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Tillsonburg Indoor Soccer League

Ches Sulkowski - Tillsonburg Indoor Soccer

Week Two Results

Tuesday, Oct. 28

Verne’s Carpet One 18, Pettman’s Auctioneers 5

Our opening game was the tilted floor score of the week as Verne’s, showing little mercy, blasted out to a 12-3 1st half lead. The 2nd half was a little calmer with Auction holding their offense to only six.

The red hot scoring duo of Lucas Bos and Marijn Noorland scored seven apiece, followed by a hat trick from Carlos Oliveira and single by Josie Lopes. Auction got a pair from Aaron DeJong and singles from Jamie Lamont, Gerrit Pelleboer and the shell-shocked goalie Jared Pettman.

Computer Station 12, Courtland PPM 5

Our 2nd game was much closer with the teams deadlocked 5-5 at the half. The 2nd half was a different story as Computer completely closed the door, shutting down the Courtland offence and adding seven more of their own.

Leading the Station crew Jason Beard with five, followed by a career high four from Laura Magashazi and hat trick form Andy Metselaar. Courtland got a good night of scoring from Greg Vanwynsberghe with four and a single from Tyler Harvey.

Wednesday, Oct. 29

DoneRight Landscaping 12, Poultry Specialties 7

The Landscapers make it two in a row with the Evanitski tag team doing all the 1st half damage. It was 9-4 at the half but Poultry did tighten it up in the 2nd and played a good even game.

Don Evanitski led the way with seven, followed closely by brother Max’s five goal performance. Poultry got four from Jan Bos, a pair from Nate Shearer and single by Molson Page.

Corey’s Restaurant 10, Signshop 5

Our 2nd matchup of the evening was another solid 1st half battle as Corey’s took a slim 4-3 edge. The 2nd half belonged to Corey’s who defensively limited the Signshop crew to two markers and added six more of their own.

Leading a balanced Corey attack was Chad Lofthouse with three, followed by two apiece from Mac Robinson, George Papadakos and goalie Mike Mesquita. Duane Phillips added the single. Signshop’s Leo Centeno banged home a pair, followed by singles from Romel Diaz, Enrique Centeno and goalie Ivan Hernandez.

Thursday, Oct. 30

Kraushaar Machine 7, Ontario Laser 7

Our best game of week featured an exciting battle with an amazing comeback as the Machine took the early 5-1 1st half lead. Laser woke up in the 2nd scoring five unanswered markers to go in front 6-5 but in the end had to settle for a tie.

Leading the Kraushaar squad were Mike Thompson and Cody Kraushaar with two apiece, followed by singles from Nick McDonald, Ed Michalek and Justin Young. Laser got doubles from Cedric Tomico, Ryan VanLeeuwen and newcomer Jakob Lennstrom. Goalie Nathan Beard added the single.

Tillson Pizza 6, Danbrook Auto 2

And finally to finish off the week, the Pizza gang made it two in a row in very defensive matchup holding the lead 3-1 at the half. The 2nd was much of the same tight marking and solid goaltending.

Kurt Vanittersum and Devon Schuurman led the Pizza crew with doubles, followed by singles from Marlon Schott-Ramierz and Garret Schuurman. Danbrook Auto got their two from striker Mike Beal. Pizza Goalie Darryl Price was on his game.

Week 3 Matches

Please note schedule change!!!

Monday, Nov. 3 - 8:30 - Poultry vs Tillson Pizza; 9:30 - Corey’s vs Courtland

Wed. Nov. 5 – 8 p.m. - Signshop vs Laser; 9 p.m. - Verne’s vs Computer

Thurs. Nov. 6 – 8 p.m. - Danbrook vs Auction; 9 p.m. - DoneRight vs Kraushaar

Tillsonburg Indoor Soccer League


DoneRight Landscape 2 0 0 21 10 4

Tillson Pizza 2 0 0 12 6 4

Verne’s Carpet 1 1 0 24 12 2

Corey’s 1 1 0 18 15 2

Computer Station 1 1 0 15 14 2

Danbrook Auto. 1 1 0 12 12 2

Signshop 1 1 0 18 17 2

Poultry Specialties 1 1 0 14 13 2

Pettman’s Auction 1 1 0 15 26 2

Ontario Laser 0 1 1 11 13 1

Kraushaar Machine 0 1 1 13 17 1

Courtland PPM 0 2 0 12 25 0


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