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Are we too polite? Or too lazy?

Being deeply concerned about climate change and the effect it is now reeking on our lives, I am always amazed at how little information makes ‘the news.’

Are they paid not to tell us what is happening?

What sources you can trust? Scientists who have actually studied the problems are called extremist and poo-pooed by other scientific sounding coalitions, but if you research them, too often you find them on the payroll of coal or oil companies. You can’t wait to be told, you need to do your own research.

The David Suzuki Foundation’s newsletter and updates, actually tell where the big problems are and what you can do about it. They also have good news like, how far other countries have come from using fossil fuels.

Why was Canada not mentioned?

Oil prices are very low and a record number of coal companies have gone bankrupt. Clean energy employment and job growth are now ahead of the fossil fuel industry. So, things are changing, but are they changing fast enough? Global warming is not in our future. It is here. Extreme weather has become the normal, as I am sure you are all aware, this summer.

Global average temperatures have hit record highs ever month and year, lately and ‘atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gasses are rising steadily, to levels unheard of in human history.’ We all know the ice caps and glaciers are melting at alarming rates and sea levels are rising. Have you every heard of the number of droughts, floods, heat waves, storms and freak weather before? The worsening conditions still out weigh the solutions but it no longer takes a scientist trained eye to see the effects, for we are living them.

It is very hard for Canadians to stand up and shout: stop! We prefer to complain to each other and never take the time to email, write or call to the people that our complaints would actually make a difference. People say we are too polite. I say we are too lazy.

But if you wish your grandchildren to enjoy a world something like we have now, because it never will be like this again, you have to do something about it, now. Politicians presumable rule our countries, but who rules the politicians? Us? Or big industries and corporations? Stand up and tell the government it must stop now, that everyone must change immediately.

Have you changed any of your ways yet? Gas lawn mowers are a terrible polluter not only of the air but the ears. Do you still use yours? Does anyone in town, really need a riding lawn mower?

The North American love affair with cars needs to be divorced. Our cars and trucks emit 19 pounds of carbon dioxide and other warming gases, for every gallon of gas! Keep your vehicles running properly. Get out and get some exercise; in Tillsonburg, many people could walk or bike to work or share a ride. We must start to change now.

Studies show that air quality in many homes, is far worse than outdoors, for two reasons: the chemicals we use in our homes and because they have become so airtight, the pollutants are trapped.

How much garbage do you put out every week? Peter and I usually put out less than a grocery bag that will go in the dump. Everything else is recycled or composted. It should be law that everyone, included stores, restaurants and apartments everywhere, should be recycling. Garbage should be in clear bags and refused if there are recyclables in it.

Water is becoming more precious every day. Use yours efficiently. Turn the tap off while brushing teeth or shaving. While waiting for hot water to come, save the water for your plants. In Tillsonburg the water all comes from the same source, underground. You are not saving water by using your own well, or by using an in ground watering system. Watering grass, a crop that provides nothing, shouldn’t be allowed. Use it to keep your trees, bushes and gardens alive instead, they make a difference.

The most important thing is to take your head out of the sand and admitting that we have a very big problem, which must be addressed now. There are answers to every question you have on line. Research and start changing so your descendants have a descent world to live in.



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