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Some things are even better than sunshine.

We have been looking forward to spring for so long. The snow has melted away slowly enough to prevent water in my basement and for that I am so grateful. The few days of windy weather has sure helped as well. I was out poking holes into the snow drifts and piles of snow in the back and side yard to help with the evaporation. You have to be old enough to understand this.

Even though it is really still too cold lots of folks are out in spring jackets and some even in shorts and T-shirts. I am still wearing my winter coat so as not to jinx the good weather.

There is nothing better than fresh air and sunshine to give you a lift, to brighten up your life, to make you feel good.

Recently, I was out for lunch with a bunch of friend from our art group. Linda Yeoman had some of her art on display at Elm Hurst. We all wanted to see her beautiful paintings and since doing anything for us means food in some sort of fashion, lunch at Elm Hurst seemed the perfect opportunity to do both. We picked a Tuesday, discounted seniors buffet, for this outing.

There were enough of us to warrant a separate room. Or maybe they knew we were a rowdy bunch and wanted to sequester us away from the normal folks. I don’t know, but it was lovely. We had lots of space with a fireplace, a bay window, a few antiques, a huge, glass front wine closet (locked) and the nicest waitress you could hope for.

We had gone early enough to take time to really enjoy at the art. Linda’s display was limited since she had sold over 12 of her pieces. She was surprised at the amount of sales but we weren’t. Her work is amazing.

A bus had just come in when we got to our private room. We knew they had a time line so we waited a bit to let them go ahead while we took some time to just sit and catch up. There is never any shortage of things to talk about when girlfriends gather. No one was in a rush so we languished between courses, enjoying every mouthful, sampling everything from the asparagus soup to the diversity of salads, the variety of breads and buns to a range of cheeses and seafood, from the wonderfully rare roast beef and flavourful turkey pot pie to the plethora of sinful desserts.

Throughout our feast we laughed - a lot. We shared some of our dreams, our hopes and ambitions. And we opened up some about our history and how we got to be where we are now. We learned more about these friends we thought we knew and, for some of us, the discoveries will draw us even closer.

This several hours did more for me than the sunshine and fresh air. It was like a spring awakening, rejuvenating, inspiring and warming. I am so glad for the good friends I have. They lift and brighten my life and make me feel so good.



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