New snow plow lights improve road safety

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Oxford County’s fleet of 20 snow plows have been outfitted with a new beacon of safety.

A flashing blue light has been added to the centreline edge of the snow plow’s blade that will help opposing traffic identify the edge of the snow plow closest to their vehicle.

Earlier this month, the final blue lights were installed on Oxford County snow plows and initial response has been overwhelmingly positive from the motoring public, and snow plow operators.

Additionally, snow plows that clear four-lane Oxford County roadways now feature a flashing amber light on the wing blade to help drivers see when they are travelling behind a snow plow.

“We are committed to doing whatever it takes to making roads safer for Oxford County residents," said Melissa Abercrombie, Manager of Roads and Facilities, Oxford County Public Works in a media release. "These new added flashing lights will help improve safety on the roads as we are trying to do our jobs in clearing the snow and treating the road surface with sand, salt and brine. However, safety is a two-way street and we ask for drivers to be patient and cautious around snow plows."

While these new features enhance the visibility of snow plows, the safe operation of vehicles around snow plows is the key to preventing collisions. Motorists are reminded of the follow these safety measures in making snow removal safe for everyone:

- Drive with caution at all times near or around snowplows.

- When behind a snow plow, keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the snow plow.

- Take extreme caution when attempting to pass a snow plow on the roads.

- Avoid parking your vehicle alongside roadways during overnight hours. Parked vehicles can interfere with snow removal, and could lead to unintended damage to your vehicle.



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