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Dave Weaver - Voice of Slo-Pitch

As the calendar turns this week it means we are nearing the culmination of the regular schedule in Tillsonburg slo-pitch! The four Men's Division winner's were decided last week.

A - Robert Q Travel

B - GC Lounsbury

C - Pelicans

D - Diamond Dogs

This week's winner in the Sammy's Fun Puzzle Contest was a repeat winner Brad Hicks who named the front man in a popular band Steven Tyler using the names Stephen Byron and Tylar Slade in his solving the puzzle and as I mentioned spelling did not to be exact.

This will be the second to last week of the contest so don't miss out on your chance to win terrific prizes from Sammy Krenshaw's!

This week's Sammy's Fun Puzzle Contest question is: This Blue Jays player is one of three players that play this position.

Clue - He doesn't play outfield.

Text your answer and the two names you sed to solve the puzzle to 519-5504210 before Saturday noon to have a chance to win a great prize from Sammy Krenshaws!

Men's D

Boston Pizza became the only team in C or D Division to defeat previously unbeaten Diamond Dogs thus clinching second place as they swept their season series with Destroyers. They had beaten them by three the night before.

John Beere finished in fourth place, ending their schedule with a close win over the improving Falcons.

John Beere 12, Falcons 9

John Beere - Chris Fisher (3-4), James Elliott (3-4) Hr

Falcons - John Wiebe (3-4) Hr, Willy Bueckert (3-3)

Game Highlights - James Elliott had a three run homer for John Beere, a fence scraper.

Boston Pizza 16, Diamond Dogs 10

Boston Pizza - Christian Devlin (4-5), Keith Agnew (3-4)

Diamond Dogs - Kevin MacDonald (3-4), Rob Underhill (3-4)

Game Highlights - Boston Pizza plated six in their bat around first. They duplicated the feat in the fourth. Their first six in the order each scored two runs in the game.

Boston Pizza 14, Destroyers 11

Boston Pizza - Adam Devlin (3-4), Mike Swing (3-3), Craig Robb Hr

Destroyers - Dave Lockstein (4-5), Ross Russell (4-5)

Game Highlights - Boston Pizza came back from a five run defecit, they took over the lead after a five run fifth.

Men's C

Pelicans beat the recently hot Hit N Run squad to assure themselves of a first place finish. Hit N Run had edged out Ward's Automotive to go to twelve wins on the season.

Rooks & Vets completed their schedule with victories over Ward's and Norox Basement Applications to move to twelve wins along with Ward's and Hit N Run. The latter two each have a game left with Norox.

Hit N Run 20, Ward's Automotive 19

Hit N Run - Diedrich Klassen (4-4) 3 Hrs, Jake Peters (3-3), Abe Klassen Hr, Abe Wolf Hr, Jakie Enns Hr

Ward's - Troy Lamoure (3-3), Devon MacDonald (4-4) Hr, Chad Vigar Hr

Game Highlights - Ward's made a valiant effort to tie it in the seventh but had the tying run thrown out at third. Diedrich Klassen homered three times and drove in six for Hit N Run.

Pelicans 17, Hit N Run 10

Pelicans - Adam Glass (5-5), Nick Lonsbary (4-5)

Hit N Run - Isaac Unger (4-4), Abe Klassen (3-4)

Game Highlights - Pelicans scored runs in every inning but the sixth. Ryan Verbuyst and Adam Glass crossed three times for Pelicans.

Rooks & Vets 14, Ward's Automotive 9

Rooks - Bryan Granger (3-4), Bob Long (3-4), Dallas Dalby Hr, Jim Long Hr

Ward's - Brett Parsons (2-2), Trevor Hawley (2-2)

Game Highlights - Rooks went out to a quick 8-1 lead after two, they rallied for three in the sixth to give them some breathing room.

Rooks & Vets 16, Norox Basement Applications 9

Rooks - Trevor Fleet (3-4), Cody Long (3-4)

Norox - Ryan Hambleton (4-5), Jess Legg (3-5)

Game Highlights - Rooks pushed seven across in their first at bat and plated another seven in the sixth after the shorthanded Norox team had tied it. Dylan Proulx had a two run triple for Rooks.

