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The Government of Ontario recently released its annual public sector salary disclosure list for 2016, commonly known as the 'Sunshine List.'

When it was first created in 1996 by the Mike Harris Conservative government, there were just over 4,500 public servants on the list. Still published annually two decades years later, the merit of the list has been questioned by critics.

In 2011, the province-wide list increased by 71,000, up 11 per cent from 2010. In that year the Town of Tillsonburg had only two employees topping $100,000 – Kelley Coulter, CAO $112,716 and Steve Lund, director of operations ($115,957), with five on the list from Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital, including Tom McHugh, TDMH president, $219,999.12.

The provincial list grew again by 10 per cent in 2012. The Town of Tillsonburg list grew to six, and the local hospital list increased to 10.

Last year's list saw the Town of Tillsonburg with 10, and TDMH (including integrated positions with Alexandra) 12. Both the Town and hospital added one more to the recent 2016 disclosure lists.

Town of Tillsonburg

Darrell Eddington, Town of Tillsonburg - Director of Finance/Treasurer: $126,324.49

Stephen Gradish, Town of Tillsonburg - Operations Utility Manager: $108,641.98

David Calder, Town of Tillsonburg - Chief Administrative Officer: $181,161.16

Richard Cox, Town of Tillsonburg - Director of Recreation, Culture and Parks: $119,106.72

David Davis, Town of Tillsonburg - Fleet Maintenance Foreperson: $120,075.47

Kevin DeLeebeeck, Town of Tillsonburg - Director of Operations: $116,232.98

Jeff Smith, Town of Tillsonburg - Fire Chief: $101,468.37

Donna Wilson, Town of Tillsonburg - Clerk: $104,336.44

Ian McKenzie, Town of Tillsonburg - Finance Regulatory Affairs: $116,271.44

Reg Smith, Town of Tillsonburg - Water Foreperson: $100,745.20

Geno Vanhaelewyn, Town of Tillsonburg - Chief Building Official: $104,717.44


Donovan Douglas, TDMH - Registered Nurse: $105,477.24

Brian Fathers, TDMH - Service Coordinator Pharmacy: $114,765.45

Crystal Houze, TDMH - Integrated President and CEO: $217,265.11

Rebecca Lynn Pager, TDMH - Registered Nurse: $101,910.18

Patricia Stuyt, TDMH - Registered Nurse: $101,206.18

Frank Deutsch, TDMH - Integrated VP: $137,499.99

Julie Ellery, TDMH - Integrated VP: $108,337.34

Paul Howarth, TDMH - Integrated Senior Director: $126,999.92

Cynthia Silverthorn, TDMH - Registered Nurse: $106,647.55

Violetta Bell, TDMH - Registered Nurse: $100,917.66

Catherine Dejaegher, TDMH - Clinical Leader: $100,688.30

Marion Knab, TDMH - Registered Nurse: $104,876.99

Rebecca Morris, TDMH - Registered Nurse: $102,874.23


Kelly Horvath, TVDSB - Elementary Principal: $117,098.55

Paul Szorenyi, TVDSB - Elementary Principal: $117,098.55

Anne Martin, TVDSB - Elementary Principal: $117,098.55

Glen Woodburn, TVDSB - Secondary Principal: $114,949.85


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