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Dave Weaver - Voice of Slo-Pitch

There are just two undefeated teams left in Tillsonburg Slo-Pitch. Corey's Restaurant in Ladies A and Diamond Dogs in Men's D lead their respective divisions after each won twice last week.

Last week's Sammy Krenshaw's Fun Puzzle winner was Bernita Jordan who correctly answered Clark Kent using the names found in the column of Dan Clark and Kent Collings. I am receiving a very favourable response to the contest and to quote one entrant, "It makes me scrutinize the entire column rather then just reading about my own division." Thanks Steve!

This week's Sammy's Fun Puzzle: One person is the CEO of duck calls and the other one is the founder and inventor.

Clue: Duck Dynasty

Text your answer and the names you used to come up with the answer to 519-550-4210, very important that you have correct answer and the names used!

Fun Fact - There have been some interesting team names over the years. A year into the Men's League there was a team actually called the Leftovers, who were comprised of players that didn't have a team to play for.


Haines Roofing sits atop the division after a shutout of B's Corey's Restaurant and a one-run loss to Robert Q Travel in a game that produced 59 runs.

Robert Q beat Kekambas by 10.

Survivors were the only other team to win two as they beat B's Hounds and GC Lounsbury. Gators had an impressive come from behind win over Survivors. IC Waters and Maple View Variety collected the other victories.

Maple View 16, IC Waters 13

Maple View - Ryan Miller (3-4), Matt Ungar HR

IC Waters - Scott Mudford (3-4), Shawn Crane (3-4) HR, Mike Shewan 2 HRs

Maple View won it with a five-run sixth. Peter Epp drove in four on the night.

IC Waters 31, Corey's Restaurant 6

IC Waters - Mike Shewan (5-6) HR, Steve Leacock (5-6) 2 HRs, Jeff Cadotte HR, Shawn Crane 2 HRs, Darren Cadotte HR

Corey's - Tony Martin (3-3), Eric Vanwynsberghe (3-3)

Steve Leacock led the winners with two homers, two doubles and scored five runs.

Gators 27, Survivors 21

Gators - Chris VanParys (5-5) 2 HRs, Aaron Laporte (5-5) 2 HRs, Chad Lofthouse 2 HRs

Survivors - Abe Boldt (5-5) HR, Johnny Klassen (5-5) 2 HRs, Martin Klassen HR, Peter Klassen HR

Gators plated 15 runs over their last two at-bats in the win. Chad Lofthouse had two long homers in his last two at-bats.

Survivors 28, GC Lounsbury 13

Survivors - Abe Fehr (4-4), Jake Klassen (4-5), Martin Klassen HR, Jake Fehr HR, Pete Fehr HR, Joe Banman HR, Henry Teichroeb - Grand Slam

GC Lounsbury - Greg Onaitis (3-3), Devin Lee (2-2), Cheyne Sarafinchin HR

Henry Teichroeb drove in six for the winners.

Survivors 12, Hounds 9

Survivors - Abe Boldt (3-4), Ben Klassen (4-4), Martin Klassen HR

Hounds - Jim McKillen (3-3), Greg Hutchinson (3-3)

Survivors fought back from a four-run deficit. Abe Boldt and Jake Klassen hit back-to-back triples in the winner's five-run sixth.

Robert Q Travel 25, Kekambas 15

Robert Q - Bryan Deblaire (5-6), Josh Stubbs (5-6) 2 HRs, Billy Wilson HR, John Baverstock 2 HRs, Ryan Black HR, Mike McCarthy HR

Kekambas - Jeremy Weiss (3-3), Greg Buchner (3-3)

Robert Q homered twice in their first three innings.

Robert Q Travel 30, Haines Roofing 29

Robert Q Travel - Darren Pace (6-6) HR, Billy Wilson (6-6), Bryan Deblaire HR, Ryan Black HR

Haines - Dave Phillips (5-5) 2 HRs, Andrew Burns (4-5), Phil Durham 2 HRs, Craig Smith HR, Shawn Finch HR

Darren Pace scored six runs for Robert Q. Haines' Dave Phillips hit for the cycle.

Haines Roofing 10, Corey's Restaurant 0

Haines - Phil Durham (3-3), Steve Balazs (2-3)

Corey's - Justin Clapdorp (3-3), Tony Martin (2-3)

Phil Durham led the winners with a pair of triples.


