Letter to the Editor

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RE: Tattered flag

In response to the article, “What to do with a tattered flag” (July 29, Page B14). It is disgraceful to see a tattered flag but also distressing to see the national flag improperly flown when being displayed with the flag of another nation.

Flag protocol requires that the national flag always be displayed in the position of greatest honour. This can get complicated depending on the number and placement of flag staffs and their height. On a single pole the national flag must be displayed above any other flag. On two poles side by side the national flag must be on the “right of the flags’ front”. That is, if the flags are in front of a residence or business then the street is the flags’ front and, standing between the poles looking out at the street, the national flag should be on the right. This is the most common breach of protocol.

With three poles side by side the national flag should be on the centre pole. Other situations get more complicated.

Be rightfully proud of the flag, but please fly it properly.

Alastair MacDonald,