Two Cents Worth

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January is half over and I have maintained my New Year’s resolutions.

I stopped smoking 21 years ago so didn’t have to go there. Weight loss wasn’t on my list and I haven’t lost any so it’s all good. I don’t swear or drink much so didn’t have to try to give those up. I keep moving and dancing all the time so didn’t add exercise.

One resolution I made was to smile at more people and I sometimes wonder just what strangers think when I smile and speak to them. I hope it makes them feel better. I also resolved to eliminate stress and negativity and to let things go that I can’t control. For the most part I am doing very well with those, too. As proof I will tell you about an incident that happened to me last week.

I had a dentist appointment one day last week followed by a lunch date at noon. Leaving the dentist’s office about 11:20 a.m. I decided I had time to get gas. I pulled up to the pump and got my credit card out of my wallet. As usual, I was too close to the pumps. With the keys in my right hand I dropped them into my pocket as I wedged my way out of the van. I went back and removed the gas cap. When I went to put my card in the reader I realize I had my AirMiles card instead of my credit card so I returned to the door to find it locked. I must have hit the button as I struggled to get out of the van. I checked my pocket. I can’t find words to describe the feeling that came over me as I looked through the window to see the keys lying on the seat. I just stood there, breathing slowly. I think I was in shock. Then I started to laugh.

Nothing to do there so I went inside and told the girls and asked if there was anyone who could help me. One told me she could break into her own vehicle but didn’t think she wanted to do it to my van. Pearce Motors across the street was the obvious suggestion. By now it had begun to pour rain so I asked if I could call. A phone book was dug out but I couldn’t seem to get through and after about 10 minutes I decide to just ask the next customer who came in to pay if they would please drive me across the street.

Lots of folks offered advice like, “You should always have a spare set of keys.”

I do, but I don’t carry them in my bra.

“You should always put your keys in your pocket.”

Well, yeah, OK thanks.

After engaging many folks in my dilemma, the worst being missing my lunch date, Superman (Henry) walked in and it was all I could do not to hug him right there in front of everyone. A known and friendly face was just what I needed. Even though he was not able to open my door he drove me across the street in the pouring rain. The technician was on a pick-up so in the intervening time I chatting up everyone at the garage. When he returned, he drove me across the street and opened my van for me. I resisted hugging him, too. Able to prioritize well, I replaced the gas cap got in the van and went for lunch, making it on time.

After a lovely, leisurely lunch I returned to the gas station and filled up. The girls asked if I enjoyed my lunch. Then I went across the street to settle up at the garage. They also asked about my lunch and then declined any kind of payment for services rendered. I always remember those acts of kindness.

Although my lunch friend said she would have been in tears, I didn’t stress, refused anxiety, shared some great conversations and managed to laugh through the whole experience.

Resolutions working.