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Spent last Saturday evening (April 4) with my sister in Simcoe and enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner with some of my family. Hadn’t seen them since Christmas so it was really good to catch up and have a good visit. I know I wasn’t the only one who ate way too much of the traditional turkey and ham dinner followed by a selection of individual cheese cakes.

Easter Sunday morning was a shock. Woke up to two inches of snow blanketing everything. It wasn’t sticking to the roads so hoped it would be all gone by the time Easter mass was over. No such luck. This was not what I had wanted to deal with on my drive up to spend a few days with another sister and family at River Drive Park.

Weather is not something you can change or fix so was thankful the snow was not adhering to the roads as we headed north but it continued to snow until after we had turned onto the 400.

They had not received any snow up at The Park but it was cold or, at least, a lot cooler than we would have preferred. I was prepared with warm coat and rubber boots, good to -40 degrees, because we had planned to go walking in the sugar bush and to participate in or, let’s say, attend a back yard maple syrup making event as we have for several years. I was sorry we had missed the big run and there was no longer any cooking going on. It’s been kind of a thing to do at Easter and I missed that but I was presented with a bottle of the most amazingly delicious homemade maple syrup (2015), dark and thick and so, so sweet. I will use it judiciously and savour every taste.

For the second day in a row we were served up a wondrous meal, non-traditional this time, sausage and sauerkraut, mushroom meatballs, chicken wings, banana cream pie and coconut cream pie. We all ate too much again so it was great to have a couple days of just grazing, nibbling and snacking.

Again, we enjoyed spending time with some family we don’t see nearly often enough. It’s always fun to embarrass young family members by, mmm, educating, edifying and informing their friends who are doing the family thing for the first time, but Noah and Jesse’s girlfriends fit right in and gave as good as they got.

The weather stayed cool but clear until time to come home mid-week. It was snowing in the morning but had stopped by the time we headed out. It remained threatening but nothing materialized so the drive was relaxing. Without a deadline or anyone waiting for us we leisurely took back roads meandering our way home. It gave us lots of time to talk, discuss, share, debate, deliberate and solve all the world’s problems.

It was the best Easter weekend and now I am ready for spring.


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