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(A wellness column by Kelly Spencer: writer, life coach, yoga & meditation teacher, holistic healer and a mindful life enthusiast!)

Last week’s article addressed the detoxification of physical toxins which can cause disease and imbalances in our body. This week, Part 2 of a five-week series will address the toxins of the mind, and although we may think of these as invisible toxins, they are in fact scientifically measurable.

Our thoughts, as random as we feel they may be, are in our control. In reality our thoughts are powerful creators of our circumstances. Our words are the result of the thoughts we are having and the conversations we are having with ourselves are the most vital of all.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, best-selling author of several books including The Hidden Messages of Water, studied the effect of words and thoughts using water crystals. After years of research he has microscopically viewed and photographed frozen water crystals noting their reaction when exposed to beautiful music, positive thinking and uplifting speech. The crystals had a very different reaction to negative words and harsh music.

In some of Dr. Emoto’s studies, bottles of water were labeled with positive or negative words. Days later the water molecules were studied with very different results. The positive worded bottles (“thank you,” “love”) had beautiful and stunning molecules, while the negative bottles (“you fool,” “hate”) had molecules that were asymmetrical, malformed and jagged.

There have been many studies by military, quantum-biologists, and researchers on the effect our thoughts have on our DNA cell structure. The results scientifically measure that the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing react on a cellular level. Lower energy thoughts such as hate, guilt and fear cause DNA to retract and shut down. The good news is that the moment we bring higher energy thoughts such as love, compassion and gratitude, the cells expand and circuits restored.

Gregg Braden, computer geologist and New York Times best-selling author is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality, and the real world. Braden often speaks of the work done by the Institute of HeartMath, a non-profit research and educational organization in California. This institute has shown the direct link to thoughts, feelings and cellular health. When we feel and think and speak in more “negative” ways our body is having a very real and similar reaction. The rise in statistics for stress-related conditions, eating disorders, immune deficiencies and some cancers is less of a surprise when we take into account many people are living with daily stresses of lower energy thoughts, feelings and words.

So how does one detox the mind?

Start with the idea of water. We are made of it. In fact we are approximately 70 per cent water. Start each day making a written or internal list of all things you are grateful for and that you love. Don’t focus on anything but the positive and love. Before bed, review your list. Write on your drinking bottles of water “love” or “gratitude.” This is scientifically proven to change you on a cellular level.

Complaint Free World

About eight years ago I did a campaign at a school with the kids and staff called A Complaint Free World. Will Bowen started this movement as a catalyst to positively shift world consciousness. He noted that we complain habitually, chronically and for various reasons, sometimes to get pity or attention. Bowen developed the “complaint free world” rubber bracelet with the notion that every time you complained (big or small) you had to switch the bracelet to the opposite wrist. The goal is to keep the bracelet on one wrist for 21 days straight, leaving the toxic communication of complaining behind and experiencing an internal shift toward being more positive and optimistic. People and groups that took this challenge reported feeling happier and healthier with workplace and home environment, shifting in wonderful ways. Want to try this? You can make your own bracelet or email me and I will give you one.

Purpose of your words? Our words are the expression of our thoughts and feelings in the mind. When we become more aware of both, we can ask ourselves what is the purpose of what we are expressing. And yes, this includes our Facebook statuses. The old saying “T.H.I.N.K. before you speak” has been commonly broke down to this acronym.

T – Is it true?

H – Is it helpful?

I - Is it inspiring?

N - Is it necessary?

K - Is it kind?

Bestselling book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, writes of the first agreement: Be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using words to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of the word in the direction of truth and love.

Therapy or Life Coaching

I truly wished people would go see counselors and coaches as much as they did their family doctors. No disrespect to anyone, but we often sneeze and book an appointment to get a prescription, but will suffer for years with emotional or mental difficulties and blocks and not seek the help we need and is available to us. Let go of the stigma, release the toxins of the mind and seek help. Anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, psychotropic, and sleeping pills might serve their purpose but could possibly be a Band-Aid covering the source of the disease. Find ease of mind by speaking to a professional to help sort, unblock and release.

We are holistic beings. The mind reacts to the body. The body reacts to the mind. Practice detoxing your mind and becoming more mindful and intentional. I guarantee you will feel happier and healthier.

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