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Whew! I'm exhausted! What a week was last week. Senior Choir practice to hone numbers for Friday night on Wednesday and Thursday. We deferred to Remembrance services on Tuesday.

My niece, Karen drove me to Port Burwell on Tuesday expecting to take part in the program at the cenotaph. We drove by it and saw two wreaths but no sign of a ceremony.

Went round by the Legion where we met half a dozen members outside the door. They laid wreaths in Vienna and Port Burwell on Sunday. Being an associate member I know I should have been calling or going to share a beer and get the news. There was to be a session at the Port Burwell school at noon and at Straffordville at 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

Karen and I had coffee at Rainey's and had Karen drop me at home. I told her I'd walk to the school but on trying to picture where I'd fit in, don't have a Legion uniform, etc., I opted to watch the observance in Ottawa on TV.

Thursday I had a bite at the Lucky Chinese and went to watch Sex Please, We're Sixty at the Otter Valley Play House. I say watch because being well past sixty my hearing is another problem brought on by age and over stressing of organs.

I'm glad I ventured. There was enough visual humour to keep one rolling in the aisle whether you heard all the dialogue or not. Pete Matthews, as Bud (the stud) Davis led in this field, followed closely by Rita Weiler as Charmaine Beauregarde. Charmaine, appropriate name for a liberated woman.

I did catch the fun in one gag. The prim Lynda Nevins as Mrs. Stancliffe who tried to run a respectable bed and breakfast compared the randy Bud to the post office. "Yes," he shot back, "but I deliver!"

Fred Dupon as suitor to Mrs. Stancliffe had prosed to his widowed lady every day for twenty years. Her answer was always the same. "I need more time."

Fred tried to get her to realize that time was running out on them. He had a new pill designed to revive the libido in menopausal women, but it was untested. Laurie Deven as Victoria Ambrose, a frustrated novelist had come to the bed and breakfast in hopes of devising a fresh resolution to her latest work. She agreed to be a guinea pig for the new drug.

Pamela Simmons as Hillary Hudson was the third guest to be wooed by randy Bud the Stud. Watching these actresses moved me to wonder, is this real life or just creative work of the playwrights?

I've told too much already, but the results of Bud the Stud's getting possession of one of these pills and slipping it into some tea coupled with the women switching Venusia for Viagra set the stage on fire. Two men fanning themselves for hot flashes and accusing one another about no thought for "my feelings" was hilarious.

Since Bud was popping two Venusias instead of Viagra, it became apparent nothing was happening in any of the three guest rooms.

But Mrs. Stancliffe had a reversal of personality, too. She proposed to her suitor. I wonder if she got hold of Viagra or simply came to her senses about the flight of time?

Friday night, show time. The Lions Auditorium was packed to the walls for the final Christmas concert under the direction of Rachel and Jack Parker. Being one of the bass singers, I modestly report the singers performed, I may say, never better. We were applauded on stage and personally at the end of the show.

The choir plans to keep together for lesser events that don't require the months of work that the spring and winter concerts demand.

On Sunday the room we practice in was transformed into an elegant dining room where we filled ourselves on a turkey dinner prepared in the adjoining kitchen.

There were some tears and presentations, and we concluded the season with a lusty sing song.

No, no, there were no pharmaceutical stimulants involved. They're not needed when friends are singing from their hearts.


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