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We are definitely into full swings now as week three was a successful rain-free week for the most part although we do need some! It makes for more spectating in more comfortable conditions as well.


There are only two undefeated teams left in the Ladies 11-team loop. Service Master moved out to a big lead over Orange Crush before holding on to win by five, Corey's-Maple View Variety broke up a close game winning by mercy over Hollister Kia and then defeated Jays. Eichenberg's won by mercy twice. Orange Crush, EMI, Energy Productions, Dean Masson, Kia and Jays collected the other victories.

ServiceMaster 13, Orange Crush 8

ServiceMaster: Mona Desmarchais (4-4), Becky Dancy (3-4)

Orange Crush: Stacy Lauwerier (3-4), Courtney Morse (3-3)

Game Highlights: ServiceMaster went out to an 11-run lead and held on winning by five.

Eichenberg's 26, EMI 9

Eichenberg's: Kim Harrop (4-4), Kelly Spencer (3-4), Jessica Anseeuw HR, Mary Boldt HR, Amanda Stubbs HR

EMI: Deanna Littler (3-4), Shannon Sengbush (3-4)

Game Highlights: Amanda Stubbs and Mary Boldt each hit grand slams against the nine-player EMI squad.

Dean Masson Construction 17, Ritchie's 11

Dean Masson: Jen Millen (3-3), Carly Matos (3-3)

Ritchie's: Ashley Aker (4-4), Randi Williams (4-4)

Game Highlights: Jen Millen and Steph Miller each crossed three times for the winners.

Energy Productions 10, Cleats 5

Energy: Bri Johnston (4-4), Shanna Wellink (3-3)

Cleats: Steph McDonald (2-2), Rachele Patterson (2-2)

Game Highlights: Energy plated seven in a bat around first.

Eichenberg's 17, Ritchie's 1

Eichenberg's: Kim Harrop (3-3), Mary Boldt (3-3), Kaitlin Anseeuw 2 HR

Ritchie's: Michele Warboys (1-2), Aimee Sparzynski (1-1)

Game Highlights: Kaitlin Anseeuw went yard twice and drove in five for Eichenberg's.

Orange Crush 17, Dean Masson Construction 4

Orange: Alika Kingsbury (5-5), TJ Balazs (4-5)

Dean Masson: Megan Bye (2-2), Brooke Ventnor (2-2)

Game Highlights: Alika Kingsbury led Orange with a pair of doubles and four runs scored.

EMI Steelerz 23, Energy Productions 17

EMI: Deanna Littler (5-5) HR, Julie Boldt (5-6)

Energy: Tammy Lalone (3-3), Shanna Wellink (3-3), Crystal Haegens HR, Bri Johnston HR

Game Highlights: EMI rallied with eight late winning despite fielding only eight.

Hollister Kia 16, Cleats 1

Hollister Kia: Katy Dedrick (3-3) HR, Amber Woolgar (3-3) HR

Cleats: Corrie Smith (2-2), Heidi Hopper (2-2)

Game Highlights: Amber Woolgar and Katy Dedrick each homered for Kia.

Jays 26, EMI 12

Jays: Michelle Hafstee (5-5), Amy Beattie (5-5)

EMI: Rhonda Mayo (3-4), Deanna Littler (3-4)

Game Highlights: Leadoff batter Kristen Cadotte reached and scored five times for Jays.

Corey's-Maple View 29, Hollister Kia 14

Corey's-Maple View: Jill Barnim (5-5) HR, Hillary Stoop (3-4), Kim King HR

Hollister Kia: Jess Salverda (3-4), Amber Woolgar (3-4)

Game Highlights: This was a back and forth game until Corey's-Maple View plated seven in the fifth. Jill Barnim led the winners, a double shy of hitting for the cycle.

Corey's-Maple View 16, Jays 8

Corey's-Maple View: Rose Finnessy (4-4), Shannon O'Neill (4-4)

Jays: Jessica Falk (2-3) HR, Bobbi Hiscock (2-3)

Game Highlights: Shannon O'Neill and Rose Finnessy each hit triples for the winners.


Men's A

Survivors lead the division with a perfect 4-0 record. Haines Roofing are tied but have lost twice including to Survivors last week. Boston Pizza had a walk-off come from behind win over Gators, who had earlier in the week walked off against IC Waters.

Gators 17, IC Waters 16

Gators: Scott Carruthers (4-4), Chris VanParys (3-3)

IC: Jeff Cadotte (3-4), Devon Schultz (3-4), Mike Shewan HR

Game Highlights: Derek Penner had the walk-off base hit for Gators.

Boston Pizza 19, Gators 18

Boston Pizza: Tim Pressey (4-5), Ryan Miller, (4-5) HR, Mike McCarthy 3 HRs, Randy Miller HR

Gators: Darryl Vandendriessche (5-6), Chris VanParys (5-6), Jamie Nunn HR, Dave Hodges HR

Game Highlights: Gators playing with nine lost a heart-breaker giving up 12 seventh-inning runs. Reg Burnett was the game's hero with the walk-off base hit scoring two. Mike McCarthy homered twice in the frame.

Survivors 20, Haines Roofing 12

Survivors: Abe Boldt (5-5) HR, Jake Fehr (4-5), Dave Boldt 2 HR

Haines: Brett Ferguson (4-5), Dave Phillips (4-5) 2 HR, Kevin Harrop HR

Game Highlights: Dave Boldt had a pair of three run homers for Survivors.

Survivors 12, Roosters 18

Survivors: Abe Klassen (4-5) HR, Ben Klassen (3-3) HR, Jake Fehr HR, Dave Boldt 2 HR, Pete Fehr 2 HR

Roosters: Greg Buchner (5-6), Jared Pettman (4-5), Josh Munro HR, Mark Hamulecki HR

Game Highlights: In the battle of nine against nine Survivors out-homered Roosters 7-2.

