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Dave Weaver - Voice of Slo-Pitch

There is only one team in Tillsonburg Slo-Pitch that finished with an undefeated season!

Corey's Restaurant Ladies won three times last week to finish at 22-0.

The Men's playoffs got underway last week with some close games as well as some not so close.

The Sammy's Fun Puzzle concluded and last week's answer of 'who hit for the cycle and who was just shy' was correctly answered by Nancy Wolf who correctly named Jakie Enns and Brandon Devos as the two.

Ladies B

Farmers Daughters made a successful return to Tillsonburg Ladies Slo-Pitch capturing the B Division regular season title. They beat Energy Productions twice easily last week to finish ahead of Energy.

Energy held on to second spot, EMI Steelerz finished third, and Dean Masson Construction will be the fourth team in the divisional playoffs.

Dean Masson will take on the top seed Farmers Daughters, while Energy and EMI, a rematch of last year's final, will go head to head.

Pitch recorded their second ever win edging out Dean Masson Construction. They will play in the C Division playoffs along with Ritchie's and Cleats. Ritchie's will have a first round bye.

Energy Productions 18, Cleats 3

Energy - Bri Johnston (4-4), Jen Dahl (4-4)

Cleats - Corrie Smith (3-3), Heidi Hopper (4-4)

Game Highlights - Energy scored six in the first and five in the third for the win.

Farmers Daughters 10, Energy Productions 4

Farmers - Justina Enns (5-5), Sara Driedger (4-4), Anna Enns Hr

Energy - Belinda Loewen (2-3), Crystal Haegens (3-3)

Game Highlights - Anna Enns homered and doubled and drove in three for Farmers.

Farmers Daughters 18, EMI Steelerz 5

Farmers - Justina Enns (4-4), Anna Enns(4-4)

EMI - Deanna Littler (3-4), Heather Nowlan (2-3)

Game Highlights - Anna Enns tripled, doubled and drove in four for Farmers. Tina Friesen also drove in four.

Ritchie's 14, Cleats 4

Ritchie's - Holley Dayman (4-4), Kristen Bates (4-4)

Cleats - Rachele Platteeuw (3-3)

Game Highlights - Jaimee Morse and Kristen Bates each scored three runs for Ritchie's.

Ritchie's 10, EMI Steelerz 7

Ritchie's - Aimee Sparzynski (4-4), Kristen Bates (4-4)

EMI - Heather Nowlan (3-3), Jordan Coderre (4-4)

Game Highlights - A big win for Ritchie's playing with just nine. Once again Kristen Bates led the way.

EMI Steelerz 14, Cleats 2

EMI - Tracey Coderre (3-3), Deanna Littler (4-4) Hr

Cleats - Corrie Smith (2-3), Rachele Platteeuw (2-2)

Game Highlights - Deanna Littler hit for the cycle for EMI.

Ritchie's 13, Pitch 6

Ritchie's - Chani Homewood (3-4), Rachel Carl (4-5)

Pitch - Darby Vandaele (3-3)

Game Highlights-Ritchie's put this one away with a six run fifth.

Farmers Daughters 21, Energy Productions 7

Farmers - Tina Klassen (5-5), Susha Klassen (5-5)

Energy - Melissa Johnston (2-2), Missy Douglas (3-4)

Game Highlights - Nine of the 10 winner's batters drove in at least one run. Nettie Klassen had a pair of doubles for Farmers.

Pitch 8, Dean Masson Construction 7

Pitch - Taylor Bailey (3-4), Britt Ronson (4-5)

Dean Masson - Crystal Laforge (4-4), Carly Matos (3-3)

Game Highlights - Lisa Manuu had a two run triple and Taylor Bailey had a pair of doubles for Pitch.

Ladies A

Corey's Restaurant finished off their perfect season with mercies of Jays and Orange Crush and a seven run decision over Service Master.

Indigo Lounge finished second with a mercy over Orange. Service Master will claim the third spot as a result of Orange's two losses. The two teams will meet in the first round of the playoffs.

Jays had an easy win over Cleats and will face second place Indigo in the playoffs while Corey's will match up against Hollister KIA.

Jays 14, Cleats 5

Jays - Shirley Moore (4-4), Bernita Jordan (4-4)

Cleats - Kim Avey (3-4), Heidi Hopper (3-4)

Game Highlights - Deanna Laemers scored three runs for Jays.

