Letter to the Editor

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Anyone living in the Tillsonburg area knows that it was Decoration Day on August 16th. For us, this has always been a special time. A time to honour our parents, we clean the weeds away from the stone and put out flowers. Such a simple thing but one that we have done for over 30 years.

Unfortunately this was not the case on Saturday night. We were the only car at the time in the cemetery so we parked on the paved road. I think it is disrespectful to walk on a grave let alone park your car on one. Out of nowhere this car comes speeding up and stops right in front of our car. You can see how angry he is; he is honking his horn and gives us the finger. He backed his car up very fast and I am sure he hit one of the gravestones as I heard a thud.

Because of his impatience we felt like we had to rush through our time. When we went to leave he again came right up to the car swearing at us and said, “Don’t you know it is Decoration Day and it’s busy?”

Again, now we were the only two cars in this part of the cemetery. I believe not only at this time but at any time a cemetery should demand respect by all. This man was obnoxious and rude; he could not even give us ten minutes at the grave. At the time I really had no reply for his rudeness, but today I will say, “God bless you,” you must have had a very bad day to show so much disrespect.

On Monday after work I stopped by the cemetery to look and sure enough this man had hit one of the gravestones and knocked the top off of the cement base. He may not have had any respect or consideration for us, but I hope that he will inform the cemetery board. You know who you are – shame, shame on you.

Ella Sinden,