Hounds had an impressive victory over A Division's Gators after being edged by Kekambas.

Ontario Laser Spartans beat Kirwin and Oatman before an upset walkoff win over the upper tier's Maple View Variety.

Corey's Restaurant upset first place GC Lounsbury to tighten up the standings.

Ontario Laser Spartans 23, Maple View Variety 21

Ontario Laser - Rick Wiebe (4-4), Jacob Enns (2-2), Corny Krahn 3 HRs, Jim Rutledge HR,

Abe Krahn HR

Maple View - Nathan Klassen (4-4), Ryan Carroll (4-4), Ryan Miller 2 HRs

Leadoff hitter Corny Krahn homered three times including a three run walkoff for the Spartans.

Hounds 25, Gators 13

Hounds - Scott Ball (4-4), Mike Bouck (4-5), Barry Howick HR, Nick Barnim 3 HRs

Gators - Dave Hodges (4-4), Ron Demaiter (4-4) 3 HRs, Jon Nunn HR

Nick Barnim was on fire homering three times for the Hounds.

Corey's Restaurant 22, GC Lounsbury 13

Corey's - Craig Boucher (2-2), Mike Mesquita (2-2), Eric Vanwynsberghe - 2 Grand Slams

GC Lounsbury - Greg Onaitis (4-4), Trevor Stuyt (4-4) HR

Eric Vanwynsberghe hit a pair of grand slams for Corey's, Mike Mesquita scored four runs.

Ontario Laser Spartans 10, Kirwin and Oatman 7

Ontario Laser - Martin Klassen (3-3), Dan Blatz (2-3)

Kirwin - Derek Kunderman (4-4), Jeff White (3-4)

Jacob Enns and Dan Blatz hit triples for the winners.

Kekambas 10, Hounds 9

Kekambas - Evan Prouse (3-4), Nate Shearer (3-3), Derek Buchner HR, Travis Horvath HR. Kyle Smith HR

Hounds - Jim McKillen (3-3) HR, Nick Barnim (4-4), Scott Ball HR

Jay Davis' sacrifice fly won it for Kekambas.


Pelicans took over sole possession of first after victories over Ward's Automotive and Hit N Run. Rooks & Vets won their second in a row easily defeating Norox Basement Applications. Norox closed out their week with a win over Hit N Run.

Pelicans 21, Hit N Run 6

Pelicans - Nick Lonsbary (4-4) 2 HRs, Brad VanPuymbroeck (3-3), Benson Howey HR, Andrew Kamenar HR

Hit N Run - Abe Klassen (2-3), Paul Reimer (2-3), Diedrich Klassen HR, Jakie Enns HR

Nick Lonsbary led Pelicans with a pair of three run homers.

Norox Basement Applications 17, Hit N Run 9

Norox - Ryan Copping (3-4), Ryan Hambleton (3-3), Jesse Legg HR, Brad Wencel 2 HRs

Hit N Run - Martin Klassen (3-4), John Dyck (3-4), Diedrich Klassen HR

Brad Wencel led Norox with a pair of homers and a double.

Rooks & Vets 22, Norox Basement Applications 5

Rooks - Shane Robertson (4-4), Dallas Dalby (5-5) 2 HRs

Norox - Mike Schmeltz (2-3), Brent O'Brien (2-4), Brad Wencel HR, Jesse Legg HR

Dallas Dalby homered twice, doubled twice and drove in nine for the Rooks.


Falcons won their first ever game beating Boston Pizza by two. Boston Pizza bounced back downing a short-handed Destroyers squad.

Diamond Dogs continued to roll defeating Falcons and John Beere.

Falcons 9, Boston Pizza 7

Falcons - John Friesen (3-3), Dave Thiessen (3-3)

Boston Pizza - Kyle Jones (2-3), Christian Devlin (2-4), Keith Agnew HR

John Friesen had two doubles for Falcons, Jamie Dyck and Willy Bueckert had one.

Destroyers 25, Falcons 10

Destroyers - Ross Russell (5-5) 2 HRs, Matt Scott (4-5)

Falcons - Jake Andries (2-3) HR, John Wiebe (3-3), Peter Dyck (2-3)

Ross Russell homered twice and drove in five for Destroyers.

