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Commercials can be funny, informative, cute, shocking, stupid, just plain weird and sometimes offensive.

Take for instance the “Sam in my Pants” advertisement for panty liners. Maybe I am just old, but personally, I find it insensitive, disgusting and rude. Diarrhea, erectile dysfunction, feminine hygiene products, gas, condoms are all over the TV. Is nothing private these days?

Not ever been a big fan of blueberries. Don’t want them on my oatmeal, pancakes or cereal or in my muffins, cupcakes or cookies. An occasional piece of pie maybe but that’s about it. But now that I know their farts make markers smell I don’t think even the pie will be an option. Cute maybe to some but, to me, a bit ewwww yuk.

Using celebrities to promote products has been going on a long time. Are we really going to go out and get a reverse mortgage because the DA from Law and Order says it’s a good idea? Or because Fonzie tells us to? The DA guy eventually went into politics so should that give him more or less credibility? Hummmm.

Do women believe if they use that cream they will look like Christy Brinkley? Are there really men who think if they buy Tiger Woods endorsed golf clubs they will become better golfers? These campaigns have gone on forever and I suppose they work or they wouldn’t continue, but sometimes you just have to talk to the people who really know.

My dishwasher has not been doing a good job for a long time now. I have tried all the different soaps that are advertised to make your dishes sparkle. I have gone through gallons of rinse additives and vinegar. Always felt if you have to pre-wash your dishes there was no point in having a dishwasher but it has now become the norm for me. Had hoped to put off buying a new one until I could afford to replace the cabinets and countertop but...

The other day I was in a local store that sells appliances just to check out what’s new in dishwashers. The range of prices surprised me, not to mention the number of specialty things they do these days. Who knew you needed a drawer to warm your plates before serving up the food? Or a gadget that chews up bones, etc.? I didn’t think you needed to rinse but scraping always seemed like common sense to me.

The salesman came over to see if I needed some help. He explained all the extras as I listened in amazement. No wonder there is such a disparity in pricing. You can spend a lot of money for a dishwasher these days but the basic models are still quite reasonable. I said I only wanted one that washed dishes and he told me it likely wasn’t my dishwasher that was causing me trouble but what soaps I have been using.

He explained that most dishwashers are made to use powder soap, not liquid, and that most folks use way too much. He told me how many people fill the soap receptacles when much less is required to do a good job. He said the tablets contain much too much soap but no one divides them. Kinda loses the efficiency aspect.

He then offered me a $5 product which would get my dishwasher back to doing what it was intended to do. I gave it the initial dose with an empty run through. I bought some old-fashioned powder dishwasher soap and used only what he recommended and my dishes are again sparkling and squeaky clean. No more cloudy glasses or water spots and all dishes and pots and pans are gleaming.

Now there is a man who knows of what he speaks and I have the proof to back it up.


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