

Boston Pizza 0 3 0 0

*Standings do not include result between Service Master-Boston Pizza game played May 8 and Jays-Energy game played May 17. 



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