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Put curling on your list of things to try this year! Over a million curlers in Canada can’t be wrong! Plus TSN and Sportsnet are airing hundreds of hours of curling and the Tillsonburg Curling Club can help you learn about the game so you can enjoy and understand watching it!

With the onset of fall weather and the beginning of October here, the Tillsonburg Curling Club is readying the ice for the new season. Open House starts this week with the club open and ready for registration of new and old members. We’re hoping you’ll take advantage of a winter recreational option that has been offered to the public in the Tillsonburg area for more than 60 years. So, as the signs around town say, “Try Curling!”

Here are some good reasons to try this winter sport. For anyone, curling is the perfect winter sport - good physical exercise, social, inexpensive and safe. We have members of all ages from 10-90 years of age. You can learn the game at any age and then play the game at the competitive level you choose.

For ‘couples’, curling makes a great ‘date night.’ You can play together, socialize with others and get some physical activity. With the Mixed League and the Recreational League you always know when and who you are playing with so you can plan ahead for those nights. If you just need a break for yourself that gets you out of the house, we also have Men’s League and Ladies Leagues that you can also choose to play in. A full club membership allows you to play in all of these leagues if you want to.

Parents who are looking for a winter activity for your kids, curling is a great choice because it is a sport for both boys and girls, requires minimal equipment, will encourage social skills, team work, problem solving and the physical skills can be learned easily. Curling is recognized by the CRA as a tax-deductible activity for kids. Parents, curling is something you can do with your kids. Our kids are curlers and it’s always been great family fun when we can be out on the ice with them - now we look forward to being there with our grandchildren too. (Not that easy to do with other sports). To see a story about kids and curling check out a YouTube video from 2013, “The REAL reason curling is better than hockey.”

Are you new in town? Curling is a great way to meet new people and become a part of the community. Curling club members come from all walks of life and as said before are all ages, and as social time after the game is important you will meet new people easily. Our learn-to-curl instruction will help you get started with the basic skills of curling.

Are you part of a summer team (like baseball or a golf group) and you want a time to get together during the winter? Try entering a team in the Recreational league. This league caters to people who can’t commit all the time, i.e. they do shift work, can’t curl specific days, etc. The league allows teams to enter as a unit and to have more than the four regular team members (6-8) so that there are always enough team members to play the game. These are only six-end games with emphasis on a really fun social atmosphere.

Have back or knee issues? Happily, curlers can use a piece of equipment called the ‘stick’ or extender which allows you to deliver a rock from a standing position. If you are unsure of your steadiness on the ice there are rubber grippers for both feet which allow you to grip the ice and there is headgear like the halo which protects the head from falls. Age and physical ability should never be a barrier to learning to curl.

Looking at the membership fee list there is an option for everyone - new members pay only $299, and there’s a new membership targeting, 19-35 year olds for $199, plus there are options for those who go south for part of the winter, Students, Seniors, One Day/Night, Juniors, plus full regular memberships.

Hopefully one of these reasons convinces you to come into the club this week and next and see what there is for yourself. Curlers will be there to welcome you and hopefully get you out on the ice to try the game. Get up, get out and go curling! Curling rocks!! 



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