Men's B

GC Lounsbury held on for a close victory over Corey's Restaurant to finish in first place.

Kirwin And Oatman have been coming on as of late, they upset Ontario Laser Spartans and edged out Hounds in pair of low scoring affairs.

Kekambas also beat Hounds giving them a shot at finishing in second spot.

Kirwin and Oatman 4, Ontario Laser Spartans 2

Kirwin and Oatman - Marty Hawel (2-3), Steve Smith (3-3)

Spartans - Jake Froese (2-3), Jake Dyck (2-3)

Game Highlights - Kirwin And Oatman scored three second inning runs. Marty Hawel's fourth inning run scoring double was the only extra base hit in the game.

Kirwin And Oatman 8, Hounds 7

Kirwin And Oatman - Shaine Hall (3-4) Gr Slam, Adam Swance (3-3)

Hounds - Josh Kingsbury (3-3), Shane Bouck (3-4)

Game Highlights - Kirwin And Oatman stole this one away on Shaine Hall's walk off grand slam. Hall also was a triple shy of hitting for the cycle.

Kekambas 14, Hounds 5

Kekambas - Travis Horvath (4-4) Hr, Evan Prouse (3-4), Kyle Smith HR

Hounds - Nick Barnim (4-4) Hr, Josh Kingsbury (2-3)

Game Highlights - Travis Horvath had a perfect night at the plate hitting for the cycle and scoring two runs for Kekambas. Kyle Smith was a double shy.

GC Lounsbury 23, Corey's Restaurant 21

GC Lounsbury - Trevor Stuyt (4-4) Hr, Travis Nikin (4-5), Thom Puhr Hr

Corey's - Sam Laurensen (4-4), Brian Rocco (3-4)

Game Highlights - Corey's gave it a go in the seventh against the first place club plating eleven runs stranding the tying run at second. Trevor Stuyt had three doubles and a homer for the winners.

Men's A

Robert Q Travel won the big showdown for first with a six run decision over Haines Roofing and they followed that up with a 19-8 victory over Maple View Variety.

Haines fought back to tie Survivors in their other match.

Survivors won by mercy over Gators giving themselves a chance to overtake Gators for fourth.

IC Waters also beat Gators but lost to Maple View Variety by three runs.

Survivors 27, Gators 12

Survivors - Martin Klassen (5-5) Hr, Jake Fehr (5-5), Jake Klassen Hr, Pete Fehr Hr, Joe Banman Hr, Johnny Klassen Hr

Gators - Jon Nunn (4-4), Chris Long (2-2), Matt Heleniak Hr, Aaron Laporte Hr

Game Highlights - Survivors went yard five times, Martin and Jake Klassen each drove in five for the winners.

IC Waters 11, Gators 3

IC Waters - Eric Lockey (4-4), Scott Mudford (3-4)

Gators - Blair Davidson (1-2), Ron Demaiter (1-2)

Game Highlights - Jeff Davies and Mike Shewan each hit triples for IC Waters.

Maple View Variety 22, IC Waters 19

Maple View - John Epp (4-4) 2 Hrs, Matt Ungar (3-4)

IC Waters - Mike Shewan (4-5) Hr, Steve Leacock (4-5), Darren Cadotte Hr

Game Highlights - Maple View had to hold off a late rallying IC Waters who plated eight seventh inning runs. John Epp homered twice and drove in six for the winners.

Haines Roofing 22, Survivors 22

Haines - Craig Smith (4-5), Dan Clark (4-4) Hr, Phil Durham Hr, Dave Phillips Hr

Survivors - Peter Klassen (3-4) Hr, Ben Klassen (4-4), Johnny Klassen 3 Hrs

Game Highlights - Survivors went out to a quick eight run lead. Haines tied it in the seventh with a five run rally, Dan Clark drove in five for Haines while Johnny Klassen did the same for Survivors.