Indigo Lounge 22, Orange Crush 10

Indigo - Alisha Stubbs (4-4), Kim Harrop (4-4)

Orange - Stacy Lauwerier (3-4), Nicole Harris (3-3)

Game Highlights - After Orange tied it in the fourth, Indigo rallied with six in the next two innings to complete the mercy.

Corey's Restaurant 23, Jays 6

Corey's - Tracey Pressey (5-5), Deb Simmonds (4-4), Janet Culliton Hr

Jays - Michelle Hofstee (2-2), Mary Froese (2-3)

Game Highlights - Jill Barnim crossed five times for Corey's.

Corey's Restaurant 16, Orange Crush 4

Corey's - Rose Finnessy (3-3), Nicole Brandon (3-3)

Orange - Jen Hillner (3-3), Meg Simmonds (2-3)

Game Highlights - Lauren Duffy and Nicole Brandon each had a triple and double for Corey's. Jill Barnim and Steph Nevins each made an outstanding catch for Corey's and Orange respectively.

Corey's Restaurant 15, Service Master 8

Corey's - Deb Simmonds (4-4), Nicole Brandon (3-4)

Service Master - Crystal Ball (4-4), Jodi Hodges (3-4)

Game Highlights - Corey's got triples from Kirby Steinhoff, Nicole Brandon and Tabitha Moulton in the win.

Men's A

Maple View Variety went out to a quick 2-0 series lead against IC Waters before IC staved off elimination with a win on Friday night.

Survivors are a game away from eliminating Gators after splitting the first two. They won in a lower scoring game on Friday.

Game 1

Maple View Variety 16, IC Waters 8

Maple View - Ryan Miller (4-4) Hr, Ian Baker (3-4), John Epp 2 Hrs, Randy Miller Hr, Tim Pressey Hr

IC Waters - Rob Down (3-3), Scott Mudford (4-5)

Game Highlights - Maple View won by the long ball out-homering IC 5-0. John Epp led with a pair of two-run round trippers.

Game 2

Maple View Variety 18, IC Waters 12

Maple View - Dan Dietrich (2-2), Ryan Miller (4-4) Hr, Ian Baker Hr, Abe Epp Hr, John Epp Hr

IC Waters - Jeff Cadotte (3-4) 2 Hrs, Scott Beattie (2-4), Steve Leacock Hr, Darren Cadotte Hr

Game Highlights - Ian Baker was a double shy of hitting for the cycle for Maple View in their come from behind win.

IC Waters 23, Maple View Variety 16

IC Waters - Jeff Cadotte (5-5), Eric Lockey (5-5), Mike Shewan Hr, Darren Cadotte - Grand Slam

Maple View - Ryan Miller (4-4) 2 Hrs, Abe Epp (4-4) 3 Hrs

Game Highlights - IC went out to an 11-run lead after two complete. Darren Cadotte hit a first inning grand slam in their seven-run first.

Game 1

Survivors 19, Gators 13

Survivors - Martin Klassen (5-5) 2 Hrs, Henry Teichroeb (4-4), Joe Banman Hr

Gators - Aaron Laporte (4-4), Joe Thorburn (4-4), Chris VanParys Hr

Game Highlights - Martin Klassen and Henry Teichroeb each scored four runs for Survivors.

Game 2

Gators 14, Survivors 11

Gators - Scott Balazs (3-4), Derek Craggs (2-2) Hr, Jon Nunn Hr, Aaron Laporte Hr

Survivors - John Klassen (2-2), Martin Klassen (4-4) Hr, Joe Banman Hr, Pete Klassen Hr

Game Highlights - Gators walked it off on Jon Nunn's two-out three-run homer.

Game 3

Survivors 9, Gators 4

Survivors - Jake Klassen (3-4), Pete Klassen (2-3)

Gators - Jon Nunn (3-3), Joe Thorburn (3-4)

Game Highlights - Survivors got their offence going in the middle two innings plating five to take the win.

Men's B

Ontario Laser Spartans swept their series with Kirwin and Oatman but it took a walk off win in Game 3 to end it. They now await the outcome of the Hound-Corey's Restaurant series that is tied at one win apiece. If Hounds win they will take on first place GC Lounsbury, but if Corey's come out on top they will face Kekambas.

Hounds took the opener by 10 but Corey's bounced back with a three run decision.

