A breathtaking autumn ride... and helmets

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We knew it was coming!

As I stood at my window last Sunday morning I marveled at how lovely the large snowflakes appeared floating down among the strong greens of the spruce and lilac, the gentle amber of the maple and the quiet chartreuse of the tree of heaven. I was also very thankful it waited until Sunday.

When Marlene and I headed out for another of our adventures on the previous Wednesday it was cold and threatening rain. I had on thermal underwear beneath several layers of knit and flannel, each with increasing degrees of warmth, in preparation for our afternoon of horseback riding. I had also tried to source a beat up cowboy hat only to find out we had to don helmets. Imagine! You can’t look cute in a helmet.

My family grew up riding so I was confident and Marlene had done some, too, in her younger years. My issue was mounting. Although there was a time when I could get my foot up into a stirrup and fling myself up and into the saddle, I’m afraid my ability to fling has long since passed. Luckily, they had mounting stools and platforms.

Once mounted, Marlene on a black and white pinto named Oreo and I on a red and white pinto named Rolo, our guide led us and our three riding buddies from Sweden, off down the trail. The threat of rain had passed but it was still cool. We opted for the fall season to avoid the mosquitoes and black flies and there was nary a bug in sight.

Our guide talked to us about the horses, the farm, the business and the hundreds of acres used for these trail rides. She told us about the rattlesnakes in the area but thankfully it was too cool for them so we didn’t see any. She spoke about the various trees and vegetation and answered all our questions as we walked along the trails.

We got to trot in the open areas but had to keep to a walk while meandering through the woods which was great since we could better appreciate the shocking red of the sumac, the laughing yellows and oranges of the leaf trees and resolute emerald of the evergreens. There were berries of deep purple, brilliant crimson, lustrous white and bright lime. One evergreen had very short, bristle-like needles with clumps of radiant sapphire berries. It was breathtaking.

At one point we arrived at Lake Erie and got to trot along the beach with the wind blowing through our hair. Well, it would have been blowing through our hair had we not had to wear helmets. Anyway, it was a lovely, fresh breeze against our faces. After a few more trails and paths we again emerged from the woods at the lake and actually walked out into the surf with the waves breaking against the legs of our sturdy mounts. It was just like the movies – except for the helmets.

We arrived back at the farm after a couple hours weary, a bit stiff but having completely delighted in our latest escapade.

Have to say, it took a couple days to ease the sore spots on my butt and the stiffness in my legs but it was so worth it.

There is just no time to sit around getting old when there are so many fun things you can be doing. 



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