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Letters to the Editor

Kiwanis Club says thanks

The annual Tillsonburg Kiwanis Christmas parade has come and gone for another year. The parade was nothing short of a success due to the following: The Town of Tillsonburg, the B.I.A., The Knights of Columbus, the Town Centre Mall, the O.P.P., the Tillsonburg Works Department, all the well decorated floats, the five bands, Stauffer Motors, Dave Morris, Milt Chesterman, and all other drivers of various vehicles, the Tillsonburg Community Centre Staff, Beres Catering, Virginia Armstrong and Brian Donlevy the commentators for Rogers TV, as well as Rogers TV, Chris Abbott of the Tillsonburg News, and Mother Nature for the great weather we enjoyed.

We cannot go without saying a special THANK YOU to the jolly old gentleman himself, the man of the hour, for making the long journey for our parade. See you next year Saturday, November 14th, 2015.

The Tillsonburg Kiwanis Club

Conservative Party of Canada

Reply to the Comment Page "Harper confronts and shirt fronts Putin" (Tillsonburg Independent News, Nov. 19, 2014).

Considering that Mr. Putin represents a very strong world power that could use the natural resources of our Northern Possessions, and that as soon as the USA gets weak enough that it can no longer provide protection for Canada's North, Mr. Putin may decide to take possession of our North.

Some people may consider that Mr. Harper's actions were inappropriate, dangerous, and very unwise.

If Canada's Armed Forces are forced into an impossible battle with Russia at the cost Canadian lives - will you still think that Mr. Harper was smart?

Mr. Harper has successfully held office for his terms, and he certainly deserves credit for that, but he seems to have joined forces with the Globalist who are intent on starting WWIII.

It may be time to change leaders - without losing to Justin Trudeau.

Art Williams,



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