Game 1

Hounds 18, Corey's Restaurant 8

Hounds - Shane Bouck (4-4), Barry Howick (4-4), Nick Barnim Hr

Corey's - Justin Clapdorp (4-4) Hr, Eric Vanwynsberghe (4-4)

Game Highlights - Hounds scored runs in every inning but the sixth. Nick Barnim led the winners with a homer and double.

Game 2

Corey's Restaurant 16, Hounds 13

Corey's - Tony Martin (4-4), Eric Vanwynsberghe (3-4) Hr, Michael Mesquita Hr, Justin Clapdorp 2 Hrs

Hounds - Nick Barnim (4-5), Joe Kingsbury (4-5), Mike Bouck Hr

Game Highlights - Justin Clapdorp's second homer of the game, a two run shot, was the eventual game-winning hit.

Game 1

Ontario Laser Spartans 20, Kirwin and Oatman 2

Ontario Laser - Jim Rutledge (3-3), Corny Krahn (4-4), Johnny Krahn Hr, Abe Krahn Hr

Kirwin and Oatman - Jeff White (2-2), Derek Kunderman (3-3)

Game Highlights - Everyone in the winner's order scored at least one run. Herman Enns drove in five.

Game 2

Ontario Laser Spartans 29, Kirwin and Oatman 17

Ontario Laser - Martin Klassen (5-5) Hr, Jim Rutledge (5-5) 2 Hrs, Pete Krahn 2 Hrs, Abe Krahn Hr

Kirwin And Oatman - Steve Smith (4-4), Jordan Rooke (3-4), Marty Hawel Hr

Game Highlights - Ontario Laser went yard six times in a real slugfest with Kirwin and Oatman. Martin Klassen and Pete Krahn each drove in six.

Game 3

Ontario Laser Spartans 9, Kirwin and Oatman 8

Ontario Laser - Dan Blatz (3-4), Herman Enns (3-4)

Kirwin and Oatman - Darryl Whittington (3-4), Jordy Thompson (3-4)

Game Highlights - Kirwin and Oatman tied it up in the seventh with three runs but Jake Klassen won it for Spartans in the eighth with the two-out walk off RBI.

Men's C

Rooks & Vets have a commanding lead over Norox Basement Applications after two straight mercies. Both teams were missing key regulars in the first two games.

Game 1

Rooks & Vets 24, Norox Basement Applications 7

Rooks - Dylan Proulx (3-3), Ryan Blackman (3-3), Dallas Dalby 3 Hrs, Bryan Granger Hr, Denis Lenane - Grand Slam

Norox - Mike Schmeltz (2-2), Ryan Copping (2-3), Jess Legg Hr

Game Highlights - Dallas Dalby made his pitching debut for Rooks and helped his cause belting out three homers and driving in eight.

Game 2

Rooks & Vets 21, Norox Basement Applications 4

Rooks - Jim Long (3-4), Dylan Proulx (3-3), Ryan Blackman Hr

Norox - Mike Schmeltz (3-3), Jess Legg (2-3)

Game Highlights - Rooks shut out Norox till the final inning. Tylar Slade drove in five runs for the winners.

Men's D

This series could possibly go the distance as it featured close games between John Beere and the Falcons.

John Beere came from behind and walked it off in the seventh in the opener. Falcons escaped with a five-run decision in Game 2. John Beere scored two sixth-inning runs and held off Falcons in the seventh escaping with a 9-7 win.

Game 1

John Beere 13, Falcons 12

John Beere - Stephen Hawel (3-4), Darryl Neville (3-4)

Falcons - John Wiebe (4-4), John Friesen (3-4)

Game Highlights - Falcons took the lead in top of the seventh but couldnt hold on as Darryl Neville plated Jesse Anderson with John Beere's winning run.

Game 2

Falcons 21, John Beere 16

Falcons - Willy Bueckert (5-5), Jake Andries (4-4), Dave Thiessen - Grand Slam, John Wiebe Hr

John Beere - Chris Fisher (3-3), James Elliott (3-3) Hr, Mark Carrel Hr, Andrew Barnim Hr

Game Highlights - Willy Bueckert had a triple, double and scored five runs for the Falcons.

Game 3

John Beere 9, Falcons 7

John Beere - Mark Carrel (3-3), John Nichols (2-3), Kalvin Smith Hr

Falcons - John Reimer (3-4), Isaac Wall (3-4)

Game Highlights - John Beere added a pair of insurance runs in the sixth. Kalvin Smith had a thre- run fourth-inning homer for the winners. 


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