Three local artists showing in Perceptions of Art exhibit at Station Arts Centre

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Perceptions of Art, now showing at the Station Arts Centre, features the work of three talented artists – Loretta Van Beek, Nicole Shewan and Anneke Huiberts.

Working over the past year to develop their technique, they are showing water colours, acrylics, charcoals and drawings. Opening night was Friday, August 29, and the show will continue until Oct. 2.

All three artists said they were excited to have their first show.

"Oh yeah," smiled Huiberts.

"We're excited for Friday (August 29)," said Shewan, who added 'doing the art' may have been even more exciting. "Hopefully people like it... I'm pretty confident."

"I like the night-time balloon," said Van Beek, noting her favourite painting.

"I'm pretty confident," nodded Huiberts. "I'm pretty sure they'll like it."

Most of the pieces of art will be for sale, but Huiberts said she will be keeping her portraits.

"I worked 10 months on them and I became very attached. I'm sending a powerful message in both pieces, I just didn't have the heart to get rid of them."

Painting trees, Shewan said it took her about two months. Other drawings can be done in a day.

Anneke Huiberts

Anneke was born in the Netherlands and moved to Canada when she was a child. She now lives in Tillsonburg. Anneke enjoyed doing artwork as a child but did not pursue art or art lessons for a long period of time.

Anneke was asked to participate in a new art program through Community Living and Station Arts that was an introduction class to different art mediums and would require a one year commitment to classes with the goal of helping participants in this class receive the techniques and knowledge to continue on to introduction and beginner classes being offered at Station Arts with others from the Tillsonburg art community. Anneke was excited to participate and extend her artistic talents.

She has enjoyed this experience and has said she would like to continue doing art in the community after the show at Station Arts Centre.

“I like doing it…. Gives me something to do… get my mind off of things.”

When working on a piece she fully absorbs herself in the work and approaches her work with confidence! Anneke describes her work as… “authentic, colourful, nature!”

When asked what she would like viewers to get out of her art piece, she replied, “I don’t know really… their opinions are fine with me!”

Loretta Van Beek

Loretta is an artist from Norwich. She began artwork when she attended a school in Simcoe. Her first art lessons were in working towards this show at Station Arts Centre. When asked about what she thought about this art project she said, “I thought it was interesting and I was going to try it... Megan asked if I would like to join this class and she became my first teacher, but I would do more art if other people asked me too."

Loretta’s artwork reflects her excellent sense of humour and vivid imagination with her use of colour and whimsical themes.

“My art... It’s different... I do different animals and different pictures... It’s happy art... It’s colourful!”

When asked what she would like people to get out of her art pieces, she replied, “They might like it. They might pick my art.”

Nicole Shewan

Nicole is a local artist from Tillsonburg. She began sketching at the age of six. Throughout her high school years she especially enjoyed drawing in the grid method. After high school, Nicole continued to do sketching, focusing mostly on anime art. A highlight for Nicole, was giving one of her pieces to a voice-over performer at an anime convention.

Visual art is not the only area of arts in which Nicole has an interest! Nicole has been in the performing arts since she was 10 years old. She has had roles in various productions with the Otter Valley Play House and the Solid Rock Company and has competed vocally in the Woodstock Festival of Music. Nicole’s goal is to go to school for the performing arts.

Two years ago, Nicole began taking visual art lessons. When she was approached last summer to work towards this show at the Station Arts centre, she was very excited.

“I’ve really enjoyed learning new techniques. I’m really proud of what I have accomplished. There’s so much work in making a piece of art. I want people to see that I have talent... I may be a person with a disability, but I can still act, sing and draw!”

When asked what she wanted viewers to get out of her art she responded, "I am a spokesperson who is being the voice for other people who have a disability and can’t really speak for themselves. I am trying to help people see that we are no different than anyone else. We are human like everyone else.”


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