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Thank you!

This a thank you letter to all the people who, together, saved my wife's life New Year's Eve.

911 was called and Oxford EMS arrived and evaluated her condition and decided to request additional staff to assist due to the nature of the call. They are an invaluable asset and should be commended.

To the Tillsonburg Fire Service, my gratitude cannot be measured. Their expert skills showed initiative and determination to get the job done.

After she was taken out of the house to the awaiting stretcher, unbeknownst to me, she had gone into respiratory arrest and then cardiac arrest. CPR was performed successfully. She was taken to Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital.

One of the paramedics consoled me as I couldn't believe what had just happened. Thank you for your compassion.

I'm not sure when, but, a former colleague of mine approached me and offered his help. I know him as a fireman and a paramedic, yet he wore no uniform that day, but rather, street clothes and he took the time out of his busy day to lend a hand not as a fireman or a paramedic but as a friend. He offered me a ride to the hospital as I was unable to drive myself.

Once at the hospital, he stayed with me and gave me words of encouragement and of hope. He also made sure that I got home after my wife was transferred to London Victoria.

To all the Emergency Room nurses, excellent work and the attending physician, Dr. Abdula, thank you and finally to one particular nurse of whom I'm so glad she chose a career that gave her the knowledge to yet again save her life while en route to London by ambulance. Not forgetting the other staff in the back... the Respiratory Technician and the paramedic and of course, the skilled driver who got everyone there safe.

The care she received at London Victoria was the best and the nurses on the fifth floor were all kind and caring individuals.

When she returned to Tillsonburg Hospital, the second floor nursing staff were also very caring, friendly and professional. The staff from the physio department was very careful with her and encouraged her to do more and with that encouragement, it pushed her to overcome her physical limitations to where she could be discharged home.

I would also like to thank Dr. Lamb for his attention and encouragement during her stay.

Thank You,

Mark Pick, Tillsonburg


Why HATE, not LOVE?

(As written by 9-year-old Claire Langlinais, granddaughter of a Tillsonburg resident.)

Most people need our help.

You may not think that excluding people from OUR country is bad but it is. When you say that nothing is to worry about you are wrong, so wrong. This is a big thing that people think is small and that is wrong, because it is a big deal.

I have never herd or seen this much hate in my life. I never thought that I live in a place that was mean and cruel. People are now so mean to so many different cultures and people that live with a sad life. That's why I am going to make America, America the place where people are welcome.

I am trying to persuade you to help our state, our country, and our world to be the place where the grass is greener, the air is fresher, and life is happier.

Claire (Bulloch) Langlinais, 9

Blacksburg, Virginia 


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