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What a wonderful weekend.

On the Wednesday before the long weekend I had my last wisdom tooth removed thus eliminating any hope of ever developing sagacity. I must admit the technology of tooth extraction is much advanced but the fear has remained the same. The trauma either weakened my immune system or stirred up a bug that took up lodging in my throat and head threatening to quash my plans for heading north. My personal medicinal plant guru prescribed onions.

No, I didn’t have to eat them but instead cut them up, steam them to create warmth, then wrap in thin cotton and bind them around my throat. It took some time for my eyes to stop watering but I persevered and spent about six hours, until bedtime, smelling like a salad. Before bed I did take a more commonly used remedy. I woke up feeling much better and by the time I was to leave for the north I was feeling pretty darn good.

The weather was beautiful for the drive. The sun painted the trees in brilliant, neon colours. I stayed off the big highways and the traffic was light going my way but very busy coming toward me. I guess I lucked out because everyone else was coming south for their celebrations.

The traditional Thanksgiving expectations of family, friends and good, abundant food was realized. We ate and laughed, visited and ate, laughed and talked, ate and reminisced for two and a half days. It was perfect but all over way too soon.

Monday broke gloomy and threatening rain. The sky was dark, somber and cloudy as we hugged goodbye. I hoped to not run into heavy rains. I directed Hilda to take me home.

Hilda, my GPS, is quite old and is getting somewhat temperamental. She is in need of some serious counselling as she can’t quite handle the changes from road construction and gets very annoyed with me when I don’t do as she instructs. In her cranky mood she got me a bit off track so I shut her down and went shunpiking, a very scary but exciting adventure when you are several hours from home and not quite sure just where you are. I did know in which direction I needed to go so I thought I couldn’t get into too much trouble.

I saw some beautiful scenery, rivers, hills, lakes, woods and farmland, I had not seen before. I took time to look around some quaint village and towns which I had never visited previously. Having travelled through this area many, many times I was surprised there was so much territory I had never explored.

I was obviously heading in the right direction because I finally came to roads and places I knew. I hopped on the 401 at Cambridge to make up some time. Again traffic was light so I made good time but my sightseeing did put me a bit behind. I hoped to get the grass cut when I got home before the reported rains began. When I hit Springford it started to rain. So much for grass cutting but I can’t say I was sorry.

I was home, satisfied, happy and kind of proud of myself for being such an adventurer.



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