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Did you all watch the NHL draft a week or so ago? How about women’s soccer?

No! What are you guys watching? There is a plethora of sports activity going on right now. It is definitely summer when you get to watch the NASCAR races, Wimbledon tennis, the Tour de France, Indy racing, our Blue Jays play baseball, the Calgary Stampede and the Pan Am Games which start today. I may not have watch whole games but I did check in on the FIFA Women’s World Cup. I guess there was likely some golf on but I don’t watch golf.

All regular programming on TV is pretty much reruns and as much as I like to watch my favourite shows over and over, when there is so much good sporting activity being televised it’s almost impossible not to get all caught up in it.

Was going to do some much needed gardening last weekend but before I went out had to check to see who was leading the Tour. Then I stopped, for only a minute, to watch the saddle bronc riding and then the barrel racing. Well, by then it was suppertime. Had to keep flipping to see if the rain had stopped at Daytona for the Coke Zero 400. Then I had to see how the chuck wagon race was going. Before I knew it, it was dark outside. It’s a vicious conspiracy, I tell you.

Well, OK, so you are not that into sports. Actually, I am not that obsessed either. I love it and do flip from one to the other to see what’s happening but rarely do I watch a whole game. Tying myself to several hours of one thing is way too hard and so one dimensional.

We do need to find what gives us joy and participate. It helps keep us balanced mentally, physically and emotionally. Dancing brings me enjoyment so I do so whenever I hear music even if I am alone. Cooking gives me a lot of pleasure and trying new recipes like seafood bouillabaisse and beef bourguignon is fun.

Reading, painting and watching TV bring me peace and quiet which I think we all need more of. But I do love a good adventure, hence, whitewater rafting and dog sledding. Spending time with good friends just refreshes my soul. Exploring is exciting so I find great delight in shunpiking to see and experience new places.

Shopping is very low on my list of things to do. Wandering through interesting little shops, antique stores and second-hand places is great but I don’t like yardsaling.

We should never limit ourselves to what is expected or what others think is suitable. We need an expanded horizon of activities and involvement. I think it’s the variety of interests that keeps us interested and interesting.

Tried for years but have decided I am not a gardener. It’s just not in me and I think maybe the draw of all the sports last weekend had as much to do with avoiding that weeding as it was for my love of sports.



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