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Oxford County Ontario Provincial Police is urging all residents to be vigilant if a stranger arrives at your residence inquiring about any personal information and requesting access into your home.

Two separate incidents were reported to the Town of Tillsonburg occurring between August 13 and August 17, 2015. In both cases unknown males were canvassing homes in the Goldenrod and Seres Drive area in an effort to inspect the homeowner’s water meter to then have you purchase and install a water filtering system.

In both cases the Town was notified and advised there are no Town or County operations underway that would require this type of entry into a residence.

Police are reminding all homeowners to be vigilant if strangers arrive at your home. Call police if the sales people are being aggressive and refusing to leave your property.

Police are urging all homeowners to be very skeptical when someone arrives at your door inquiring about any personal information about you or your residence.

“If there is something wrong with your water function or meter the homeowner will call their provider and schedule an appointment. These providers will not visit your home unannounced wanting to inspect your water meter and they will NOT ask to see any personal information,” said Constable Stacey Culbert, Oxford County OPP, in a media release.

Here are some tips to protect yourself when the next door-to-door salesperson shows up at your home.

Ask for Identification - Reputable companies use photo ID. Don’t let the salesperson start their pitch until you have seen photo ID. Get the name of the business and the name of the salesperson. If they don’t have identification with them they are likely scam artists.

Don’t sign on the spot - If the salesperson pressures you to sign on the spot, don’t. Shut the door or insist that you need additional time to read and understand the agreement. Reputable salespeople will carry brochures about their products or services. A “deal” is never only good for that visit. If you need further time to review the offer it will be there tomorrow.

Understand the agreement - How long does the agreement last? Are there any other costs? Are there fees if you cancel the agreement? Will the company renew the agreement without your prior written consent?

Be aware of when to show your bill. You are under no obligation to show a copy of your energy/water bill to a salesperson. However, if you do want to enter into a contract, the salesperson will need to see a copy of your bill to get your utility account number in order to process the contract. Treat the information on your energy bill with the same confidentiality you would for your credit card bill – only show it when you are ready to sign a contract.

Remember, reputable companies comply with the law. If you believe the business or salesperson made a false, misleading or deceptive statement you may have further remedies under the Consumer Protection Act.

Further information can be found at:

The OPP reminds all members of the public to be aware of their personal safety at all times and to be extremely vigilant. The OPP’s website, contains a number of useful resources, tips and links.



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