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You don’t have to go skydiving or whitewater rafting to put some adventure in your life.

I recently embarked on an excursion that, had things not gone well, could have been a challenge. I must admit I agreed to this journey with a bit of apprehension.

Two of my sisters and I spent over two weeks in Florida with our oldest sister. Although we have all matured, have not lived with each other in many years, and have not all been together in one place for an extended period of time, I recognized the potential for risk but the idea of familial bonding was strong. It was an opportunity to reconnect.

Larry graciously, or maybe just for self-preservation, vacated the home in the evenings. He joined us on occasion for some activities and supper but spent as much time as possible enjoying other interests. Through the displacement he managed to maintain his sanity - I think.

Different people have diverse ideas of what holidays are supposed to be or what they prefer to do during their holiday. Four distinct personalities were at play here, strengthened by age and experiences. Some like constant busyness, activity and socializing. Others prefer a more calm, serene schedule. Some love routine and others want to try, see and learn new things. Some want to do everything together and others would prefer to do their own thing.

We had the most lovely, sunny weather every day of our visit. Lauret loves to sit by the pool and soak up the sun for hours. Denise and Thais also love to tan, but do so for shorter periods of time. The three of them have lovely, dark tans. I can only take the sun for a half-hour mid-morning and maybe late afternoon. Even doing that for about three days, I ended up with sunburn and a rash so, while they tanned, I chose to enjoy the shade and the peace and quiet at the trailer, going for walks or visiting with long-time friends who are also at the park for the winter.

I think, when we find ourselves in a close family setting after a long time, we could tend to revert back to our childhood roles or at least what we perceived to be our roles. You know - the organizer, the peacemaker, the dissenter, the one who remains neutral, the one who takes sides, etc. We also might reapply the shroud of emotions, hurts and grievances we wore in our youth. Families have long histories and longer memories, even if some might have “alternative” memories.

We might not have all agreed all the time but the laughter, the fun, the adventures we shared far eclipsed any of those times. It was a great time and I am so glad I got to do this with my sisters. We all missed having our brother, Tim, along, too.

I learned much about my sisters and myself. I realize we are exactly who we are, exactly who we have always been, and that’s exactly how it is supposed to be.

Don’t tell anyone but there were moments when I wondered if I was adopted.

I now know how to make an Iron Butterfly. Anyone want the recipe?




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