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Glendale’s Wassail Concert


(Re: Matt Scholtz letter)

Dear Sir, have you ever disliked the cover of a book only to find the content to be exactly what you are looking for?

I would like to bring to your attention a few facts about Glendale’s Wassail and your supposed objection to the word “Wassail” instead of “Christmas.”

FACT: At the beginning of the evening, Miss Haas explained that one of the meanings of the word “Wassail” was to “Be of good cheer.”

FACT: Every single song played had a Christmas title/Christian content. Every. Single. One. (I have a copy of the concert’s program if you would like proof.)

FACT: There IS a choir (since you stipulated that in order to use the word Wassail one should have some sort of choir). My son has been a member of the choir for the last two years, and they were baffled when they found out you were denying their existence.

FACT: It is not “just” a concert. It has a traditional musical element, and then there was a beautiful art show put on by the Art Department of Glendale. There were refreshments as well. It was a lovely evening where parents, students, family and friends had a chance to enjoy each others company over an evening of diverse artistic talent - truly an evening of good cheer befitting the name Wassail.

Had you attended Wassail, sir, I feel that you would realize that your initial and subsequent criticisms are indeed unfounded. Christmas is alive and well in Glendale's Wassail. The staff who spent multiple hours in weekly rehearsals and organizing the evening should be applauded and thanked for their exceptional dedication, hard work and extra hours.

So next time you decide to complain about a name, do some research, check your facts, and be of good cheer.

- Alicia Ramsey



Family and baby facilities at the Tillsonburg Community Centre

Recently at the Family Day activities at the Tillsonburg Community Centre, I was volunteering, and as I spent the day tending to the door by the swimming area and handing out bracelets, I had time to watch and see many families with children of all ages come in and enjoy the wonderful events.

The Community Centre is the Hub of Tillsonburg with so many daily events and activities taking place for all ages.

What I observed and have always known is the amount of young families and grandparents with children coming and going to enjoy swimming, skating, hockey and much more.

We are very blessed to have such a wonderful Community Centre that offers so much to all ages.

As I sat with a friend who was volunteering with me, I was approached by a young mom.

This mom asked me if there was anywhere within the Complex that offered a quiet spot for her to breastfeed her baby. I told her no, that as far as I knew there were no quiet rooms available for moms to breastfeed or even bottle feed their babies.

I told her to sit down wherever and just breastfeed her baby. She said she would but she was afraid of what others may say or do. I told her she was welcome to sit by me as there would be no way anyone would say or do anything then. I of course told her that it does not matter what others say, she has every right to sit and feed her baby at anytime, anywhere.

This young mom and her husband took their baby down to the viewing area above the swimming pool and sat very uncomfortably and she fed her baby.

As a mom and Grandma I find this totally unsuitable. In this day and age a mom should not feel as though she has to cover her and her baby up when making sure that her child gets fed the way they should be.

It is not just breastfeeding moms, there are babies who just feed better, even bottle fed, in a quiet place.

So late that night when I home I posted about this in my online group Talk Tillsonburg to get feed back on the need for a quiet mom and baby feeding room, and if bottle fed, then dads too.

The responses were pretty much as I figured they would be. Many said yes this is very much needed and would be greatly used by many. Another valid observation brought forth was Family Washrooms, a place with adequate changing stations for babies and a facility that would allow moms or dads to take their child into. A dad with a daughter or a mom with a son should have a facility such as a Family washroom to take their child into.

A dad should not have to take his daughter into a men's washroom and a mom should not have to take her son into a ladies washroom, at least not past a certain age like 3.

Another suggestion was in the pool area. There is No Family change rooms, just men and women's, leaving again moms or dads to take their child if the other parent is not available into a change room that they should not have to take their child.

A child at the age of 2, I believe, should not go into a men's change room with daddy if it's a little girl nor a little boy into a female change room.

By having Family change rooms it offers a place for parents to go in and change their little ones in a proper enviorment and by having changing stations in there it also gives a safe clean place to change babies.

I know we have all been there at one time or more where you had no option but to put something like a blanket or towel on the ground to change your baby. That is no way to have to make sure your baby has a clean diaper and is happy.

With the Community Centre being so widely used for so many activities and sports and events and by so many of all ages, I think and many others do also it should accommodate all in every way.

I have been in places smaller then our Complex that have baby changing stations and Family Washrooms. I believe it is time to implement the same in our Community Centre.

I am hoping by residents reading and taking part in Facebook discussions and reading this letter, they will also speak out about this issue to out the Town Mayor and Council members.

- Catherine Ryan




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