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Did your team win?

I don’t watch football except the Grey Cup and the Super Bowl. It’s really all about the food anyway. I am a flipper so while watching the game I also watched some of Downton Abbey, a bit of curling, and fragments of Johnny Depp’s Alice in Wonderland. I caught all the good plays of the game and the half-time show which I think Bruno Mars won by a landslide. Love Coldplay but can’t watch Chris do his Mick Jagger dance imitation, and Beyonce, well, just didn’t do it for me.

I didn’t know who was even playing in the Super Bowl until I watched some of the pregame stuff. Enjoyed seeing the players who won MVP honours over the past 50 years and I even knew most of the names. Like to hear the personal stories of the players then I decide who to root for. So this year I decided to root for the old guy. It will likely be his last chance and the kid has years to try again. Very scientific, right? Yeah, Manning and the Broncos!

And now that that is over, it’s time to turn to thoughts of love. Sunday is Valentine’s Day so it is required you show some affection to your loved one and be romantic before any expectations are realized. You know the flowers, chocolates, dinner out, jewelry and such.

Of course, there are those who know all that doesn’t necessarily mean anything about love, at least not about true committed love. Sometimes it’s about those expectations or possibly a cover up or maybe to present a false persona to those who will hear about it.

There are much better ways to show your love than buying things. Most of us don’t really want crumbs thrown at us once a year. A mushy card written by someone else doesn’t say what we want to hear. Gifts, flowers and candy do not have the eternal impact we need. But then, not everyone has the emotional capacity or strength of character for intransience.

Monday is Family Day. How we spend Family Day says a lot about us and how we interpret what is important in our lives. Family is the one place we should all have unconditional love and a true commitment. Our kids had no choice in who becomes their family. We are blessed to have them and they should always be our first priority. Again, it shouldn’t just be for one day but each and every day we should show them how important they are, how special they are and how much they are loved.

How many of us are actually spending Family Day with the kids, doing kid things? How much fun would it really be to just play and have fun; to be a kid again, too.

Let’s ask those we love how we can best show them how vital they are to our existence; how essential they are in our lives. And then let’s do that.



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