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It is very hard to believe that the teams have passed the halfway plus part of their schedule already!

I hate to say it from a scheduling stand point, but we desperately need some rain as these diamonds are like playing on concrete!

We had another female winner in the Sammy's Fun Puzzle Contest as Heather Haley correctly answered the question and had her name drawn. Congrats Heather!

The answer of Duff to the question of the brand of beverage Homer as in Simpson drinks taking the 'y' off Corey's Restaurant Lauren Duffy's name.

This week's Sammy's Fun Puzzle Contest question is a very easy one if you have been keeping up on local events!

What is the first name of the celebrity who recently visited Sammy Krenshaw's? Text the answer and the name that was used in coming up with the answer to 519-550-4210 before noon Friday.

Good luck!

Men's A

Robert Q Travel have taken over first place in the division after a see-saw win over B's Corey's Restaurant and a lopsided victory over Survivors.

Haines Roofing are just one point back after knocking off the top dog in the B, GC Lounsbury.

Survivors and Gators collected the division's other victories over B's Kirwin and Oatman and Maple View Variety respectively.

Gators 19, Maple View Variety 17

Gators - Dave Hodges (4-5), Chris VanParys (4-5), Matt Helinek HR, Blair Davidson HR

Maple View - Phil Beauvais (4-5), John Epp (4-5), Ryan Miller HR

Blair Davidson and Matt Helinek each were a triple shy of hitting for the cycle.

Survivors 15, Kirwin and Oatman 9

Survivors - Martin Klassen (5-5), Henry Klassen (3-3), Johnny Klassen 2 HRs, Peter Klassen HR

Kirwin - Adam Swance (3-3), Jordy Thompson (3-3), Dan MacRae HR, Marty Hawel HR

Johnny Klassen homered twice and drove in seven for Survivors.

Robert Q Travel 31, Survivors 19

Robert Q - Billy Wilson (5-6), Bryan Deblaire (5-6) HR, Billy Bertin 2 HRs, Josh Stubbs HR

Survivors - Johnny Klassen (4-5), Martin Klassen (5-5) 2 HRs

Everyone in Robert Q's line-up had at least three hits. Josh Stubbs reached and scored all six times.

Haines Roofing 16, GC Lounsbury 12

Haines - Dan Clark (3-3), Adam Thomson (4-4) 2 HRs, Phil Durham HR, Darren Hawel HR

GC - Greg Onaitis (3-4), Stephen Deblaire (3-3) HR, Thom Puhr HR, Jarrett Anderson HR, Rob Vandemaele HR

Haines came back from an early five-run deficit, scoring 11 over their last two at-bats to pull out the win.

IC Waters 10, Robert Q Travel 9

IC Waters - Matt Summers (4-4), Rob Down (3-4)

Robert Q - Ryan Black (4-4), Mike Supinski (3-4)

IC Waters scored four sixth-inning runs to edge out the nine-man Robert Q squad. Mike Shewan had a run-scoring triple in the rally.

Men's B

Kekambas are on a roll after winning three straight including an impressive one-run walk off against a hot IC Waters A squad. They also knocked first place GC Lounsbury 11-4.

Ontario Laser Spartans became the third B team to hand A's Gators a loss, rallying late to beat them. They lost a close one to Hounds later in the week.

Kirwin and Oatman picked up their second win of the season in a 12 run decision over Corey's Restaurant.

Kekambas 8, IC Waters 7

Kekambas - Brett Ronson (3-4), Nate Shearer (3-4)

IC Waters - Mike Shewan (3-4), Eric Lockey (2-3)

Kekambas plated six over their last two at-bats to edge out IC. Nate Shearer had the walk-off base hit with two out in the seventh.

Ontario Laser Spartans 13, Gators 8

Ontario Laser - Johnny Krahn (3-3), Abe Dyck (3-3)

Gators - Jon Nunn (3-4), Blair Davidson (3-4), Aaron Laporte HR

Spartans scored seven in a bat around sixth to take control of the game. Herman Enns singled twice in the inning.

Kekambas 14, Kirwin And Oatman 5

Kekambas - Steve Demeter (3-4), Jeremy Weiss (3-4)

Kirwin - Shane Hall (3-3), Matt Davis (2-3)

Derek Buchner hit a triple and scored two runs for Kekambas.

