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Maybe a little bit late, according to most standards, but I finally took down my Christmas decorations.

My Christmas décor was very simple and tasteful. You can read into that whatever you like. The fact is I wasn’t in a hurry to dismantle because I rather liked the look. The tree added some needed height in that corner and the tinsel trees added some sparkle. I could have left them up because the tinsel trees were red and silver and the decorations on the green tree were all in red glitter. I could have called them Valentine trees, an idea I got from the seniors’ centre.

The Senior Centre Christmas decorations were taken down and put away a few weeks ago. Some of the folks missed the festive touch so they put up one of the trees and decorated it with pink hearts and ribbons for Valentine’s Day. They are going to leave the tree up all year and change the decorations for each holiday, season or event. Fun idea.

Valentine’s Day can be a great celebration for some or a bit of a downer for others. It’s all a matter of attitude. If you have someone you love and loves you back; someone who you want to spoil and you know will spoil you, then get on with it. If you don’t have one of those don’t let that ruin the occasion. Spoil yourself and count your blessings. Not all relationships deserve to be commemorated. Sometimes freedom is so much more worthy of rejoicing.

I just want to remind you guys out there, who find the Valentine’s Day acceptable grounds to do something for your girlfriend or wife, with the hope of getting special attention for yourself, you are so busted. We all know the frilly, lacy bra and pantie set or the frothy, see-through negligee, is purchased for your entertainment and comes with expectations. Most women find those things quite uncomfortable but that may just be included in your reasoning, right? Beautiful, comfy pjs or nightgown or a fluffy, cozy lounger with snuggly slippers will be much more appreciated. Even drug store chocolates and grocery store flowers can be more meaningful for the woman.

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds are always good but most women know spending more doesn’t equate with love, commitment or fidelity. A well thought out, personal item, even though inexpensive, will be so much more cherished.

These are things I tell you every year. And I think I also remind you to be loving in your behaviour, generous with your time, gentle in your manner, enthusiastic with your support, honest in your devotion, considerate, sensitive and open of mind and heart. These are much more important than gifts, flowers or chocolates. And it is even more important to do this for ourselves.

The trick is to do it all year long.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. 


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