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Some athletes specialize in track, some in field.


Many of Valley Heights' athletes did both at the school's annual track and field meet Tuesday including Peter Epp and Claire Weaver.

Epp won senior boys 100 metres, was second in shot put, first in javelin, and third in long jump.

"It was the farthest I've ever thrown," said Epp after winning the senior javelin event with a 32.28 metre effort.

Eligible to compete at NSSAA next week, Epp was still on the fence as to whether he'd go to Holy Trinity.

"I have no clue what (distances) they throw there," he admitted.

His best throw Tuesday would have been third last year behind Chandler Porter (33.02) and Zach Thomas (32.40), third in 2014 behind Justin Brandon (33.96) and Josh Whitcroft (32.81) and third in 2012 behind John Wall (37.70) and Riley Fagan (33.10). But very much in the same park.

Tuesday's senior boys 100m sprint was a split-second decision between Epp (13.12) and Porter (13.13) with third-place Micah Klassen not far back at 13.24, followed by Ben Klassen and Michael Barth.

"I was like a hair in front of the competition," said Epp, who likes sprints much more than distance races, which were dominated by Jarred Wilcox and David Bacro (rivals since elementary school) who went 1-2 in the 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m.

Klassen won senior boys high jump (1.67m) and triple jump (10.77m), Nick Gee won discus (36.81m) and Henry Fehr shot put (11.67m). Porter and Wilcox won the senior boys 200m and 400m races.

A solid group of athletes, but fewer than earlier track and field generations at Valley Heights, and even just a few years ago.

"We used to have more heats," said Epp. "This year it's a lot shorter – in shot put we only had five guys doing it. It used to be a lot bigger. A lot of people think they can't do it, or think they can't win it, so they don't even try. They don't put the effort into it."

And it gets harder each step of the way, from the school meet to NSSAA, CWOSSA, West Regionals, and OFSAA.

"I went there (NSSAA) last year for long jump," said Epp, noting it wasn't a great day. "Those guys, they can jump really far. And I watched the 100-metre race, those guys can go. I don't know if I can do that."

Weaver, a Grade 10 athlete, finished second in junior girls 100m, first in 400m, first in discus, and second in javelin.

Last year she made it to OFSAA West Regionals in London where she placed 12th in midget girls javelin, improving on a 24.42m throw at the VHSS meet into the 25-26m range (and 27m in practice).

"I went to NSSAA last year for 100m and 200m, I think, and javelin. Then CWOSSA and West Regionals for javelin."

She changed it up Tuesday skipping 200m in favour of the 400m.

"I'm not a big sprinter, I just kind of do it for an event. Normally people stick with the jumping and running... not a lot of people show as much interest in field events, but I really enjoy it."

A multi-sport athlete, Weaver began training for javelin with coach Terry Reimer a few weeks before the Tuesday's track and field meet, working on her form.

"The rest of the year I stay fit in other sports."

Her goal in javelin this year is to get back to West Regionals, with another shot at OFSAA.

"I want to set my goals higher than last year, but I had a back injury last year. That kind of put me down a lot. I'm hoping to go far this year, at least CWOSSA, but..."

If it doesn't happen this year, she'll be back again next year.

"I really want to make it the farthest I can go – to OFSAA – once before I'm done. I don't even care if I come last, I just want to make it once."

Carly Vanderstar won Tuesday's VHSS junior girls javelin with a 24.36m throw, and Weaver was second at 23.0m.

Valley Heights Secondary School Track and Field Results


• 100m dash – 1st: Alexis Vanhalteren, 15.57; 2nd: Kennedy Penelton, 16.27; 3rd: Tiffany Klassen, 16.42.

• 200m dash – 1st: Kennedy Penelton, 35.60; 2nd: Victoria Burghgraef, 38.40; 3rd: Carissa Doerksen, 38.50.

• 400m dash – 1st: Kennedy Penelton, 1:27.90; 2nd: Carissa Doerksen, 1:38.30; 3rd: Victoria Burghgraef, 1:40.80.

• 800m run – 1st: Kennedy Penelton, 3:52.50; 2nd: Carissa Doerksen, 4:14.10; 3rd: Kaylee Kozak, 5:16.20.

• 1500m run – 1st: Victoria Burghgraef, 10:07.50; 2nd: Kaylee Kozak, 12:10.00.

• 3000m run —1st: Victoria Burghgraef, 28:35.00; 2nd: Kaylee Kozak, 28.37.00.

• Shot put – 1st: Jessica Wall, 6.84m; 2nd: Emily Woodward, 6.45m; 3rd: Leanna Schott, 6.29m.

• Discus throw – 1st: Abby Beyer, 12.30m; 2nd: Emily Woodward, 9.77m; 3rd: Jessica Hall, 8.04m.

