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Kelly Spencer - Happy Healthy YOU

(A wellness column by Kelly Spencer: writer, life coach, yoga & meditation teacher, holistic healer and a mindful life enthusiast!)

From time to time, on any random day, my laptop glitches, especially during Mercury Retrograde. Most days it runs really well but sometimes it freezes, occasionally the keypad sticks and everyone once in a while it just shuts down on its own. I usually just need to turn the lap top off and after rebooting the system and giving it a little rest, it is back on track.

Periodically, it needs an overhaul, upgrade and update and a clearing of the viruses with a full re-program. This requires outside help with some expertise beyond my means.

The other day, I allowed myself to burn the candle at both ends and I “glitched.” I was not functioning at my optimal level. In fact I was feeling a random shut down, imminently. Having been there before, I recognized the feeling and headed home to my PJs and puppies, to reboot.

Not to reduce ourselves to a computer or even a car tune-up, but why are we so diligent about taking care of our “stuff” while often letting our own operating systems be ignored until we have no choice but to listen?

We all know that we need do regular up-keep to our automobiles for them to run at their optimal level of function. Without routine care, they can get run down or even stop working properly. The harder we run the vehicle, the more repairs it needs. Every few months, my car goes into the shop: Tune-up, recalibration, rotation and oil exchange. Sometimes a big repair like new tires or brakes is in order. When the garage is done, I am grateful they put a sticker in my window with a date when I need to come back for the next routine visit.

Our computers have these automatic systems that check for updates, scan for viruses and shut down if it doesn’t have the proper energy source. I have a reminder program to back-up information onto an external drive once a week to protect my system more effectively.

What if we did a thorough 108-point inspection and examination periodically on ourselves? Ask ourselves: What is working and what is not and to what degree? Then with this important information about our body, mind and heart, we adjusted and fixed accordingly. And with our constant life changes in job, relationship, challenging situations or everyday living, isn't it necessary that we regularly scan ourselves? And what if we put a sticker in our day planner that told us that as a certain time period passed, we should re-boot and re-examine where we need to be recalibrated?

As we move into the fresh and new spring season, here are a few ways that you can reboot your system:

1. Check in with your body: Do a photocopy scan of your physical body from your toes to nose. Write down areas that are running less than optimal. And then beside that list, write down ways that you could feel more realigned such as eating less sugar, eating more vegetables, going for a daily walk, yoga, proper amount of sleep and so on. Inquire within!

2. Check in with your mind: If someone were to take inventory of your mind, would it be calm or chaotic with thought? If you had to rate your stress level 0-10, what is it? What can you do to decrease stress and allow more calm and contentment into your life? Slow down. Smell the roses.

3. Check in with your heart: What kind of emotions have you been experiencing this week, this month, this year? Without judgment notice if your heart is truly happy. Are you feeling purposeful and living a life of joy? Find something to do once a week or more, that makes your heart light up!

4. The big picture: If you were to view all the areas of your life as individual computer programs, what programs are working and which ones need an update? Spring clean!

A holistic tune-up or reboot means bringing full awareness of where you are in this moment and with loving acceptance, take authentic action to align yourself with the highest and healthiest version of YOU.

Next week we will explore: When do we need a full re-programing?

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