Haines Roofing 30, Roosters 17

Haines: Rob Laur (6-6), Steve Balazs (5-6) 2 HR, Dan Clark HR, Adam Thomson 2 HR, Shawn Finch 2 HR

Roosters: Derek Kunderman (5-5), Greg Buchner (4-5), Mark Hamulecki 2 HR, Josh Munro HR

Game Highlights: The nine-man Haines offence was led my Adam Thomson's seven runs batted in.


Men's B

Kirwin and Oatman remain unbeaten after mercying Sandham Transport for the second straight time. GC Lounsbury got wins over Spartans, Domino's Hounds and Tirecraft. Domino's bounced back with wins over Cain's Pelicans and Tirecraft. Sandham almost got their first win but Cain's came from behind to win by one. Bill's Pizza Kekambas rounded out the week's action mercying Sandham.

GC Lounsbury 14, Ontario Laser Spartans 6

GC: Jarrett Anderson (3-3), Chris MacDonald (2-3)

Ontario Laser: Johnny Klassen (3-3), Martin Klassen (2-3)

Game Highlights: Mitts put the game away with a five-run sixth. Travis Nikin had a two-run double in the rally.

Kirwin and Oatman 26, Sandham Transport 11

Kirwin: Shaine Hall (4-4) HR, Matt Davis (3-3), Cheyne Sarafinchin 2 HR, Chris Gosnell HR

Sandham: Chris Parker (2-2), John Nichols (2-3)

Game Highlights: Kirwin put sevens up in each of their second and fourth at bats.

GC Lounsbury 18, Domino's Hounds 7

GC: Greg Onaitis (5-5), Kent Collings (5-5), Kevin Stuyt 2HRs, Mike Vanwynsberghe HR

Domino's: Joe Kingsbury (4-4), Mike Bouck (3-3), Mark McKibbon HR

Game Highlights: GC moved out to a quick 10-run lead. Kevin Stuyt had a pair of three run homers for the Mitts.

Domino's Hounds 16, Tirecraft 9

Domino's: Evan Juzsku (2-3), Barry Howick (3-4) Grand Slam, Nick Barnim HR

Tirecraft: Nick Nagy (3-3), Joe Stone HR

Game Highlights: Barry Howick's second-inning grand slam sparked a six-run second for Domino's.

Domino's Hounds 23, Cain's Pelicans 6

Domino's: Joe Kingsbury (4-4), Josh Kingsbury (4-4), Craig Todt HR, Mike Bouck HR, Eric Hornauer 2 HR

Cain's: Nick Wilson (2-2), Kevin Buchne (2-3)

Game Highlights: Eric Hornauer homered twice and scored four runs for Domino's. I can relate to that, definitely in the family genes lol.

Bill's Pizza Kekambas 28, Sandham Transport 11

Bill's: Jason Davis (6-6), Evan Prouse (6-6), Kyle Smith HR, Kyle Hollister HR

Sandham: Justin Gekiere (3-4), Matt O'Reilly (3-4)

Games Highlights: A shout out to Steve Demeter recording his first career stand up triple.

Cain's Pelicans 19, Sandham Transport 18

Cain's: Derek Craggs (4-5), Kevin Buchner (5-5)

Sandham: David VanDyck (4-4), Jim Long (4-4) HR

Game Highlights: Cains's spotted Sandham an early 10-run lead before roaring back with 12 over their last two at-bats winning by one in the seventh.


Men's C

All three unbeaten teams went down to defeat last week - Flying Squirrels handed Corey's Restaurant their first loss, Corey's defeated Ward's Automotive while Destroyers upset Flying Squirrels. John Beere earned a tie with Destroyers. Ward's mercied John Beere on the Thursday night. Hit And Run also tied John Beere.

John Beere 15, Hit And Run 15

Hit And Run -Paul Reimer(3-3) Jake Enns(3-3)

John Beere: Jesse Anderson (3-4), Darryl Neville (3-3)

Destroyers 27, Flying Squirrels 18

Destroyers: Jesse Temple (4-4), Troy Temple (5-5), Ross Russell Grand Slam

Flying Squirrels: Dave Phipps (4-5) HR, Cornell Bailey (3-5)

Game Highlights: Destroyers plated seven in three consecutive innings against the eight-player losing squad.

Destroyers 19, John Beere 19

Destroyers: Paul Lavier (3-3) HR, Anthony Lockstein (3-3)

John Beere: Jay Verhegghe (4-4), Chris Fisher (3-3), Kalvin Smith HR

Game Highlights: John Beere rallied for 10 runs in the sixth to tie.

Corey's Restaurant 20, Ward's Automotive 4

Corey's: Joe Allin (3-4), Derek Elliott (3-4)

Ward's: Gus Ford (2-3), Ryan Bruckler (3-3)

Game Highlights: The middle of the winner's lineup each scored three runs.

Flying Squirrels 19, Corey's Restaurant 12

Flying Squirrels: Cornell Bailey (4-5), Ryan Copping (4-5) HR, Steve Dol HR

Corey's: Joe Allin (4-4), Mike Mesquita (3-4), Wes MacDougall HR

Game Highlights: Squirrels broke up a close game in the fourth, plating four over their last two at-bats.

Delhi Dodgers 23, Norox Basement Applications 14

Delhi: Rob Atkins (4-4), Josh Oneil (4-4)

Norox: Brad Wencel (4-5) HR, Jim McKibbon (3-3)

Game Highlights: Rob Atkins led the winners with a pair of doubles.


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