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Me and Oprah.

Oprah has again found a way to conquer her weight issues. She has done everything from fasting to changing her lifestyle to running a marathon. Like most of us she has lost and gained and lost and gained which proves each new idea only works for a time.

I know many people who have been helped by Weightwatchers over the years so I am hoping she finally has landed on what is really going to stick for the rest of her life.

Like Oprah I too have tried numerous diets, exercise plans and lifestyle changes. Have not been inspired to run a marathon and don’t think I ever will. Have never quite found the ideal program which allows me to be lazy and to eat as much as I want of everything I love. Those lifestyle changes and healthy eating plans only last until you want steak with mashed potatoes drowning in butter or gravy followed by pecan pie then it’s all downhill from there.

Not good at counting, weighing or any of that stuff so my strategy is to eat less and incorporate more vegetables. Did pretty well even over the holidays. Rarely have anything sweet in the house so am not tempted and I don’t miss it. Well, until my sister, Lauret brought her famous peanut brittle at Christmas.

For quite a while now I have been trying to get myself prepared for snow shoveling. The weather has co-operated by giving me more time to build up some stamina and strength. My routine is simple. I get up, brush my teeth, check my emails and have a cup of coffee, which some experts say is a good way to give you a boost before you start. I do about five or so minutes of stretching and warm up. I get an interesting show on TV and I begin dancing (I got some wicked moves), doing repetitions of boxing punches and karate kicks (not very dangerous), marching and knee lifts, in no particular order including various arm movements.

I just keep moving with purpose. When a commercial comes on I do laps around my house walking as fast as I can through the living room (about 15 feet), through the dining room (about 13 feet), around through the kitchen (another 12 feet) back to the living room. Occasionally, I go up the stairs but not often because I have to rest when I get to the top. I will, hopefully, get better at that part.

Most commercials last from 15 to 22 laps and I change leads for each set. When the show comes back on I begin the dancing, boxing, etc. again. I do this for about half hour. I work up quite a sweat and my heart rate gets really revved. I then do more gentle stretching and cool downs. I have recently added planks which are supposed to work on the middle, of which I have plenty. I sometimes go for a long walk on the treadmill, instead and will, when the time comes, use snow shoveling as an alternative. Could go for a walk outside but then I would have to get dressed, do my hair, put on my eyebrows…

Falls are also a pretty serious issue for all of us as we age, so have joined a functional mobility/balance class being held at the Tillsonburg Senior Centre. This program is designed especially to help with flexibility, strengthening core muscles and improving balance to help prevent falls.

Unlike Oprah I don’t have a personal cook or trainer so I won’t likely be a super model any time soon but I feel a lot better.



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