Kekambas 11, GC Lounsbury 4

Kekambas - Kyle Smith (3-4), Greg Buchner (2-2), Derek Buchner HR, Kyle Hollister HR

GC - Justin Miller (2-2), Sean Miller (2-2), Stephen Deblaire HR

Kekambas led this one from the second inning on against the division leaders. Kyle Hollister hit a three-run homer for the winners.

Hounds 19, Ontario Laser Spartans 18

Hounds - Jimmy McKillen (4-5), Nick Barnim (5-5)

Ontario Laser - Abe Dyck (5-5), Jake Friesen (4-5)

Jimmy McKillen had a triple and scored three runs including the winner for Hounds.

Kirwin and Oatman 19, Corey's Restaurant 7

Kirwin - Dan MacRae (5-5), Jordy Thompson (4-4)

Corey's - Dave Mathews (2-3), Mark Nechelput (3-3)

Derek Kunderman led the Kirwin and Oatman with a pair of doubles and three runs.

Men's C

Ward's Automotive beat division leader Pelicans for the third time in four outings winning by two after a late rally. They also beat D's Boston Pizza in a low scoring affair. Their only blemish on the week was a one-run decision to Rooks & Vets. Rooks followed that up with a mercy over D's Falcons.

Pelicans registered easy victories over Norox and Hit N Run. Pelicans are six points up on Ward's, but Ward's has played two less games.

Ward's Automotive 16, Pelicans 14

Ward's - Troy Lamoure (4-4) HR, Patric MacElhone (4-4) 2 HRs

Pelicans - Nick Lonsbary (5-5) 3 HRs, Kevin Buchner (5-5), Andrew Kamenar HR

Ward's jumped on the short-handed Pelicans in the seventh plating six runs, hitting five doubles in the rally. Brett Parsons collected the game-winning RBI.

Pelicans 25, Destroyers 15

Pelicans - Tyler Danbrook (4-5), Adam Jensen (4-5), Nick Lonsbary HR

Destroyers - Kody Underhill (4-4), Sean Hanley (3-4), Ross Russell HR

A valiant effort by Destroyers in this one as they were tied with Pelicans entering the seventh, but Pelicans offence erupted for 10 runs. Nick Lonsbary homered and singled in the rally.

Ward's Automotive 7, Boston Pizza 3

Ward's - Brett Parsons (3-3), Patric McElhone (3-4)

Boston Pizza - Mitch Albright (3-3), Keith Agnew (3-3)

Brett Parsons led Ward's with a triple, double and three runs scored.

Pelicans 22, Hit N Run 7

Pelicans - Nick Lonsbary (5-5), Kevin Buchner (4-4), Adam Jensen HR

Hit N Run - Jake Hildebrandt (2-3), Diedrich Klassen (2-3) 2 HRs

Pelicans offence collected 11 extra base hits against short-handed Hit N Run. Adam Jensen was a triple shy of hitting for the cycle.

Pelicans 28, Norox Basement Applications 10

Pelicans - Andrew Kamenar (5-5), Mike Kamenar (5-5) HR, Benson Howey 2 HRs, Nick Lonsbary HR

Norox - Brent O'Brien (3-3), Jesse Legg (2-3), Brad Wencel HR

Andrew Kamenar doubled twice and scored six runs for Pelicans.

Rooks & Vets 12, Ward's Automotive 11

Rooks - Jim Long (4-4), Dallas Dalby (3-4) 2 HRs

Ward's - Gus Ford (3-4), Mike Mudford (3-4)

Rooks won it with a Dallas Dalby three-run homer in the top of seventh. Trevor Fleet finished off the win with an unassisted double play in the bottom half.

Rooks & Vets 19, Falcons 4

Rooks - Jim Long (4-4), Jeff Collins (3-4), Dylan Proulx HR

Falcons - John Reimer (2-2), Peter Wolf (3-3)

Jeff Collins and Dylan Proulx each drove in three for the winners.

Men's D

The big matchup was that of second place John Beere meeting third place Destroyers. Destroyers moved into a tie for second after an easy mercy win.

Boston Pizza collected the other win a seven-run decision over Falcons.

