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The Tillsonburg slo-pitch season is almost over as the Tillsonburg Men's League champions were crowned in less then comfortable playing conditions on Friday night!

The Ladies League Championship was completed but the A went into a fourth game Monday night with possibly a fifth and deciding game if necessary on Wednesday night.


Men's A

Haines Roofing came out on fire in the deciding game on Friday night amidst very windy conditions mixed in with cold temperatures.

They easily mercied Survivors ending their two-year status of being the bridesmaid.


Game 4


Haines Roofing-13

Survivors- Pete Fehr (4-4) Hr Martin Klassen (4-4) Hr Peter Klassen Hr Jake Klassen Hr Johnny Klassen Hr

Haines- Dave Phillips (3-3) Steve Balazs (4-4) Shawn Finch Hr Adam Thomson Hr Craig Smith Hr

Game Highlights- Survivors spotted Haines an early 6-0 lead before replying with eighteen over their first four at bats. Pete Fehr drove in five in the game, Johnny Klassen had a pair of doubles and was a cycle shy of hitting for the cycle.


Game 5

Haines Roofing-25,


Haines- Phil Durham (5-5) Hr Craig Smith (4-4) Dave Phillips Hr Adam Thomson Hr

Survivors- Johnny Klassen (4-4) Hr Jake Fehr (3-4)

Game Highlights- It looked as though this would be a low scoring affair due to gale force wind but Haines broke it open plating seven in the fourth and another seven in the second for good measure. Phil Durham pitched a really strong game and helped his own cause adding a homer, a double, three singles and scored four runs. He got some defence especially in right field from Kevin Harrop.


Men's B

Kekambas took home the B crown after a three-run victory in Game 5 over Kirwin and Oatman. They scored a lot less runs then in the A game due to even colder temperatures. The game featured a triple play by Kekambas in the fifth started by Travis Horvath's catch in left centre followed by his throwing out of the runner tagging from first and an appeal play of the runner leaving early from second.

Game 5


Kirwin And Oatman-7

Kekambas- Travis Horvath (3-4) Hr Kyle Smith (3-4) Hr

Kirwin and Oatman- Jason Godby (3-3) Hr Shaine Hall (2-3)

Game Highlights- A seven run third keyed Kekambas victory. Kyle Smith had a two run homer in the rally. Cody Furlong turned in another strong game defensively, the team's speed attributed to the win.

Ladies A

This series went to a fourth game Monday night as Eichenberg's took Game 2 easily and Corey's-Maple View Variety won in come from behind fashion in Game 3. Corey's lead the series two games to one.


Game 2


Corey's-Maple View-3

Eichenberg's- Kaitlin Anseeuw (4-4) Kelly Spencer (4-4)

Corey's-Maple View- Kim King (2-3) Lauren Duffy (2-3)

Game Highlights- Kaitlin Anseeuw led the winners with a pair of doubles, a triple and a single.


Game 3

Corey's-Maple View Variety-16,


Corey's-Maple View- Kasey McKenzie (4-5) Deb Simmonds (3-4)

Eichenberg's- Jessica Anseeuw (4-4) Kelly Spencer (4-4)

Game Highlights- Corey's-Maple View trailed by two in the seventh and rallied for four runs, they ended the game in the bottom half with shortstop Lauren Duffy cutting down the baserunner at the plate.


Ladies B

Energy Productions completed the sweep against a short-handed EMI squad in Game 2.

Energy Productions-13,

EMI Steelerz-11

Energy- Melissa Johnston (3-3) Bridgette Lacombe (3-3) Crystal Haegens Hr

EMI- Julie Boldt (4-5) Tracey Coderre (3-3) Deanna Littler Hr

Game Highlights- Energy plated seven runs in the sixth to take over the lead. Kim Gee drove in two in the rally.


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