• Javelin throw – 1st: Jessica Wall, 15.12m; 2nd: Tiffany Klassen, 14.10m; 3rd: Mackenzie Wall, 8.84m.

• High jump – 1st: Carissa Doerksen, 1.15m.

• Long jump – 1st: Alexis Vanhalteren, 3.98m, 2nd: Jessica Wall, 2.42m; 3rd: Emily Woodward, 2.27m.

• Triple jump – 1st: Alexis Vanhalteren, 8.40m; 2nd: Kennedy Penelton, 6.70 m; 3rd: Mackenzie Wall, 5.40m.


• 100m dash – 1st: Laura Reimer, 15.10; 2nd: Claire Weaver, 15.64; 3rd: Jenny Martens, 16.02.

• 200m dash – 1st: Laura Reimer, 34.00; 2nd: Mackenzie Penner, 34.20 ; 3rd: Mary Wiebe, 35.50.

• 400m dash – 1st: Claire Weaver, 1:17.20 ; 2nd: Ashley Loshaw, 1:20.22; 3rd: Mary Wiebe, 1:22.10.

• 800m run – 1st: Ashley Loshaw, 3:23.70; 2nd: Mary Wiebe, 3:42.60; 3rd: Laura Reimer, 3:52.70.

• 1500m run – 1st: Alana Bridges, 6:43.50; 2nd: Ashley Loshaw, 7:24.50.

• 3000m run – 1st: Kenzie Penner, 13:51.00.

• Shot put – 1st: Abigail Redecop, 6.72m; 2nd: Christina Friesen, 5.60m.

• Discus throw – 1st: Claire Weaver, 15.98m; 2nd: Meagan Christopher, 15.34m; 3rd: Mackenzie Penner, 14.08m.

• Javelin throw – 1st: Carly Vanderstar, 24.36m; 2nd: Claire Weaver, 23.00m; 3rd: Courtney Cridland, 18.20m.

• High jump – 1st: Abigail Redecop, 1.26m; 2nd: Courtney Cridland, 1.26m; 3rd: Ashley Loshaw, 1.22m.

• Long jump – 1st: Alana Bridges, 3.87m; 2nd: Laura Reimer, 3.80m; 3rd: Carly Vanderstar, 3.60m.

• Triple jump – 1st: Alana Bridges, 8.67m; 2nd: Laura Reimer, 8.20m; 3rd: Courtney Cridland, 7.48m.


• 100m dash – 1st: Amy Reimer, 14.25; 2nd: Ruth Bacro, 14.51; 3rd: Katie Wyatt, 19.68.

• 200m dash – 1st:Amy Reimer, 30.40; 2nd: 31.10; 3rd: Katie Wyatt, 42.80.

• 400m dash – 1st: Ruth Bacro, 1:13.80; 2nd: Kara Reimer, 1:21.70.

• 800m run – 1st: Ruth Bacro, 3:11.10; 2nd: Kara Reimer, 3:17.80.

• 1500m run – 1st: Kara Reimer, 6:49.50.

• 3000m run – 1st: Kara Reimer, 15:19.00.

• Shot put – 1st: Alison Stark, 7.21m; 2nd: Emily Thompson, 7.13m; 3rd: Crystal Veltman, 6.83m.

• Discus throw – 1st: Alison Stark, 17.68m; 2nd: Crystal Veltman, 17.20m; 3rd: Ashley Bouck, 17.16m.

• Javelin throw – 1st: Emily Thompson, 21.40m; 2nd: Alison Stark, 16.97m; 3rd: Becky Vangronigan, 16.01m.

• High jump – 1st: Julia Knelsen, 1.25m; 2nd: Bella Alton, 1.10m.

• Long jump – 1st: Amy Reimer, 4.08m; 2nd: Ruth Bacro, 3.93m; 3rd: Julia Knelsen, 3.67m.

• Triple jump – 1st: Amy Reimer, 8.74m; 2nd: Julia Knelsen, 7.62m; 3rd: Kara Reimer, 7.54m


• 100m dash – 1st: Cameron Teighroeb, 13.49; 2nd: Jeremy Vanooteghem, 14.02; 3rd: Jake Sawatzky, 14.08.

• 200m dash – 1st: Cameron Teichroeb, 28.50; 2nd: Carter Kingsbury, 30.30; 3rd: Hunter Spietiels, 31.50.

• 400m dash – 1st: Cameron Teighroeb, 1:04.90; 2nd: Carter Kingsbury, 1:07.40; 3rd: Jake Sawatzky, 1:12.20.

• 800m run – 1st: Carter Kingsbury, 2:45.00.

• 1500m run – 1st: Carter Kingsbury, 5:51.50; 2nd: Ben Wernaart, 6:09.00.

• 3000m run – 1st: Ben Wernaart, 14:00.00.

