Letter to the Editor

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From a cancer survivor and volunteer

In her three recent columns on cancer, Kelly Spencer goes to great lengths to promote alternative ways to fight the disease.

She suggests that there have been conspiracies by pharmaceutical companies, medical professionals and governing agencies to suppress some treatment methods.

One wonders.

If there was any PROVEN way to prevent or cure cancers:

Wouldn’t it be heralded around the world?

Wouldn’t anyone with business smarts be eager to get a piece of the action and share in the billions of dollars that would be generated?

Wouldn’t governments welcome the prospects of reducing health care costs and having more persons with productive life styles?

Wouldn’t those who help fund the research on cancer not welcome successful results for their investments?

Treatment decisions of any kind are up to you, of course, but please do not decide without doing your own research. Read. Ask questions. Check with those knowledgable about current treatment methods and the positive advances that have been made.

You may be told of the success of alternative treatment of sundry diseases, but there also are stories of regrettable results from people turning their backs on traditional treatment methods.

There is the other side to some of Ms. Spencer’s stories available on the Internet… and a surprising number of persons trying to make a buck by selling those supposedly suppressed substances she cites. Read with skepticism.

As a cancer survivor and a volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society for more than 55 years, I’ll continue to put my faith in the medical professionals – people who have devoted their lives to studying cancer and continuing to make advances in treatments.

The cancer society has long been the top individual sponsor of cancer research along with its educational efforts for prevention and support of cancer patients. It is run by volunteers.

I plan to join again this year with the army of volunteers raising money to support the society’s efforts.

Believe me, we volunteers would not countenance any measures that would stand in the way of successfully treating and beating cancer.

– Bill Pratt