Boston Pizza 21, Destroyers 8

Boston Pizza - Mike Swing (4-4), Kyle Jones (5-5), Keith Agnew HR, Andrew McQueen HR

Destroyers - Ross Russell (4-5) HR, Troy Temple (3-4), Jesse Temple HR

Mike Swing and Kyle Jones each scored four runs for the winners.

Diamond Dogs 28, Falcons 9

Dogs - Rob Underhill (3-3), Curtis Ropson (3-3), Doug Falkins 2 HRs, Lee Jenzen HR

Falcons - Jake Wolf (2-2), Peter Dyck (2-2)

Everyone in the winner's line-up had at least two hits.

Diamond Dogs 25, John Beere 20

Dogs - Brent Schooley (4-4), Jeremy Mountain (4-4)

John Beere - Andrew Barnim (3-3), Jesse Anderson (4-4)

Diamond Dogs erased an early five-run deficit in coming back to beat John Beere.


Jays came from behind to defeat Orange Crush in the only close game featuring A teams.

Indigo Lounge won by mercy over Ritchie's and Service Master. The leader, Corey's Restaurant, easily defeated Hollister Kia and Cleats. Service Master rounded out the week's action with an eleven run win over EMI Steelerz.

Service Master 13, EMI Steelerz 2

Service Master - Jodi Hodges (4-4), Mona Smith (3-3)

EMI - Jen Hevitson (3-3), Tracey Coderre (3-3)

Becky Dancy, Cheryl Johnson and Mona Smith hit doubles for Service Master.

Indigo Lounge 26, Service Master 5

Indigo - Amanda Stubbs (5-5), Amy Bee (5-5), Kaitlin Anseeuw - Grand Slam

Service Master - Kerry Jensen (2-3), Crystal Ball (2-3)

Kaitlin Anseeuw hit a second-inning grand slam over the Annandale 3 fence.

Indigo Lounge 15, Ritchie's 3

Indigo - Tamarah Schultz (3-4) HR, Jess Anseeuw (2-2), Kim Harrop HR

Ritchie's - Randi Williams (2-3), Shannon Dyment (2-4)

Jess Anseeuw had a pair of triples for Indigo.

Jays 9, Orange Crush 7

Jays - Melissa Hughes (3-4), Jess Grundy (3-3)

Orange - Stacy Lauwerier (3-4), Nicole Harris (4-4)

Melissa Hughes led the Jays with a pair of doubles.

Corey's Restaurant 22, Cleats 0

Corey's - Jill Barnim (4-4), Shannon Oneill (4-4)

Shannon Oneill had a triple and double and Jill Barnim had a pair of doubles to lead Corey's.


Ritchie's won a pair last week defeating Farmers Daughters and Dean Masson Construction. Energy Productions won close ones over EMI Steelerz and Dean Masson. EMI won over Ritchie's and Farmers Daughters mercied Pitch while Cleats won their second to round out the division action.

Cleats 14, Dean Masson Construction 10

Cleats - Corrie Smith (4-4), Christy Friesen (3-3)

Dean Masson - Amber Granger (3-3), Jess Cotton (3-3)

Corrie Smith scored three runs for Cleats.

EMI Steelerz 19, Ritchie's 9

EMI - Sarah Sparzynski (4-4), Alana Haskett (4-4)

Ritchie's - Sarah Davis (3-3), Holley Dayman (3-3)

Jordan Coderre scored four runs for EMI.

Farmers Daughters 15, Pitch 2

Farmers - Anna Driedger (3-3), Nettie Klassen (3-3)

Pitch - Cassie Prouse (2-2), Erin Murray (2-3)

Nettie Klassen had a pair of doubles, a triple and drove in five for Farmers.

Energy Productions 8, EMI Steelerz 7

Energy - Nicole Cuerrier (2-3), Tammy Lalone (2-3)

EMI - Jordan Coderre (2-4), Deanna Littler (1-3)

Jen Kichler had the walkoff base hit for Energy.

Energy Productions 12, Dean Masson Construction 8

Energy - Kristen Mawhinney (3-3), Shanna Wellink (2-3)

Dean Masson - Krystal Sivyer (3-4), Heather Haley (2-3)

Kristen Mawhinney had a pair of doubles including a bases clearing one.

Ritchie's 16, Farmers Daughters 14

Ritchie's - Randi Williams (3-3), Chani Homewood (3-4)

Farmers - Sara Klassen (4-4), Tina Ungar (4-4)

A six-run fifth keyed Ritchie's victory.



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