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Is it just me or are commercial getting more absurd?

You all know how I feel about stupid commercials. I really don’t watch that many since I am a channel surfer. Usually am watching two or three different things flitting between them during commercials. I know this is horribly annoying to everyone else but…

The batch that came out recently have been particularly annoying to me. Sliced ice cream? I didn’t realize that was a new thing. My dad always opened the block (we didn’t have round packaging back then) on the ends and long side and served slices. It all folded back up nicely for return to the freezer. I didn’t know there was any other way. Scooping never entered my mind until much later.

There are a lot of things I love to eat. Don’t know if I would love it very long if I had to eat it twice a day. Don’t like yogurt so couldn’t get one down let alone two a day. I would think anyone would soon get sick of yogurt pretty quick.

I know most men would do just about anything to get what they want. They give you flowers, jewelry, take you out for nice dinners, buy you clothes, cars, holidays, do chores or whatever they can think of for which they hope to be rewarded. But I don’t think they would do all this, or any of this, for bacon! Just sayin’. Besides that lightbulb won’t get changed unless it being burned out bothers him.

Years ago we did do a version of the bird dance after applying sticky, roll-on deodorant to help it dry before putting on our clothes. Some of us might have flapped our arms hopping around like an albatross if we sprayed on deodorant after nicking ourselves shaving. But I have never felt the need or had the occasion to apply deodorant then rub my fingers along my armpit and snap my fingers. What would be the reason to do that?

Have often wondered what it would be like to go to one of those all-inclusive resorts. They look so beautiful with the magnificent sunsets, sumptuous food, glowing beaches, dazzling flowers, exquisite architecture, luxurious rooms, indulging staff. The advertisements are glorious but all the people walking the beach, eating, drinking, romancing are all thin, tall, blond, tanned, stunning model types. That doesn’t inspire a lot of us, who are not all that, to want to frump around among them. Maybe if they showed normal people, like you and me who don’t wear bikinis and have long flowing hair, or have rippling muscles and washboard abs, it might just entice more folks. Who knows?

The one ad I think is excellent is the one regarding mental illness. You know the one where they repeat a comment and a disrespectful response over and over until the response is appropriate? It catches your attention and makes you stop and listen. It’s simple but brilliant. I hope it influences all of us, next time someone makes one of those comments, to make the kind, caring, understanding, correct response to help remove the stigma associated with mental illness.


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