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Thanksgiving weekend has passed but like many of you I am still “enjoying” leftovers.

Didn’t make turkey but the cabbage rolls were delicious. Never made them before but Trudy helped me so I had lots for Thanksgiving, a few small packages for quick suppers for myself and a big company container in the freezer. I might make another batch for Christmas, we’ll see.

I also made a chicken and rice dish, because Morgan likes it, and two pies, one to eat and one for him to take home along with the chicken and rice, potatoes and vegetables leftovers. I kept the cabbage rolls and the rest of one pie. Very good but into pumpkin pie overload.

My birthday falls on or near Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a bad time considering it all involves food and sweets. Loved the lunches out and the treats, the company, the fun but I think I need a rest, especially from the cakes and squares and such.

So now that all those festivities are over we can concentrate on the election. Did you go to the all candidates night? Tillsonburg folks would have to go to Woodstock, Norwich or Ingersoll to hear the candidates explain their party’s policies and answer questions. It was a pretty full house in Norwich. Prepared statements to open and close were how four out of five candidates hoped to make us aware of why we should vote for them. One just talked to us, which was very refreshing, but we were all conscious he had a very solid foundation of knowledge and insight into his party’s platform.

In the seemingly short time a lot was covered. Intelligent and sometimes uncomfortable questions were asked and each candidate gave their feelings regarding refugees, legalizing marijuana, voting their conscience, the deficit, income splitting, taxes, supporting seniors and the youth, jobs, abortion and other things I never even thought of.

Do you ever wonder what happens if the leader in Ottawa doesn’t agree with what the local candidate promises? Well, I guess we know, don’t we? None of us ever gets a face to face with the person on top so our own can simply pass the buck. Sometimes you have to take a good look at who you think can and will stand up for us to the leader, who will fight for our cause, and who you think will be able to be an efficient consultant for the person on top so they can form a team that works for all of us.

It’s not an easy job this voting thing. It’s not just following what we always did, what are parents did. We have to be thoughtful, mindful and open. Research is vital. I know lots of folks so I called around and got the skinny on the various candidates. Most folks will readily tell you their impressions, what they like or don’t like, about someone they have known a long time. I want to know as much about them as people as I do about their politics.


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