• Shot put – 1st: Jake Sawatzky, 11.45; 2nd: Ben Wernaart, 10.85m; 3rd: Cameron Teichroeb, 10.62m.

• Discus throw – 1st: Alex Wilson, 23.71m; 2nd: Caleb Pype, 21.57m; 3rd: Judd Creed, 21.5m.

• Javelin throw – 1st: Ben Wernaart, 34.76m; 2nd: Carter Kingsbury, 30.16m; 3rd: Ryan Gee, 22.54m.

• High jump – 1st: Erik Haines, 1.45m; 2nd: Ben Wernaart, 1.42m; 3rd: Michael Wall, 1.37m

• Long jump – 1st: Cameron Teighroeb, 4.55m; 2nd: Connor Savoy, 4.40m; 3rd: Jeremy Vanooteghem, 4.31m.

• Triple jump – 1st: Erik Haines, 9.67m; 2nd: Jeremy Vanootegmem, 9.50m, 3rd: Michael Wall, 8.97m.


• 100m dash — 1st: Peter Peters, 13.82; 2nd: Donovan Suderman, 13.85; 3rd: Brandon Kozak, 13.93.

• 200m dash — 1st: Richard Neudorf, 28.10; 2nd: Donovan Suderman, 29.30; 3rd: Joey Knelsen, 30.00 .

• 400m dash – 1st: Richard Neudorf, 1:03.40; 2nd: Joey Knelsen, 1:07.30; 3rd: Johnny Friesen, 1:11.90.

• 800m run – 1st: Richard Neudorf, 2:35.00; 2nd: Riley Fitch, 2:55.00; 3rd: 3:06.00.

• 1500m run – 1st: Richard Neudorf, 5:50.30; 2nd: Riley Fitch, 6:30.50; 3rd: Austin Johnson, 8:39.00.

• 3000m run – 1st: Richard Neudorf, 12:37.00; 2nd: Riley Fitch, 13:48.00; 3rd: Austin Johnson, 21:17.00.

• Shot put – 1st: Peter Klassen, 12.70m; 2nd: Joey Knelsen, 11.50m; 3rd: Abe Fehr, 11.40m.

• Discus throw – 1st: Peter Klassen, 28.23m; 2nd: Jeremy VanWynsberghe, 22.04m; 3rd: Abe Fehr, 20.71m.

• Javelin throw – 1st: Brandon Kozak, 36.50m; 2nd: Jeremy VanWynsberghe, 32.40m; 3rd: Peter Klassen, 23.92m.

• High jump – 1st: Jeremy VanWynsberghe, 1.53m; 2nd: Peter Peters, 1.37m; 3rd: Joey Knelsen, 1.37m.

• Long jump – 1st: Donovan Suderman, 4.66m; 2nd: Jeremy VanWynsberghe, 4.63m; 3rd: Joey Knelsen, 4.56m.

• Triple jump – 1st: Brandon Kozak, 10.90m; 2nd: Donovan Suderman, 9.45m; 3rd: Peter Peters, 9.30m.


• 100m dash – 1st: Peter Epp, 13.12; 2nd: Chandler Porter. 13.13; 3rd: Micah Klassen, 13.24.

• 200m dash – 1st: Chandler Porter, 27.60; 2nd: Micah Klassen, 29.50; 3rd: Michael Barth, 31.70.

• 400m dash – 1st: Jarred Wilcox, 1:00.90; 2nd: David Bacro, 1:02.70; 3rd: Chandler Porter, 1:07.10.

• 800m run – 1st: Jarred Wilcox, 2:25.80; 2nd: David Bacro, 2:32.00.

• 1500m run – 1st: Jarred Wilcox, 5:21.30; 2nd: David Bacro, 5:35.00.

• 3000m run – 1st: Jared Wilcox, 11:28.00; 2nd: David Bacro, 12:19.00.

• Shot put – 1st: Henry Fehr, 11.67; 2nd: Peter Epp, 11.44m; 3rd: Nick Gee, 10.10m.

• Discus throw – 1st: Nick Gee, 36.81m; 2nd: Jarred Wilcox, 22.44m; 3rd: Brandon Parker, 21.64m.

• Javelin throw – 1st: Peter Epp, 33.28m; 2nd: Chandler Porter, 31.50m; 3rd: Ben Klassen, 31.28m.

• High jump – 1st: Ben Klassen, 1.67m; 2nd: Chandler Porter, 1.60m; 3rd: Tyler Sullivan, 1.55m.

• Long jump – 1st: Micah Klassen, 5.01m; 2nd: Ben Klassen, 4.95m; 3rd: Peter Epp, 4.78m.

• Triple jump – 1st: Ben Klassen, 10.77m; 2nd: Tyler Sullivan, 9.64m; 3rd: Nick Rempel, 9.58m.




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