Robert Q Travel 19, Maple View Variety 8

Robert Q - Matt Bilger (4-4) Hr, Jim Howe (4-4) 2 Hrs, Billy Wilson Hr, Charlie Crossett Hr, Bryan Deblaire Hr, Josh Stubbs Hr

Maple View - Kevin Wagler (4-4) Hr, Ryan Miller (3-3) Hr

Game Highlights - Robert Q scored their runs in bunches in the middle innings. Jim Howe homered twice and scored four runs.

Robert Q Travel 17, Haines Roofing 11

Robert Q - Josh Stubbs (3-5), Bryan Deblaire (4-5)

Haines - Brett Ferguson (2-3), Dave Phillips (3-4)

Game Highlights - Robert Q jumped out to a quick seven run lead, Haines made it close but Robert Q put it away with a four run sixth. Josh Stubbs bases clearing triple keyed the rally.

Ladies A

Indigo Lounge won twice last week mercying B's Farmer Daughters and winning by five against a stubborn Jays squad.

Orange Crush held on to edge B's Energy Productions by one.

Service Mater went out to a quick eight run lead over first place Corey's Restaurant. Corey's fought back to win by eight. They will face second place Indigo Lounge for the third and final time Wednesday at 9 on Annandale 3.

Indigo Lounge 17, Jays 12

Indigo - Tena Bueckert (5-5), Kaitlin Anseeuw (4-4)

Jays - Shirley Moore (3-4), Kirstie Jones (2-2)

Game Highlights - Indigo broke the close game open with a six run sixth. Kaitlin Anseeuw had a triple and Tamarah Schultz a double in the rally.

Orange Crush 10, Energy Productions 9

Orange - Kerilyn Bruckler (3-3), Jen Hillner (3-3)

Energy - Jen Kichler (3-4), Nicole Cuerrier (4-5)

Game Highlights - Orange scored five in the sixth to take the lead, Energy rallied with three late to come up one short.

Corey's Restaurant 19, Service Master 11

Corey's - Janet Culliton (4-4), Shannon Oneill (4-4)

Service Master - Kerry Jensen (4-4), Cheryl Johnson (3-3)

Game Highlights - Shannon Oneill led Corey's with a triple and a pair of doubles in their come from behind win.

Indigo Lounge 15, Farmers Daughters 0

Indigo - Kaitlin Anseeuw (3-3) 2 Hrs, Nancy Hiebert (3-4)

Farmers - Nettie Klassen (2-2), Sisha Klassen (2-2)

Game Highlights - Kaitlin Anseeuw homered twice and tripled for Indigo.

Ladies B

Energy Productions collected two victories last week. They got a big win over EMI Steelerz. They mercied Pitch in their other win. EMI and Farmers Daughters also mercied Pitch.

Dean Masson Construction won by eight over Cleats.

Dean Masson 14, Cleats 6

Dean Masson - Dawn Patterson (3-3), Steph Miller (3-4)

Cleats - Kim Avey (4-4), Nicole Lambert (3-4)

Game Highlights - Dean Masson plated five in their first two at bats.

Farmers Daughters 13, Pitch 1

Farmers - Anna Enns (3-3) Hr, Lisa Klassen (3-3), Justina Enns Hr

Pitch - Kathy Swance (1-1), Amber Taylor(1-1)

Game Highlights - Justina Enns homered, doubled and drove in four for Farmers Daughters.

EMI Steelerz 17, Pitch 5

EMI - Jordan Coderre (4-4), Deanna Littler (4-4) 2 Hrs

Pitch -Britt Ronson (3-4), Amber Taylor (3-3)

Game Highlights - Deanna Littler homered twice and scored four runs for EMI.

Energy Productions 24, Pitch 2

Energy - Kim Gilles (4-4), Bri Johnston (4-4)

Pitch - Steph Ball (2-3), Ange Fast (2-3)

Game Highlights - Bri Johnston led the winners with a pair of triples, a double and four runs scored.

Energy Productions 10, EMI Steelerz 4

Energy - Melissa Johnston (5-5), Bri Johnston (4-5)

EMI - Agatha Charette (3-4), Jenny Hewitson (3-3)

Game Highlights - Energy scored the bulk of their runs over two innings. 


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