Destroyers 21, John Beere 6

Destroyers - Jesse Temple (5-5), Troy Temple (5-6)

John Beere - Joe Ryan (2-2), Pete May (2-3)

Only batting and fielding nine didn't bother Destroyers as they scored runs in every inning. Dave Lockstein had a bases clearing triple in the third.

Boston Pizza 9, Falcons 2

Boston Pizza - Kyle Jones (3-4), Adam Devlin (2-3)

Falcons - John Reimer (3-3), Jacob Dyck (2-3)

Leadoff batter Kyle Jones scored three runs for Boston Pizza.

Ladies A

Service Master moved into a tie for first after a walkoff win over Jays and a seven-run decision over Hollister Kia.

Corey's Restaurant won by five over Orange Crush to remain unbeaten and tied with Service Master.

Indigo Lounge are just one game back with just one loss after mercying EMI Steelerz. Jays and Orange collected victories over B division opponents.

Indigo Lounge 17, EMI Steelerz 3

Indigo - Tamarah Schultz (4-4), Kim Harrop (3-3), Kaitlin Anseeuw HR

EMI - Rhonda Mayo (1-2), Deanna Littler (2-3) HR

Amy Bee crossed three times for Indigo.

Service Master 6, Jays 5

Service Master - Steph Erdelac (4-5), Kelly Verscheure (3-3)

Jays - Bobbi Hiscock (2-3), Nicki Dawson (3-3), Mary Froese HR

Jodi Hodges had the walkoff RBI for Service Master in the eighth.

Service Master 17, Hollister Kia 10

Service Master - Mona Desmarchais (5-5), Jess Brown (5-5)

Kia - Mandi Howe (3-4), Jen Cadman (3-4)

Service Master plated nine seventh-inning runs in the win. Steph Erdelac scored three runs on the night.

Orange Crush 14, Dean Masson Construction 2

Orange - Rina Langrell (5-5), Jen Hillner (4-5)

Dean Masson - Lisa Gibson (2-3), Amber Granger HR

TJ Balazs and Nicole Harris each scored four runs for Orange.

Corey's Restaurant 10, Orange Crush 5

Corey's - Kasey McKenzie (4-4), Nicole Brandon (2-3)

Orange - Candi Obar (3-3), Monik Collins (2-3)

Janet Culliton made a game-saving catch with the bases loaded in the fifth for Corey's. Nicole Brandon hit a long triple and double for the winners.

Ladies B

Energy Productions remain in first but were pushed in two of their three wins. They won by four over second place Farmers Daughters and were tied by Ritchie's. They had an easier time in a win over Cleats.

Farmers also beat Cleats easily and edged Dean Masson Construction. EMI Steelerz collected the other win , a mercy over Pitch.

Farmers Daughters 15, Cleats 2

Farmers - Tina Unger (4-4), Justina Enns (5-5)

Cleats - Heidi Hopper (3-3), Sue Blatz (2-2)

Lisa Klassen led the winners with a pair of triples.

Farmers Daughters 14, Dean Masson Construction 13

Farmers - Justina Enns (5-5), Anna Driedger (5-5), Tina Unger HR

Dean Masson - Crystal Laforge (4-4), Steph Miller (4-4)

Dean Masson made it close with a seven-run seventh to tie it. Lisa Klassen had the walkoff hit for Farmers in the bottom half.

Energy Productions 10, Ritchie's 10

Energy - Elisha Duyvestijn (2-3), Jen Kichler (2-3)

Ritchie's - Ashley Aker (3-5), Randi Williams (3-5)

Ritchie's outscored Energy 4-3 in the seventh to earn the tie.

EMI Steelerz 16, Pitch 2

EMI - Daniela Boughner (4-4), Agathe Charette (3-3)

Pitch - Erin Murray (2-2), Kelsey Vandeven (2-2)

Agathe Charette and Jordan Coderre each hit triples for EMI.

Energy Productions 22, Cleats 2

Energy - Nicole Cuerrier (4-5), Crystal Haegens (4-4)

Cleats - Sara Fehrman (1-2), Kim Avey (1-2)

Crystal Haegens led Energy with a pair of triples, a double and four runs scored.

Energy Productions 9, Farmers Daughters 5

Energy - Bri Johnston (3-4), Elisha Duyvestijn (4-4)

Farmers - Justina Enns (4-4), Nettie Klassen (3-4)

Energy closed out the win with a three-run seventh. 


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